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True Romance
P = Profanity
S = Sex
V = Violence
True Romance (1993)

When inexperienced call girl Alabama Whitman (Patricia Arquette) is paid to seduce comic-book-nerd and Elvis fanatic Clarence Worley (Christian Slater), she doesn’t expect to fall for him. But these two lost souls seem to be made for each other and quickly pledge their love, marrying at Detroit's ci ... (Read All)

Format MPAA Rating Genre
DVD Not Rated Action/Adventure
DVD Release Date Run Time Distributor
9/30/1997 2 hrs. 0 min. Warner Home Video
Ratings Summary
Cast & Credits
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Profanity Sex   Violence
PSVratings summaries, which are intended for adults over the age of 18, contain content that you may find objectionable. Please be advised.
Profanity Details
Words and Instances:
F-word(234), C-word(1), A*s(16), A*shole(3), Balls(2), B*stard(1), B*tch(13), Christ(3), C*ck(2), Damn(1), D*ck(5), Goddamn(9), Hell(12), Jesus(5), N*gger(11), Piss(1), P*ssy(8), Screw(1), Sh*t(49)
Profanity Examples in context:
"In that movie, he couldn't give a f*ck about nothing." - "I'd f*ck Elvis." - "Yo, man, f*ck you guys." - "Look Bama, I know he scares the sh*t out of you, but I'm not scared of that motherf*cker." - "F*cking c*nt." - "Of course you'll only want to f*ck her in the a*s, because that p*ssy just won't be tight enough for you any more." - "All those a*sholes make are unwatchable movies from unreadable books." - "If they pat you down they're not going to search your balls." - "He gets in a fight with this Nazi b*stard." - "What'd you do to end up with a son of a b*tch like that?" - "I mean Christ, he's not worth one of your tears." - "Why the f*ck did he know your name? You little piece of sh*t. Your f*cking career is over. Take your f*cking SAG card and burn it. You little c*cksucker." - We got everything here from a Little-Eyed Joe to a damned if I know." - "You want me to suck his d*ck? - But if I did eat some p*ssy, I sure as hell wouldn't tell no goddamn body about it. - "Hell of a movie." - "Jesus." - "Drexl, sh*t, any n*gger says he don't eat p*ssy's lying his a*s off." - "I don't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out. - "Floyd say he don't be eatin' p*ssy." - "Screw yourself in the a*s." - "Sh*t. The guy hit me."
Sex Details
Sexual Content Overview:
1 passionate kiss with male buttocks shown, 1 with a female wearing a bra, and 1 with no nudity. Oral sex implied by aftermath with no nudity. Sexual intercourse depicted by sexual actions with female wearing bra and female breasts shown.
Sexual Examples in context:
A naked man and woman passionately kiss while lying in bed; we can see his buttocks. A man kisses a woman on the lips; we can see her bra. A woman pulls her head out from between a man's legs while he is driving a car, implying that she was performing oral sex on him. A man has sex with a woman in a phone booth; she takes off her shirt and we can see her bra. A man and woman have sex in bed; we see her breasts.
Nudity Overview:
Female breasts. Female wearing a bra. Nudity in videos.
Nudity Examples in context:
A woman sits on a bed with her breasts exposed. A woman changes her clothes on the side of the road and we see her bra. A woman's breasts are seen on a televison screen in on scene.
Violence Details
Violence Content Overview:
Blunt force injuries with no blood and blood on person. Chemical injury with no visible injury and a character screaming in pain. Cutting injuries with blood on person and a character crying out in pain. Fire-related injuries with person on fire and a character screaming in pain. Gunshot injuries with blood on clothing, blood spurting from wounds, a bloody wound, and resulting in death. Stabbing injuries with blood on clothing, object protruding from person, and a character screaming in pain. General injuries depicted by blood on person. Simulated violence. Violence towards a public servant.
Violence Examples in Context:
A man punches a woman in the face. A man punches another man in the face several times; see some blood on the victim's face. A woman smears a chemical into a man's eyes and he screams in pain. A man cuts a man's hand; he cries out in pain and blood to be seen on the wound. A woman makes a flamethrower from an aerosol can and a lighter, sprays a man in the face, and lights him on fire; he screams as he collapses to the ground. A man shoots another man in the chest; blood spurts from the wounds as he slams into a mirror and dies. A man shoots a man in the chest and we see some blood on his shirt. A man shoots another man in the head; we see a bloody wound on his forehead and blood spurts from the back of his head. A woman stabs a man in the foot with a cork screw and we see some blood on his shoe; he screams in pain as he pulls it out. A man has blood on his forehead. On television, a man slices another man across the chest with a sword,and blood spurts from the wound. A man shoots and kills a police officer.
Words used as Character Slurs:
F-word(24), C-word(1), A*shole(3), B*stard(1), B*tch(11), D*ck(1), Fag(2), Nazi(1), N*gger(7), Sh*t(2), Whore(6)
Additional Content
Other content:
Mature theme, discussions, place, and object. Substance abuse. Tobacco use. Disrespectful, dishonest, illegal, and irresponsible behavior.
Theme of destitution. Discussions or murder and prostitution. Scene takes place in a whorehouse. A scene contains depiction of drug paraphernalia. Smoking and snorting illegal drugs. Contact with illegal drugs. Cigarette smoking by main character and adult. Character tells another character to "shut up." Abuse of a corpse. Evading authorities. Hostage situation. Prostitution. Sale of illegal substances. Theft. Trespassing. Lying. Dereliction of duties.
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