Turning an RPG into an MMO
What happens when an RPG becomes an MMO overnight? Alexandra Constandache, CEO of Zuxxez Entertainment, knows the answers…

Channel Crossing
Licensing TV shows to games is nothing new, but The History Channel is making use of its whole identity. Edge spoke to director Carrie Trimmer…

Time Extend: Second Sight
Free Radical’s underappreciated thriller gave you a set of psychic toys, but its writers were playing mind games of their own. Edge looks back to one of 2005’s most daring games…

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Inside The Club Inside The Club

Bizarre Creations is best known for Project Gotham Racing. Now it’s working on Sega’s shooter The Club. Design manager Nick Davies and lead designer Matt Cavanagh explain how they’re putting the skill back into kills…

Modern Pastimes Modern Pastimes 'Alienating Kids'

A new report from charitable organization Save the Children has delivered a damning verdict on the effects that modern pastimes like gaming have on youngsters.

Bach: Xbox Profitable in 2008 Bach: Xbox Profitable in 2008

Robbie Bach, president of Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices Division, has stated that the Xbox will be profitable for the first time in 2008.

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