12.003 Notes
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The notes that accompany 12.003 - written by Professors John Marshall and Alan Plumb - are to be published as an undergraduate text book by Academic Press.

For a hard copy of the notes please contact John Marshall.

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12.003: Physics of Atmospheres and Oceans

Lecture notes: updated September, 2006.

Introduction and contents

Chapter 1: Characteristics of the Atmosphere

Chapter 2: The global energy balance

Chapter 3: Vertical structure of the atmosphere

Chapter 4: Convection

Chapter 5: The meridional structure of the atmosphere

Chapter 6: The equations of fluid motion

Chapter 7: Balanced motion

Chapter 8: The general circulation of the atmosphere

Chapter 9: The ocean and its circulation

Chapter 10: The wind-driven ocean circulation

Chapter 11:The thermohaline circulation of the ocean

Chapter 12. Climate and Climate variability