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Tuesday, May 08, 2007
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<B>COTE de PABLO</B><BR>A Hebrew-speaking Catholic Chilean.
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May 7, 2007 -- CALL the exterminators. Get out the Raid. From the woodwork this week comes a threatened lawsuit from the only creature to crawl through Anna Nicole Smith's life from whom we have not yet heard. But now he, too, wants in on the p.r. and payoffs.

An L.A. lawyer, name James Balesh, represents something called Donnie Hogan. A brother. Who has "claims arising out of the publication of the book, 'Train Wreck: The Life and Death of Anna Nicole Smith.' " The author is Donna Hogan, their sister. Donnie is suddenly "offended" at its "false . . . offensive . . . defamatory statements." Like, Page 7, describing their house: "windows were broken and the children froze . . . the place didn't have running water." Page 30: "Donnie would get really drunk and rowdy and Anna would chew him out." Also, Page 41, which states Anna took Donnie "to porn parties and social events."

Adding to said horrific statements, he's also outraged at photographs "used without his permission." Despite these capital crimes, he's demanding "promised" royalties, even though "he never received anything in writing to reflect this arrangement."

Says sister Donna Hogan in response: "It's a shame Donnie so desperately wants to profit from his sister's tragic death. Maybe he needs some new tires for his house."

ANYONE aside from me hear CBS ap proached Chris Matthews to do "Face the Nation"? And he turned it down? . . . Jay-Z and Def Jam's newie Chrisette Michele grace MoMA's garden party May 15 . . . Whoopi to a pile of high-schoolers: "My mother told me, 'Never worry if people don't like you.' I said, 'Me? How could people not like me?' and she said, 'Lots of people.' " . . . At last week's Parkinson's Walk, Muhammad Ali's teary wife, Lonnie, to Michael J. Fox: "What you're doing inspires my husband with such love and respect." Ali was in New York but, Lonnie told photographer Bettina Cirone, "couldn't make the Walk." . . . Mark Harmon's NCIS (Naval Criminal Intelligence Service) show features Cote de Pablo, a Hebrew-speaking Catholic Chilean playing a Mossad agent. Her "Israeliness" is part of her role. However, she's never been there, so this week Israel's tourism minister is giving her a personal tour. "ET" and OK magazine are covering it.

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