Membership Types

Individual membership

A standard one-year individual membership and options for two year, four year, Life and Senior Life memberships are available.

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Partner membership

As a Partner member, your spouse or partner can also enjoy the exclusive privileges of The Qantas Club at reduced rates, whether you travel together or separately.

To be eligible for Partner membership, the Primary member must have a current membership and you must both reside at the same address.

Partner members must have their own membership card.

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Life membership

There are substantial savings to be gained from Life membership and you won't have to worry about renewing. Life Partner Membership is also available.

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Senior Life membership

For members aged 60 or over, Senior Life membership allows you to take advantage of lounge privileges at even greater savings. Senior Life Partner membership is also available.

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Corporate membership

If your organisation has 10 or more staff who fly regularly Corporate membership offers great savings.

Annual Guest Cards

If you would like someone to accompany you to a Qantas Club lounge on a regular basis, you may purchase an Annual Guest Card.* Annual Guest Cards are available for purchase by contacting The Qantas Club Service Centre. Valid for 12 months, your Annual Guest Card allows one additional guest to enter the lounge if accompanied by you. Annual Guest Cards are governed by the terms and conditions of The Qantas Club Program.

* The Annual Guest Card is only accepted in Qantas operated lounges branded as The Qantas Club and joint Qantas/British Airways, Qantas/American Airlines® or Qantas/Air Pacific lounges. It is not accepted in associated and partner airline lounges (British Airways, American Airlines®, US Airlines) and oneworldTM airlines lounges.

Qantas Club Renewal Rates

The table shows the renewal rates for Qantas Club Individual and Partner memberships as at 15 February 2006. The rate varies based on your country of residency for tax purposes.

Qantas Club individual Corporate members will need a Corporate Scheme Number to renew online. If you have forgotten your Corporate Scheme Number, you need to contact your company Corporate scheme coordinator to obtain the number.

Qantas Club Corporate members who belong to a group coordinated scheme cannot renew online. You will need to contact your Corporate scheme coordinator to arrange your membership renewal.

Country of residency for tax purposes
Type Australia New Zealand Other
1 year A$355 NZ$415 A$325
2 year A$640 NZ$695 A$580
4 year A$1,200 NZ$1,300 A$1,090
Life A$4,200 NZ$4,900 A$3,820
Senior Life A$2,150 NZ$2,500 A$1,955
1 year A$215 NZ$220 A$195
2 year A$380 NZ$390 A$345
4 year A$680 NZ$725 A$620
Life A$2,595 NZ$3,050 A$2,360
Senior Life A$1,330 NZ$1,550 A$1,210
Guest Card      
1 year A$230 NZ$275 A$209
Replacement Card A$25    

Use points to join or renew your Qantas Club membership

You can use your Qantas Frequent Flyer points to join or renew membership.

To renew your membership, contact the Qantas Frequent Flyer Service Centre.

Number of points
Type Membership Renewal
1 year 130,000 65,000
2 year 190,000 130,000
4 year 300,000 240,000
Life 825,000 N/A
Senior Life 440,000 N/A
1 year 75,000 45,000
2 year 110,000 75,000
4 year 165,000 130,000
Life 495,000 N/A
Senior Life 275,000 N/A
1 year 110,000 55,000
2 year 165,000 110,000
Guest Card    
1 year 45,000 N/A