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Book Details
Rangavalli : Recent Researches in Indology (S.R. Rao Felicitation Volume)
edited by A.V. Narasimha Murthi and B.K. Gupuraja Rao

Year of Publication : 1983
ISBN : 8175740795
Edition : 1st Edition
Place : New Delhi
Book Details : 26 cm; xii, 408p.; 25 Figures; 86 Plates

List Price US$ 75    Your Price US$ 68

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About the Book :
A.V. Narasimha Murthi & B.K.Gururaja Rao; 1983; 26 cm; pp. xii + 408; 25 figs; 86 plates; Rs. 900
Rangavalli is a flitting tribute of felicitations paid by a generation of scholars, old and new from all parts of the world, to an outstanding archaeologist, Dr S. R. Rao, internationally known for the decipherment of the Indus script. The collection of research essays is at once scholarly and varied and of absorbing interest, and represents a cross-section of Indian scholarship in various subjects such as Indian history, prehistory, protohistory, epigraphy, numismatics, art, architecture, sculpture, painting, religion and culture. Thus, Rangavalli, as its name signifies, presents a vast spectrum of the various facets of Indian culture and gives a panoramic view that is a delight to behold. The volume has contributions from Dr. K.D. Bajapai, Dr Lallanji Gopal, Dr Upendra Thakur, Dr Ajay Mirta Sastry, Dr M.K. Dhavalikar, Dr K.V. Raman, Dr K.V. Ramesh and others.

About the Author :
Dr. Shikaripura Ranganatha Rao (born in 1922) completed his education from the Mysore University. He worked in the Archaeological Department of Baroda State and subsequently served the Archaeological Survey of India in various capacities. Dr. Rao, an outstanding archaeologist of India, has excavated many important sites such as Rangapur, Lothal, Amreli, Bhagatrav, Dwaraka, Hanur, Aihole, Kaveripattinam and others. His most significant excavation at Lothal brought unstinted fame to him. His outstanding research work is also the decipherment of the Indus script. Commenting on Rao`s work on Lothal, Sir Mortimer Wheeler said that it "is an essential contribution to the study of the early civilisation of the world as a whole".
Widely traveled in Europe, U.S.S.R, U.S.A. Iran, U.A.R Dr. Rao has lectured in London, Paris, Rome, Leningrad, Moscow and other places. Author of many books and learned articles, Dr. Rao was the recipient of Jawaharlal Nehru Fellowship and D.Litt. from Mysore University. At present he is working with the National Institute of Oceanagraphy, Goa in the unique field of Marine Archaeology.

Contents :
1. The Relevance of Experimental Approach in Indian Prehistory-K.Paddayya
2. Metrical Analysis of Acheulian Tools From Puleru Valley, Coastal Andhra Pradesh-V.V.Madhysudhana Rao
3. Maratipalam and Chintalapalem : Two Late Acheulian Sites in South Eastern Andhra Pradesh-V.Rami Reddy and S.Bhasker
4. Eastern Indian Neolithic Culture in North Coastal Andhra Pradesh-B.R.Subrahmanyam
5. Chalcolithic Burials of Inamgaon-M.K.Dhavalikar
6. Socio-Econoic Life in Protohistoric Karnataka-b.K.Gururaja Rao
7. A Critical Study of the Technical Investigation Made on NVP-T.N.Roy
8. Restoration : A Critical View-N.Harinarayana
9. A Note on the Reh Inscription-T.P.Verma
10. Dive-Agar Plates of Ganga Durvinita-M.D.Sampath
11. Note on a Verse of the inscription from Kudarkot-S.P.Tewari
12. The Kanchipuram Inscription of Jata-Choda Bhima and Rajaraja-S.Sankaranarayan
13. A New Tamil Inscription From Bahur, Pondicherry-L.K.Srinivasan & Shivananda Venkata Rao
14. Rajpur Copper Plate Grant of Paramara Naravarman-K.V.Ramesh & Subramonia Iyer
15. Srikurmanatha Temple Inscriptions : A Study-S.S. Ramachandra Murthy
16. Two Inscriptions on Kanyadana-K.G.Krishnan
17. A New Inscription of Muhammad Bin Tughluq Shah From Basav Kalyan(Kalyani)-Z.A.Desai
18. Discovery of Brahmi Inscription at Brindavan (Madan /mohan Temple Complex)-K.P.Poonacha
19. Significance of Lad Khan Temple Inscription-Shrinivas V. Padigar
20. Some Problems of Karnataka Coinage-A.V.Narasimha Murthy
21. Vasishthiputra Sivasri Pulumavi-Ajay Mitra Shastri
22. Early Transport Vehicle From Ganga Valley-C.Margabandhu
23. The Place of Ur in the Economic and Social History of the Early Tamilnadu From A.D. 750 to 1350-Y.Subbarayalu
24. The Madhyastha in the Village Administration of Medieval Tamilnadu-K.S.Ramachandran
25.Weights and Measures in Early Medieval Karnataka-M.V.Krishnppa
26.Rashtrakuta Ruling Families of Orissa-Smt. Snigdha Tripathy
27. Anhilwad Patan and Merutungacharya-R.N.Mehta
28. The Economic Condition of Medieval Karnataka as Reflected in the Travel Accounts of Caesar Frederic 1563-1581-H.S.Ramanna
29. Buddha`s Birth Scenes in Indian Sculpture-Ratan Parimnoo
30. Satavahana Terracottas From Pithan-S.J.Manalam
31. Sculpture Under the Chalukyas of Badami-Mrs. Nalini Nagaraj
32. Note on the Mahishamardini Panel at Soluvakuppan-Madhav N.Katti
33. A Portrait of Krishna III?--N.S. Ramaswami
34. Western Ganga Jaina Vestiges at Tippuru, District Mandya-I.K.Sharma
35. The Images of Naga `Muchilinda` and his Consort at Village Gulgaon, District Raisen (M.P.) - A.P.Sagar
36. Lakshminarayana Temple at Mudigonda-M.S.Krishna Murthy
37. Sabari Temple at Sureban : A Rare Sikhara-S.V.P.Halakatti
38. Temples and Sculptures From Bilichodu-A.Sundara
38. Jewellery and Ornaments in Hoysala Period-A Sculptural Study-T.Dayananda Patel and M.Radha
40. Ramalingesvara Temple at Hungund-B.V.Shetti
41. Mahasadasiva in Hindu Iconography-K.Krishna Murthy
42. Vishnu Sculpture in Goa Museum-D.B.Naik
43. A Somaskandamurti Sculpture From Markanda, District Chanda in Maharashtra-D.Hanumatha Rao
44. The Influence of Western Architecture on the Temples of Goa (18th Century to 20th Century)-V.R.Mitragotri
45. Muktesvara Temple-Kanchipuram-K.K.Ramamurthy
46. Naladurga-A Unique Fort in Medieval Deccan-S.K.Joshi
47. The Origin of Playing Cards-A Note-S.Mokashi Punekar
48. Indian Monks in Japan-Upendra Thakur
49. Krishna and Krishnaism Across India-B.N.Puri
50. The Date of the Durusamhita-Lallanji Gopal
51. Thai India Cultural Ties-K.V.Raman
52. Dr.S.R.Rao & His Career-Nalini Nagaraj Rao
53. Dr. S.R.Rao & His Works-H.R.Raghunath Bhat
Appendix-Reports, Books and Articles by Dr.S.R.Rao

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