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State of Grace
P = Profanity
S = Sex
V = Violence
State of Grace (1990)

Terry Noonan returns to New York's Hell Kitchen after twelve years to find that his old neighborhood of seedy bars and Irish-American mobsters has been taken over by Yuppies hell-bent on gentrification. Terry's childhood buddies, ruthless gang leader Frankie Flannery and his psychotic brother Jackie ... (Read All)

Format MPAA Rating Genre
DVD R Drama
DVD Release Date Run Time Distributor
12/3/2002 2 hrs. 14 min. MGM Home Entertainment
Ratings Summary
Cast & Credits
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Profanity Sex   Violence
PSVratings summaries, which are intended for adults over the age of 18, contain content that you may find objectionable. Please be advised.
Profanity Details
Words and Instances:
F-word(230), A*s(16), Balls(1), B*stard(1), B*tch(2), Christ(4), C*ck(3), D*ck(3), God Damn(8), Hell(4), Jesus(5), Piss(3), Sh*t(35)
Profanity Examples in context:
"I blow him all over the f*ckin' apartment." – "Hey, f*ck you." – "Hey, motherf*cker!" - "I love this f*ckin' gun." – "You're such an a*shole, Jackie." – "I work my a*s off for this money and they just take it." – "....Like his balls were in his f*ckin' throat." – "You b*stards keep dragging me in and making me part of it!" – "Sons of b*tches!" – "Jesus Christ, I thought you Kitchen guys were tough guys." – "C*cksucker!" – "Look you're c*cky..." – "Stevie, you gonna let this d*ck head insult us like that?" – "Broads, they put a wire around your d*ck, they start leading you around like Dodo the dog." – "Goddamn right, man." – "Where the hell were you?" – "I think I'm pissed." – "This neighborhood's a real sh*t hole." – "Get out of my face, sh*t head."
Sex Details
Sexual Content Overview:
1 passionate kiss with nudity sensed under covers, 2 with a female wearing a bra, and 4 with female breasts shown. 2 erotic kisses with a female wearing a bra and 1 with female breasts shown. Caressing female breasts and stomach with female breasts shown. Sexual intercourse implied by aftermath with nudity sensed under covers. Sexual intercourse implied by prelude with female breasts shown. Undressing with a female wearing a bra. General sexual innuendos including the use of the word “f*ck”. Sexual innuendo as behavior.
Sexual Examples in context:
A man kisses a woman on the lips while lying in bed; sense they have had sexual intercourse. A man kisses a woman on the lips; she is wearing a bra and jeans. A man kisses a woman on her lips and neck as he caresses her stomach and breasts; the scene implies that they are about to have sexual intercourse. A man undresses a woman; see her wearing only a bra. A man presses himself against a woman sitting on a jukebox with her legs open. "The kinda chick who wouldn't mind me f*ckin' around on the weekends, but still makes pancakes before Sunday mass." – "They don't leave their phones to go outside, go to the can, or pump their girlfriends, if they can't hear the phone."
Nudity Overview:
Female breasts. Female wearing a bra. Nudity in a photo.
Nudity Examples in context:
A woman's breasts can be see as she dresses. A character walks around her apartment in a bra. A magazine photo of a woman in bra and panties is posted on a refrigerator door.
Violence Details
Violence Content Overview:
Blunt force injuries with no blood and characters groaning in pain. Cutting injuries with blood on person, a character wincing in pain, blood spurting from wounds, and resulting in death. General injuries depicted by blood clothing and person. Gunshot injuries with blood on clothing and person, blood spurting from wounds, and resulting in death. Corpses seen with eyes open, a bloody wound, and blood on clothing. Physical threats of fire related injuries. Destruction by gunfire and willful blunt force.
Violence Examples in Context:
A character head butts a man; the man falls back and groans in pain. A man cuts a man’s throat with a knife; the victim winces in pain as blood spurts from his mouth as he dies. A man gets up from behind a bar with blood running down from his nose after he is punched. A character has blood on his collar from a gunshot injury. Two men shoot at each other, but miss; the bullets shatter bottles on the bar behind one man. A man is shot and a blood mark is seen on his forehead; blood spurts from his back as he falls to the floor and dies. A corpse lies on the ground with its eyes open. Police pull a dead body out of the ocean; there is a bloody cut on the neck and blood stains on the clothing. A man sets a building on fire and then dashes through the flames. A person purposely smashes liquor bottles on the floor of a bar.
Words used as Character Slurs:
F-word(20), A*s(10), B*stard (1), B*tch(2), C*ck(1), D*ck(2), Fag(1), Guinea(7), Jerk(1), Mick(2), Sh*t(2), Slut(1), Stupid(1), General character slurs
Additional Content
Other content:
Tobacco use. Mature discussions, themes, and objects. Alcohol abuse. Dishonest behavior. Product Placement.
Cigarette and cigar smoking by an adult. Discussion of injury and murder. Theme of death. Scene contains depiction of severed limbs. Inebriation by adult. Lying. Product placement includes: Bud, Frigidaire, Heineken, Maalox, Marlboro cigarettes, Minolta, Pepsi, and Smith Corona.
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