Forget everything you know about creating pop-up windows. Most importantly, forget you ever knew that the javascript pseudo-protocol ever existed. Do you hear me??

Never, ever, ever use the javascript: pseudo-protocol for anything, ever ever ever ever again. Please. Pretty please. The next time I click on a hyperlink, only to have it cause an error in my browser, I am going to hunt down the author and pound them into holy oblivion. I'm not joking — I will kill someone. Maybe two... Perhaps an entire company-full.

Now that I've made my rage apparent, let me explain myself. This is not a holier-than-thou request to use web standards. This is not a hope for accessibility. This is a demand for my right as a web citizen to be able to click on hyperlinks without receiving javascript errors.

For the laggards in the audience, this is how it happens. I am reading an article, lets say about the newest fangled advances in technology, here. It has a link to a piece of code, which I am interested in. But I don't want to lose my place in the article. So what do I do? I right-click, and select "open in new window".

But you, evil web author from the depths of hell, have anticipated my desire. You guessed that I might want this resource opened in a new window. Unfortunately for me, you are dim-witted enough to consider but one possibility: that I will click normally on the link, encounter a pop-up window, and marvel at your ingenuity.

You do not consider, for instance, that I may right-click on the link, as I do habitually when I want to read content in a new window. You do not consider that I may wish to bookmark this link and read it later. Nor do you consider that I may attempt to print the contents of this link, drag it to my desktop, or put it in my favorites bar.

Nope. In you complete, utter, and hopefully *not* hopeless idiocy, you consider but one possibility. In doing so, you and all of your ilk ban me to a life of javascript errors and blank windows. You cause me and others like me a web experience filled with frustration.

I hate you. I despise you. I wish for your sudden and excruciating death with every ounce of my being every single time I click one of your god-forsaken pretend hyperlinks. I swear to all the Gods in all the religions, that the next time this happens to me, somebody will pay. Oh yes. Somebody will be sorry.

Save yourself! Before it's too late. Change all your popup window scripts to the following format:

	onclick=", 'popupwindow', 'width=400,height=300,scrollbars,resizable'); 
		return false;"
	Click me any way you desire, now or later, bookmarked or not. 
	I will not attempt to control you, nor punish you, for I am a 
	simple hyperlink; eager to do your bidding, while remaining ever 
	helpful. I anticipating desires, but never trample possibilities. 
	This is the way of the Link.


See how wonderful that is?? I can bookmark it, I can favorit-ize it. I can left click, I can right click. I can do all the things that an enlightened person might wish to do to a hyperlink. And if I do the default thing, you (ever so helpful author), anticipate my need for a popup without defiling my RIGHT to do whatever else I may want.

Please. Please!!! PLEASE. I don't want to hurt you.

But I will.