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Welcome to MJ's Parlor!

home of 1998 Whammy-winning "Pencils" series
home of wayward Squeaky winner "I Still Have Plans to Go to Mexico" (now, where IS Alex?)

 Visitors to my salon and sewing circle since June 4, 1999...

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Purple Ribbon Award for All Saints Day
Purple Ribbon Award for All Saints Day

Gentle Reader, welcome to MJ's Fiction and Links, the home of fine
X-Files slash for the discerning reader. If you, dear Reader, have been
desiring more high-quality X-Files slash than you have previously
experienced on the Web, we pray you, Enter.

The stories on the Contents page, dear Reader, are mine; those on the
Links are the works of various and sundry penwomen and authoresses,
many of whom are dear friends of mine. It is our sincere wish that you may
delight in the stories herein, all written in service to our Muses, namely Fox
William Mulder, Alex Krycek, and Walter Sergei Skinner, who are all the
Inspiration that Victorian Authoresses such as our gentle Selves could
possibly desire. (Oh, dear, where IS my handkerchief? And my smelling

 We ask, gentle Readers, that you preserve these somewhat indelicate
Romances from heaving maidenly (i.e., under 18) bosoms, and that those
of you who fail to appreciate these forms of Romance take your reading
interests elsewhere, lest you fall under the ancient Gypsy curse passed on
to my ancestress, that your hard drive be afflicted by virus, and your
monitor by desktop themes of "Green Acres" and "My Mother, the Car".

If, on the other hand, dear Reader, you are of an adventurous nature and
appreciate our Muses as we do, then, by all means... enter.

(Under 18? Click HERE; avoid the evil curse... Easily offended? Click HERE...)


Here is the entry to my Table of Contents page:
MJ's X-Files Slash Index

Here you may enter my Room of Slash Fiction Links:
MJ's Lovely Slash Links

Here you may enter my Room of general Fan Fiction Archive Links, dear Readers. If you insist. Ah, Gossamer... where ARE my smelling salts?:
MJ's Fan Fiction Links

Here, you may find Links to other wondrous X-Files Things of all
MJ's X-clusive X-Files X-travaganza

Here, you may find Links to My OTHER Fandoms (Pros, UNCLE, etc.):
MJ's OTHER Fandoms...

Here are links for Gay, Lesbian, and Women's Resources:
Women's, Gay, and Lesbian Resources

And HERE are Your Gentle Authoress's Zine Appearances (X-Files and
MJ's Zine Appearances
It is my sincerest wish, gentle Readers, that you may enjoy yourselves
thoroughly. Should you not -- but say not so! -- then by all means, contact
me. If you have enjoyed that which you have been reading... please write.
We Victorian Romantic Authoresses live for our correspondence, after all.

 Let me know what you think about my page. Send mail by clicking here.

Despite her inherent modesty from her upbringing at The Convent of Our Lady of Perpetual Motion, your Author DOES have an AWARDS page...

For a change of pace, check out MJ's OTHER Fandoms...

Here is my Wondrous List of All the Glorious Webrings Not on This Page. Please, do visit, and be sure to click on the Webring Links!
MJ's Glorious Webrings Page

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