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Eddie Murphy - Raw
P = Profanity
S = Sex
V = Violence
Eddie Murphy - Raw (1987)

Filmed live during two concerts at Madison Square Garden, Murphy is showcased in a series of uproarious celebrity impressions, observations on 80's lifestyle, remembrances of his childhood and much more.

Format MPAA Rating Genre
DVD R Standup Comedy
DVD Release Date Run Time Distributor
9/7/2004 1 hr. 30 min. Paramount Home Entertainment
Ratings Summary
Cast & Credits
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Profanity Sex   Violence
PSVratings summaries, which are intended for adults over the age of 18, contain content that you may find objectionable. Please be advised.
Profanity Details
Words and Instances:
F-word(223), A*s(51), A*shole(4), B*tch(19), C*m(4), Damn(2), D*ck(36), God Damn(16), Hell(5), Piss(2), P*ssy(28), Sh*t(115)
Profanity Examples in context:
"...a motherf*cker is spinnin' the spinner and kicking my a*s, Eddie." - "I'm offended that you called. F*ck you." - "A virgin. Nobody ever f*cked her." - "And had an a*s like this: POW!" - "He's an a*shole." - "Oh, sh*t. Fat, bucktoothed b*tch. No, give me my d*ck back. No." - "You c*m harder than you've ever came." - "That... You damn right." - "Suck my d*ck. Bye-bye." - "Goddamn, who is that motherf*cker?" - "I don't know who the hell you are tellin' me..." - "That's when Bill got pissed..." - "And I've had my share of p*ssy." - "... and y'all gonna be in the sh*t."
Sex Details
Sexual Content Overview:
Lascivious discussion of sexual intercourse. Caressing buttocks with no nudity. Touching male genitalia with no nudity. Sexual innuendo as behavior. Thrusting hips suggestively. General sexual innuendos including use of the words, "homosexual," "nuts," "p*ssy," "suck," "fags," and "tits."
Sexual Examples in context:
Frank discussions of sexual intercourse throughout entire comedy act. A man grabs his own buttocks and crotch. A man pretends his microphone is a large penis. A man thrusts his hips to denote sex. "Nothin' like havin' a nation of fags lookin' for you."
Nudity Overview:
Nudity Examples in context:
Violence Details
Violence Content Overview:
Verbal threat of blunt force injury.
Violence Examples in Context:
"I'm gonna slap one of y'all if you don't stop runnin' in here."
Words used as Character Slurs:
F-word(41), B*tch(19), A*shole(2), P*ssy(2), Fat(2), Homo(3), Ugly(4), Drunk(1), Fag(3), N*gger(11)
Additional Content
Other content:
Alcohol abuse. Mature discussions. Disrespectful behavior. Dishonest behavior.
Inebriation in the background. Discussion of STDs, injury, and illegal drugs. Racist remarks and ethnic, gender, and racial stereotyping. Lying.
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