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P = Profanity
S = Sex
V = Violence
Spun (2003)

Ross (Jason Schwartzman) is an addict badly in need of some speed. A visit to his dealer, Spider Mike’s (John Leguizamo)--where fellow "tweakers" Nikki (Brittany Murphy)--a stripper, Frisbee (Patrick Fugit)--a metalhead, and Cookie (Mena Suvari)--Mike's girlfriend--turns into an odyssey, though, whe ... (Read All)

Format MPAA Rating Genre
DVD R Drama
DVD Release Date Run Time Distributor
7/22/2003 27 hrs. 46 min. Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Ratings Summary
Cast & Credits
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Profanity Sex   Violence
PSVratings summaries, which are intended for adults over the age of 18, contain content that you may find objectionable. Please be advised.
Profanity Details
Words and Instances:
F-word(203), Sh*t(66), P*ssy(12), C*ck(2), C*nt(3), D*ck(6), A*shole(6), A*s(17), B*tch(15), B*stard(4), Hell(4), C*m(9), Damn(3), God Damn(21), Jesus(7), Christ(5),
Profanity Examples in context:
"Holy sh*t what the f*ck's the matter with you?" -"F*ck you -"Sh*t f*cking, f*cking stupid!" -"Just let me find my sh*t OK?" -"You know I take the p*ssy seriously" -"Suck my c*ck" -"Go back to your f*ckin' mother, that f*ckin c*nt" -"I can't wait to lay a yard of d*ck on you honey" -"F*ckin' a*shole" -"...the small a*s, man, that takes the priority..." - "Hey you got busted like a b*tch boy" -"It's that f"ckin' b*stard. - "You sure as hell don't give a flying f*ck about me." -"Can you help me come really fast?" -"Goddamn" -"Jesus Christ come on!
Sex Details
Sexual Content Overview:
7 erotic kisses some during which you see full frontal female and a male in his underwear. 4 passionate kisses --no nudity. Sexual intercourse depicted by action and implied by prelude, sound, and facial expressions during which we see full frontal female, full frontal male, female buttocks, male buttocks, and female breasts. Sadomasochism. Oral sex depicted by action and implied by sounds -- male buttocks. Oral sex depicted in photo. Masturbation depicted by sexual action during which we see full frontal female and male pubic hair. Masturbation implied by aftermath during which we see male buttocks. Erotic dancing during which we see female breasts, women in G-string, and women's buttocks. Grinding during which you see Female Breasts. Undressing. Caressing breasts during which female breasts are seen. Sex equipment. Lascivious discussion of sexual intercourse, bodily fluid, oral sex, and sexual desires. General innuendo.
Sexual Examples in context:
A man sucks on a woman's breast while having sex, during which we see a woman fully nude and a man in his boxers. A man kisses a woman passionately on the lips. A man and woman have sex during which you see the woman completely nude and the man's buttocks. A woman is handcuffed to a bed during sex. We see a porno video in which a woman is giving a man oral sex while a man has sex with her from behind, we see the man's buttock's. A magazine is seen, on the cover a man is giving another man oral sex, we see the man's buttock's and penis. We see a cartoon of a man stick his hand in a woman's genitals. We see a man masturbating, he is wearing only a sock over his penis, we see his buttock's and pubic hair. Inside a strip club, we see women erotically dancing, during which we see female breasts, female buttocks, and women in G-strings. A topless stripper grinds on a man's lap during a lap dance. A woman takes off her dress before sex. A man grabs a woman's breasts during sex. We see a cartoon of a woman wearing a strap-on dildo. "What happened was that your friend f*cked him first and the crabs jumped onto her bush before yours. You got lucky you got sloppy seconds. There's no such thing as magic crystal hippie crap bullsh*t". "Jesus Christ come on put your mouth on it. Yeah I want to put my man glaze all over your f*cking t*ts". "You got me so wet". "So Ross, girlfriend frustrated, a little unsatisfied. Why can't you keep it hard? Need a little lift?"
Nudity Overview:
Full frontal female. Female wearing bra and panties. Several nudity in photos in which we see Full frontal female, female breast, and female buttocks. A couple of nudity in painting.
Nudity Examples in context:
We see a fully nude women handcuffed to a bed. A woman sits on a bed in her underwear. Inside a porn shop, we see several posters and videotape covers with fully nude women. We see a cartoon depiction of a woman, during which we see her breasts and genitals, we also see a fully nude female cartoon peeing on a male cartoon.
Violence Details
Violence Content Overview:
General injury -- Broken bone set in cast. General injury -- blood on person. General injury -- blood on clothing. Injection injury during which we see little blood and an object protruding from person. Gunshot injury -- screaming in pain. Blunt force injury during which we see no visible injury, blood spurting. Impalement during which we see blood spurting, blood on person, and object protruding from person. Twisting a body part against natural motion -- wincing in pain. Bloody object. Pointing a weapon at someone. Physical threat of gunshot injury and fire related injury. Verbal threat of cutting injury.
Violence Examples in Context:
A man has his wrist in a cast. A wrestler on TV has blood on his face. A man has blood on his pants. A man injects himself with drugs, we see a little blood when he takes the needle out. A man is shot in the crotch, he screams out in pain. We see a wrestler on TV get hit in the neck. We see a cartoon of a man being punched, blood spurts as he gets hit. We see a cartoon of a woman pounding large nails into a man's hand during which blood spurts. A man twists another man's hand behind his back causing him to wince in pain. We see a pair of bloody underwear. A man points a gun at another man. A fireball almost burns a man. A man threatens to cut off a woman's breast.
Words used as Character Slurs:
F-word, Sh*t, P*ssy, C*ck, C*nt, D*ck, A*shole, A*s, B*tch, B*stard
Additional Content
Other content:
Illegal Drug Use. Mature Themes/Discussions.
Drug paraphenalia. Sale of Illegal Substance. Drug Lab. Snorting, Injecting, and smoking illegal drugs. Theme of imprisonment, illegal drug dealing, and substance abuse. Detailed discussion of murder and death.
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