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Going once, going twice, SOLD for $868,000 making Jamie & Andrew our Block winners. Check out their winning room, the famous bathroom! The reserve for Jamie and Andrew's apartment was set at $790,000; therefore they take home $178,000. Check out their stunning two-bedroom, plus courtyard apartment.
Apartment 2: SOLD for $868,000
WINNERS: Auction: Sunday 25 July at
Worrying about being the couple that started late was never an option for Jamie and Andrew … but nothing could feel sweeter than it all being finally over.
Watch their interview on the Today Show Monday 26 July: dialup | broadband

They have certainly been crowd favourites at our open for inspection and they have enjoyed the journey along the way.

The ballot
Jamie Durie organises for each couple to draw a card from the official Block board game to determine what time and day each couple's unit will go to auction. In apartment order, Jamie and Andrew make their selection second. They pick their card and find they are to be third to auction on Sunday, July 25, at 10am: dialup | broadband

Take a look back
Who would have thought that when it came to Dani and Monique choosing apartment two, it would ultimately end up as Jamie and Andrew's unit to renovate?: dialup | broadband

The hammer fell – third to auction
They were first up Sunday 25 July and they were very nervous. Another overcast day but again, this wasn’t going to deter the fans or the buyers.

They had seven registered bidders and they weren’t afraid to use their paddle. It was extremely tense and equally exciting as the bids just kept on rising.

The opening bid started at $740,000 and it didn’t take long to get to a nail-biting $865,000. Fingers and toes were crossed on just about everyone in the crowd as they needed just that little bit more to put them in the lead of Jason & Kirsten.

So, when the final bid yelled $868,000 they were elated.

As excited as they were, they knew there was one auction ahead of them and it felt like an eternity before their hammer fell. When Richard & Steven’s bidding got to $800,000 there seemed to be a lull in the crowd and Jamie & Andrew couldn’t breathe with anticipation and hope.

What they heard next was pure joy. The hammer fell at $800,000 for Richard & Steven making Jamie & Andrew our new Block winners.

One thousand dollars was the difference for Jamie & Andrew to be taking home $100,000 ... that is unbelievable. What an intense and exciting day … not to mention a great birthday present for Andrew, happy birthday Andrew!

Congratulations Jamie & Andrew, such deserving winners who take away $178,000.

Watch the auction here: dialup | broadband

Congratulations to our Toyota, Freedom and Taubmans Block winners.
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