Spider-Man Action Figures

WWE Action Figures

by Jimmy Palmiotti

We have been waiting for this issue to hit for a while now and one look at this preview and you will get why right away.

In this issue, we open with the origin and introduction of the Black Condor, and give the readers a little lesson about his roots in Navajo history and turn up the heat on Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters as they battle with a new team of s.h.a.d.e agents high above and on the surface of the Grand Canyon.

Highlights for me are a quick appearance of everyone’s favorite bounty hunter, the Human Bomb making a big mess by going nuclear, the prologue of black condor and the appearance of Chief Justice and his team First Strike, all in one book.

This issue also features what I think is the best art of Daniel Acuna’s career. The opening 5 pages are well worth the price of the book alone. Never have we seen an illustrator grow so quickly and we are really proud to present this preview exclusively to the readers of Newsarama. For those of you new to the book, please give it look…you won't be disappointed.

Some early ideas for Black Condor's look...

And the final version -

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