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Wednesday, May 9
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Specialty Wine Retailers Association announced today that they believe a lawsuit against the State of Illinois and the Illinois Liquor Control Commission is both inevitable and proper if legislation passes prohibiting Illinois consumers from purchasing wine from out-of-state wine retailers.
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Having grown from public relations stopovers to money-making epicenters, our experts discuss the keys to successful tasting rooms.
My first job in the wine business was in a tasting room. Of course, when I started in 1978 we were only open Saturday and Sunday from noon to 4pm. The tasting room consisted of a small table in a corner of the winery, and my job was to entertain any brave souls intrepid enough to work their way up the long, winding road to try our wares. We were lucky to have a dozen visitors a day. In winter the tasting room was freezing. I could see the white, frosty breath of the customers, and we had to keep the wines near a space heater so they'd be warm enough to taste. Since then, tasting rooms have certainly changed. Aside from their obvious public relations function, tasting rooms have evolved into big moneymaking machines, selling a range of products that would stun most retail shop owners. Tasting room staff need to be engaging, entertaining and knowledgeable. They need to be conversant with the basics of winemaking and each of the wines offered at the winery, as well as with the various items of logo clothing for sale and the ever-increasing stock of wine paraphernalia on the shelves. And they do all this while earning a pretty small paycheck. [read more]
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New software tackles changing compliance rules and regulations, and helps wineries improve management and reporting.
Since recent direct shipping laws have opened up additional state borders, allowing wine to be sold and shipped more freely within and between states, understanding and abiding by each state's individual regulations is putting wineries to the test. Any winery selling wine on-premise (through their tasting room) and/or off-premise (via telephone, wine clubs or e-commerce) understands that compliance will be an even more integral part of their business going forward. Each state determines for itself how (and if) a wine will be shipped, how many bottles can be shipped at a time, what permits are required, what their tax rates are, and what information needs to be reported by the wineries and the carriers, among other things. [read more]