Admission Policies

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Who Should Enroll?
Patriot Bible University is an answered prayer for many Christians; particularly those desiring to continue their education later in life.

Anyone who desires a greater knowledge and understanding of God's Word, who seeks to further his education, and prepare for more effective Christian service can benefit as a Patriot student.

Courses are designed to equip the student to better serve as a:

1. Pastor, evangelist, missionary, youth minister, church staff member.
2. Christian school administrator or teacher.
3. Dynamic leader in a local church.
4. Military personnel desiring to become more effective in Christian service.
5. Counselor, serving in a local church ministry.
6. Those desiring personal enrichment through challenging Christian studies.
7. Retired Christians seeking continuing education in Christian studies.


Admission Policies & Procedures

All students must be Bible-believing Christians and have demonstrated a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Undergraduates must have a high school diploma or GED and a GPA of 2.0 or better. Graduates must have a B.A or B.S. in a Bible degree with a GPA of 2.5 or better. Doctoral candidates must have a M.A. in the same field as their doctorate and their graduate and undergraduate GPA must average a 3.0 or better.

All applicants are considered without regard to sex, race, handicap, or national origin.

Statement of Faith/Commitment to Personal Holiness:
Students must indicate that they agree with our doctrinal position, and must agree to strive for personal holiness and separation from worldly living. This includes making a diligent effort to pray and to read God's Word daily, to faithfully attend a Bible believing church and to honor the Lord by abstaining from sinful acts.

Transfer Students:
Evaluation of transfer credits will be made from official transcripts after the student has been accepted for admission. Students from schools of higher learning will receive full credit for equivalent courses in which he/she made "C" or better, if the content of the courses meet requirements for the student's program. The maximum number of transfer credits for each degree program is as follows:

BA - 90 credit hours
MA - 15 credit hours
D.Min.- 18 credit hours

Non-Degree Program - Patriot School of the Bible
A student who wishes to take Patriot Bible courses, but has no desire to graduate or pursue a specified degree, may enroll in Patriot School of the Bible. Registration fee is $20. Tuition is only $10 per course above the cost of books and shipping. A Bible Diploma is presented when 15 courses are completed. An Advanced Bible Diploma is presented when 30 courses are completed. To enroll in Patriot School of the Bible, click here.

Equivalency Exam
Undergraduate Students (only) with vocational Christian experience are invited to take the Patriot Bible University Equivalency Exam. This test offers credit based upon knowledge gained through years of Bible study and academic learning. A maximum of one-fourth of a student's undergraduate degree requirements may be earned in this manner. There is no charge for credits awarded as a result of the Equivalency Exam, except for the initial $85 testing fee. To have the Equivalency Exam mailed to you, click here to prepay the $85.00 fee.

Life Experience and Ministry Evaluation (LEME)
Undergraduate Students (only): Additional academic credit may be available for those who have served in full time positions or received payment for ministry activities. A portfolio may be submitted to determine if any credit may be awarded for experience relating to a specific degree. Portfolios must include the scope of each area of experience, the beginning and ending dates, names and phone numbers of those who will verify your participation, and how the experience relates to the degree being sought. Students interested in this opportunity should complete the Life Experience and Ministry Evaluation form. A maximum of one-fourth of a student's degree requirements may be earned in this manner. There is a $40 charge for evaluating the portfolio, plus a fee of $5 for each undergraduate credit hour and $10 for each graduate credit hour awarded in this manner. The form for the evaluation is provided free of charge. To have the LEME form mailed to you, request it by secure e-mail. To download the LEME form, click here.

Recognition and Accreditation
Patriot University is recognized by the State of Colorado to grant religious degrees and is accredited by the American Accrediting Association of Theological Institutions. This accreditation is through a Christian agency, which recognizes high standards of Biblical and academic training. It is not to be confused with regional accreditation that deals with secular programs and standards.

Providing quality Biblical training has been the aim of Patriot Bible University throughout our history. God's standards are higher than any that men have set. Therefore, the greatest desire of Patriot administrators is to meet the approval of our Lord as we equip His people for His service.

Transfer of credit between Christian colleges and universities is ultimately determined by the receiving institution, regardless of other factors.

Undergraduate Degree Programs
Associate of Arts degree in Bible requires successful completion of 64 credit hours of core Bible curriculum.

Bachelor of Arts degrees require successful completion of 128 credit hours. Special areas of study and specific degrees include:

B.A. in Biblical Studies
B.A. in Pastoral Studies
B.A. in Missions and Evangelism
B.A. in Christian Counseling
B.A. in Christian Education
B.A. in Christian Early Childhood Education
B.A. in Christian Elementary Education
B.A. in Christian Secondary Education

Graduate Degree Programs
Master of Arts degrees require successful completion of 36 credit hours of graduate level courses including a thesis.

M.A. in Biblical Studies
M.A. in Pastoral Studies
M.A. in Missions and Evangelism
M.A. in Christian Counseling
M.A. in Christian Education

Doctor of Ministry degrees require successful completion of 45 credit hours of graduate level courses including a doctoral dissertation.

Doctor of Ministry in Biblical Studies
Doctor of Ministry in Pastoral Studies
Doctor of Ministry in Missions and Evangelism
Doctor of Ministry in Christian Counseling
Doctor of Ministry in Christian Education

Grades & Grade Points (per credit)

A Excellent 93-100% 4.0
B Good 85-92% 3.0
C Average 75-84% 2.0
D Poor 70-74% 1.0
F Failure below 70% 0.0
I Incomplete    

Drop/Return Procedures

A student may return new course books and materials and drop a course within 30 days. Books must be in resalable condition, and a $7 restocking fee must accompany the return. After 30 days, a course may be officially dropped by calling or writing the university. Materials may not be returned.

Course Guidelines
Courses may be started at any time. A serious full time student normally takes two or three courses at a time, and completes them within an eight-week period. All undergraduate courses offer two credit hours. Graduate courses take longer to complete, and offer three credit hours.

Courses are practical, and offer substance for immediate use by Christian workers. Each Bible course requires the student to use his Bible (KJV) extensively for learning activities.

Lesson materials should be neat and readable, and should contain the student's name, address and course title. The student may wish to make a copy of his work in case the material is lost in mailing. Students pay the postage on all lessons sent to the university for scoring, but after grading, courses are returned at no additional cost.

Student Status
Active-Plan A

A student who is enrolled in the Plan A tuition option must make contact with the university every month with a tuition offering. This plan also requires completion of ten courses per year for undergraduate students and six courses for graduate students. Students who fail to meet these requirements will be placed in Plan B.

Active-Plan B
A student who is enrolled in the Plan B tuition option, must order at least one course during each three-month period, whether undergraduate or graduate student.

A student becomes inactive when failing to meet the requirements for either Active-Plan A or Active-Plan B. (Please see additional information on Drop/Return procedures and Financial information).

An inactive student (see section immediately above) must pay a reinstatement fee of $75.00 to resume studies with Patriot Bible University.

Graduation Requirements
• Completion of all required courses
• A minimum grade point average of 2.0 for undergraduate students and 2.5 for graduate students.
• All tuition, graduation and other fees paid

Commencement exercises are held on-site in Colorado Springs each Summer. Participation is recommended, but not required. If diplomas are mailed, they will be issued in December or June following work completion.