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Rumored to be pieced together from an unused Hitman 3 script found in the dumpster behind IO Interactive's headquarters, Hitman: Miami offers an interesting look at a "Hitman" video game sequel that could have been.

Notes found with the original "Hitman: Miami" documents imply that the idea for this game was born out of the success of Miami-themed video games and television shows, namely the forensic science drama "C.S.I.: Miami" and the video game "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City." IO writers got to work immediately, quickly producing a rough outline of every mission and cutscene in the game. However, all their efforts went to waste, as the project lead on "Miami," a die-hard "C.S.I." fan, pulled the plug, deciding that it would be better to send 47 to the original "C.S.I." location, Las Vegas. The discarded documents were rescued by a team of "dumpster divers," who later leaked them to a HitmanForum poster by the name of "Agent 17."

The story of "Hitman: Miami" begins simply. A few months after the events of "Hitman 2: Silent Assassin," the hired gun known only as 47 is enjoying a life of luxury on the beaches of Miami. He has given up his life of crime, and is living in peace with a new wife when a violent and heartless forces him back into action.

With the help of his old International Contract Agency contacts, Diana and Clera, as well as an old friend known only as Purple "Perriwinkle" Turban Man, 47 must track down the people responsible for his return to the business, and serve them his own brand of justice...

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