Coachella Wrap Up

May 3, 2007

Coachella I.T.

I return from the desert very early Monday morning. The next day I work. And then the day after that, I work. At last, Wednesday, I get to crash. And crash, I do. I completely shut down for the day, dehydrated, lethargic, cranky. It’s not until today that I’m able to sort through the last of the videos and the best of the photos. Here’s the final round up:

Flickr set.

Day One.
Day Two.
Day Three.

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Coachella Day 3

April 30, 2007


I’m back in Hollywoodland. Pics and videos of Day 3 coming soon.

— will @ 11:49 am
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Coachella Day 2

April 29, 2007


The temps get higher, the music gets louder. Today there’s more for me to check out, but most of what I really want to see is in the heat of the day. So I stock up on water and just deal with it.

There are some more pics on the Flickr set.

And I put up three more videos.

— will @ 11:53 am


April 28, 2007


No, I’m not blogging yet. But I guess I am, though only to show you a few of the sights and sounds of Coachella 2007.

Here’s a link to the Flickr set.

Here’s a link to my movie page, with some nifty little clips of Faithless, Benny Benassi and the “Do Lab.”

More to come.

— will @ 12:12 pm

Shh! I’m thinking!

March 28, 2007

Liam. Self Portrait.

Okay, so it’s taking me a little longer than I expected to get Mark II rolling. I’m still planning the blog, deciding quite how I’m going to proceed. But in the meantime, I’ve got the three jobs. I’ve got the scripts underway. And now I’m trying to juggle simultaneous readings of Stephen King, J.K Rowling and John Barth as well as simultaneous viewings of Dr. Who, The Wire, Trailer Park Boys and The Sandbaggers.

But I will be back. I miss the blogging. I have stories to share. And many melodies.

— will @ 11:47 pm
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February 8, 2007

type-rider: photo by Laineys Repertoire

Did you notice? I haven’t posted anything in a couple weeks. That’s because this blog is going on a temporary hiatus. Very temporary. I’ll certainly be back. And when I return, I’ll be blogging with more focus. As much as I enjoy blogging about whatever strikes my fancy, I decided that this thing is in serious need of some fine tuning. I’m going to narrow things down.

There are two things I love more than anything. The first, of course, is writing. Screenwriting, in particular. I’m happiest when I’m tapping away at these fruitless ventures, these complex stories that I never think anyone is gonna love. In fact, I think I’m too happy writing. What I mean is that it’s comfortable to stay in my apartment, write and write and write and never venture out into the wilderness for fear that no one will like what I do. I’ve got some great stuff to shop around. And it’s time I did it.

My other favorite thing, is, of course, music. Lots of music. And I like to tell people about it. See? I listen to music when I wake up. I listen to music when I walk, when I run, when I work. I listen to music when I write. To me, these two subjects go hand in hand.

So, here’s the deal. Starting soon, Hollywoodland (aka–I’ve never dealt with that discrepancy to my satisfaction) will cover two things: screenwriting, in particular, this author’s attempts to get something produced, or die trying. And music. Nothing in particular on that score. Just plain music. Since screenwriters have to keep immersed in so many peripheral topics as they claw and scratch their way into the business, I’ll also keep us up to date on interesting movie and TV news, staying well clear of Ms. Lohan and Ms. Spears, as well as posting commentary–we hope commentary with merit–on current and not so current movies. And since we live in this town, there will be the occasional photograph of the local environment and its denizens. Just like always.

Give me some time to change things around here. I’d like to upgrade to WordPress 2.1, tinker with the blogroll, develop a strategy and then ponder what it means to create the world’s first screenwriting & music blog.

See you soon. And let me know if you have any thoughts on where you might like this blog to go.

— will @ 7:31 am
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Potter Spam

January 26, 2007

Seems JK Rowling has licensed her work to sell “viazzgra.” This was attached to one of the few bits of spam clogging my email artery today:

Oh hello, said Ron.
He was grinning, but it was a very odd, strained sort of grin. Harry
suddenly became aware that he was still wearing the scarlet Gryffindor

— will @ 11:57 am
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Michael Keefe: The Year In Music

January 24, 2007

A year ago, music advisor, string-plucker and minstrel extraordinaire, Michael Keefe, advised on his ten favorite albums of 2005. Another year has come and gone and this time he’s got twenty albums in his top ten. Check out the full explanation here.

I have my own list, and even though it’s getting rather late, I may just post them for you all. In the meantime, enjoy Michael’s impeccable taste.

2006 - The Year In Music

— will @ 11:26 am
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Coachella Rumor?

January 22, 2007


Stereogum reports that yesterday, Golden Voice, the promoters behind the Coachella Music Festival, made a certain number of three day passes available for $200. The discount code, apparently, was ‘Roxanne.’ I know there are no lineup confirmations (though people seem to think David Bowie is dropping in) but with the recent news of the 30-year reunion of a certain trio, maybe we have a clue as to who’s gonna be playing the main stage…?

…as it turns out, no. They’ll be playing Bonnaroo, instead. Nothing on the official website yet, but here’s what three days of music in the desert promises.

Arcade Fire
Manu Chao
Willie Nelson
Happy Mondays
Gotan Project
The Good, The Bad and The Queen
Paul Van Dyk
Arctic Monkeys
The Roots
Jarvis Cocker
Sonic Youth
Crowded House
Satellite Party
Stephen Marley feat Jr. Gong
Kings of Leon
DJ Shadow
Kaiser Chiefs
Koono No. 1
LCD Soundsystem
Nickel Creek
Damien Rice
Black Keys
Blonde Redhead
Infected Mushroom
New Pornographers
Peeping Tom
Rufus Wainwright
The Rapture
Explosions in the Sky
Richie Hawtin
Benny Benassy
Felix Da Housecat
Hot Chip
Jacks Mannequin
Julieta Venegas
Lily Allen
Lupe Fiasco
Ghostface Killah
Jose Gonzales
Amos Lee
Brazilian Girls
Fountains of Wayne
Regina Spektor
VNV Nation
Coco Rosie
Gillian Welch
Junior Boys
Pharaohe Monche
Roky Erickson and the Explosives
The Kooks
Tilly and the Wall
Andrew Bird
Peter Bjorn & John
The Frames
Gogol Bordello
Comedians of Comedy
We Are Scientists
Grizzly Bear
Amy Winehouse
Avett Brothers
Circa Survive
The Coup
The Cribs
Erol Alkan
Evil Nine
Girl Talk
Spank Rock
Tapes ‘n Tapes
The Fields
Tokyo Police Club
Rodrigo Y Gabriella
DJ Heather
The Feeling
Mike Relm
Silversun Pickups
Brother Ali
Nightwatchman (Tom Morello)
Pop Levi
Fair to Midland
— will @ 9:31 am

The Tenth Dimension

January 16, 2007

I’m standing on the corner of Fuller and Santa Monica. I’m about to cross the street to Trader Joe’s to pick up something to eat for today. Then it occurs to me as I cross the street that I left my wallet back on my kitchen counter. So I stop and retreat to the curb. I’m going to have to walk back to my apartment to get it. That is, I’m going to have to traverse the tedious distance between myself and that counter–a journey through three dimensions. And it’s going to take time.

Or at least I think it’ll take time. I’m a little uncertain because I happen to know that as I’m standing on that corner, I’m already back at my house, getting the wallet. And I’m also at work already, having gone to trader Joe’s and made the trek down Sunset to Argentum. That is, my Four Dimensional Self is in all of these places at once. So all I have to do is fold myself through the Fourth Dimension to retrieve that wallet. Does that make sense? either that, or I need to fold myself through the Fifth Dimension to a timeline in which I didn’t forget the wallet in the first place. But I have to be careful. If I accidentally step through the 7th Dimension, I could end up in a universe in which I’ve evolved into a Wasabi Shrimp Avocado Roll and might very well be someone else’s lunch.

Ugh, this is all so confusing. Maybe I’d better review the movie:

Rob Bryanton, a Canadian composer (!) who has obviously spent a great deal of time tinkking about the nature of reality, has written a book called Imagining The 10th Dimension (here’s the site) The video is a sort of summary of the first chapter, and attempts to clarify, for those curious, what dimensional layers exist above our own. It’s an amazing video, incredibly informative, with excellent animations to help illustrate what is almost impossible for our 3-D brains to conceive. I can’t wait to read the book.

Oh, and I end up walking back for my wallet, but I’m out of time now so I have to skip TJ’s. I really need to get the hang of dimensional travel.

— will @ 12:43 pm

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