Jeremy Ruston, super-genius, has created TW in an attempt to take over the world. Join us and together we can rule the ~WikiWorld.\n\nHis latest work can be found at http://www.tiddlywiki.com
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If you would like to contact me regarding my services as a product reviewer or designer, you may do so by either email or telephone.\n\n''Email:'' [[Click Here|mailto:jdrakeh@safe-mail.net]]\n''Telephone:'' (719)-634-1652\n\n\n
''James D. Hargrove's Personal Web Manse''
''Name:'' James D. Hargrove\n''Born:'' March 8, 1977\n\nBorn in Oklahoma, I spent my youth in a small Kansas farming and oil community. Since that time, I've done a lot of travelling. \n\nToday I am an aspiring freelance game designer and product reviewer, who resides at the foot of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado Springs, CO.
JimWiki\n[[Recent Updates]]\n
__''A Brief Employment History''__\n\n*Head Reviewer at RPG Now (10/2005 to 08/2006)\n\nWrote product reviews, drafted and implemented review department policy, supervised other staff reviewers, and served as the point of contact for publishers in matters concerning reviews. \n\n*Freelance Product Reviewer (2005 to Present)\n\nRead, playtest, and review commercially published roleplaying products. \n\n*Freelance Editor & Writer (2003 to 2005)\n\nWrote and edited roleplaying products for commercial publication, per contract stipulations agreed to by respective employer. \n\n*Government Contracted Guard (06/2002 to 05/2003)\n\nControlled access to mainsite and secure areas at NAWS, China Lake facility in Ridgecrest, CA. \n\n__''Related Links''__\n\n[[My Pen & Paper Portfolio|http://www.pen-paper.net/rpgdb.php?op=showbook&bookid=4620]]\n[[Formless Collaborative Roleplaying|http://www.pigames.net/store/product_info.php?products_id=95]]\n[[Review of Formless (at RPGNow)|http://www.rpgnow.com/product_reviews_info.php?products_id=3682&reviews_id=7041&]]\n[[My Review of DragonRaid|http://www.enworld.org/reviews.php?do=review&reviewid=2688363]]\n[[My Review of Dread|http://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/11/11974.phtml]]\n[[My RPGNow Reviews|http://www.rpgnow.com/product_reviews.php?cid=51603]]\n\n[Note: I both designed and authored Formless Collaborative Roleplaying.]
Role Playing Game -- An //entertainment// medium guided by written rules, in which players assume the roles of characters and act out stories. A role playing game is akin to armchair character acting. \n\nRoleplaying (as a hobby) and role playing games are //not// the black holes of diabolical evil that many mentally disturbed or self-serving individuals have portrayed them as being. \n\nRoleplaying games are no more dangerous than Monopoly (i.e., the boardgame), and no impartial study has //ever// proved otherwise.
The Bots Development Kit is a .zip file containing all of the Open Game Content from the OGL Edition of Jox, a copy of the Combat Engine logo, a royalty-free trademark license, a short guide to modifying the Combat Engine, and a sample fantasy-themed application of the system. You can download the Bots Development Kit for free at the following link: \n\n*[[Bots Development Kit|http://miscellaneousdebris.sitesled.com/gamefiles/joxogl.zip]]
TiddlyWiki uses Wiki style markup, a way of lightly "tagging" plain text so it can be transformed into HTML. Edit this Tiddler to see samples.\n\n! Header Samples\n!Header 1\n!!Header 2\n!!!Header 3\n!!!!Header 4\n!!!!!Header 5\n\n! Unordered Lists:\n* Lists are where it's at\n* Just use an asterisk and you're set\n** To nest lists just add more asterisks...\n***...like this\n* The circle makes a great bullet because once you've printed a list you can mark off completed items\n* You can also nest mixed list types\n## Like this\n\n! Ordered Lists\n# Ordered lists are pretty neat too\n# If you're handy with HTML and CSS you could customize the [[numbering scheme|http://www.w3schools.com/css/pr_list-style-type.asp]]\n## To nest, just add more octothorpes (pound signs)...\n### Like this\n* You can also\n** Mix list types\n*** like this\n# Pretty neat don't you think?\n\n! Tiddler links\nTo create a Tiddler link, just use mixed-case WikiWord, or use [[brackets]] for NonWikiWordLinks. This is how the GTD style [[@Action]] lists are created. \n\nNote that existing Tiddlers are in bold and empty Tiddlers are in italics. See CreatingTiddlers for details.\n\n! External Links\nYou can link to [[external sites|http://google.com]] with brackets. You can also LinkToFolders on your machine or network shares.\n\n! Images\nEdit this tiddler to see how it's done.\n[img[http://img110.echo.cx/img110/139/gorilla8nw.jpg]]\n\n!Tables\n|!th1111111111|!th2222222222|\n|>| colspan |\n| rowspan |left|\n|~| right|\n|colored| center |\n|caption|c\n\nFor a complex table example, see PeriodicTable.\n\n! Horizontal Rules\nYou can divide a tiddler into\n----\nsections by typing four dashes on a line by themselves.\n\n! Blockquotes\n<<<\nThis is how you do an extended, wrapped blockquote so you don't have to put angle quotes on every line.\n<<<\n>level 1\n>level 1\n>>level 2\n>>level 2\n>>>level 3\n>>>level 3\n>>level 2\n>level 1\n\n! Other Formatting\n''Bold''\n==Strike==\n__Underline__\n//Italic//\nSuperscript: 2^^3^^=8\nSubscript: a~~ij~~ = -a~~ji~~\n@@highlight@@ Unfortunately highlighting is broken right now.\n@@color(green):green colored@@\n@@bgcolor(#ff0000):color(#ffffff):red colored@@ Hex colors are also broken right now.\n
Shorthand for my current project, Swords of Strange Aeons. Yes, Northland has taken a backseat (yet again).
!''About Me''\n*[[Who I Am]]\n*[[What I Do]]\n*[[My Hobbies]]\n*[[Free Games]]\n*[[Contact Me]]\n\n!''About the Wiki''\n*TiddlyWiki\n*[[Download]]\n*[[TiddlyStyles|http://15black.bluedepot.com]]\n\n!Links\n*[[GameWiki|http://miscellaneousdebris.sitesled.com/gamewiki.html]]\n*[[Play Risus|http://www222.pair.com/sjohn/risus.htm]]\n\n
I'm one of those lucky people who gets to work in a field that I thoroughly enjoy - roleplaying games. Roleplaying games are, without question, the hobby that I am most passionate about. The following links will help get //you// hooked.\n\n__''FAQ''__\n\n*[[What is Roleplaying?|http://www.darkshire.net/~jhkim/rpg/whatis/]]\n\n__''Online Communities''__\n\n\n*[[RPGHost|http://www.rpghost.com]]\n*[[EN World|http://www.enworld.org]]\n*[[Flames Rising|http://www.flamesrising.com]]\n*[[theRPGsite|http://www.therpgsite.com]]\n\n__''Online RPG Retailers''__\n\n*[[RPGNow|http://www.rpgnow.com]]\n*[[Noble Knight Games|http://www.nobleknight.com]]\n\n__''My Personal Game Site''__\n\n*[[GameWiki|http://miscellaneousdebris.sitesled.com/gamewiki.html]]\n\n\n\n\n
EZ20 is a simple OGL variant of the world's most popular roleplaying system. It will serve as the engine for the forthcoming Swords of Strange Aeons game. The second (corrected) revision of the EZ20 rules is currently available for download from the [[Free Games]] section of this site.
__''Open Game Material''__\n\n*[[EZ20|http://miscellaneousdebris.sitesled.com/gamefiles/EZ20.pdf]] [Version 0.2]\n*[[vs. Elves|http://miscellaneousdebris.sitesled.com/gamefiles/vselves.pdf]]\n*[[Simple 20 System|http://miscellaneousdebris.sitesled.com/gamefiles/simple20.pdf]]\n*[[Simple 20 Appendices|http://miscellaneousdebris.sitesled.com/gamefiles/appendices.pdf]]\n*[[Simple 20 Conversion Guide|http://miscellaneousdebris.sitesled.com/gamefiles/tosimple20.pdf]]\n*[[Bots Development Kit]]\n*[[Jox|http://miscellaneousdebris.sitesled.com/gamefiles/jox.pdf]] [OGL Edition]\n\n__''Miscellaneous Games''__\n\n*[[Bronze|http://miscellaneousdebris.sitesled.com/gamefiles/bronzerev.pdf]] [Revised Edition]\n*[[Cyrisus|http://miscellaneousdebris.sitesled.com/gamefiles/crsmall.pdf]]\n*[[Formless Collaborative Roleplaying|http://www.pigames.net/store/product_info.php?products_id=95]]\n*[[Kumquat Tattoo (Effin' Metal Fantasy)|http://miscellaneousdebris.sitesled.com/gamefiles/ktattoo.pdf]]\n*[[Last Man Standing|http://miscellaneousdebris.sitesled.com/gamefiles/lastman.zip]] [A Party Game]\n\n__''On the Horizon''__\n\n*[[Northland (Playable Preview)|http://miscellaneousdebris.sitesled.com/gamefiles/northland.zip]]\n
''03/18/07''\n\nAfter some feedback and further testing, the EZ20 rules have been updated to increase their mechanical compatability with other OGL products. \n\n''03/04/07''\n\nLast Man Standing (the party game of vampires and frightfully good bean dip) is back by popular demand! See the [[Free Games]] to get your copy of Last Man Standing!\n\n''03/03/07''\n\nUploaded Kumquat Tattoo (Effin' Metal Fantasy) to the [[Free Games]] section of the site. This game/setting is //not// kid-friendly. \n\n''03/01/07''\n\nI've uploaded the essence of the system that will drive Swords of Strange Aeons (EZ20) to the [[Free Games]] section of the wiki.
''The Tattoo is Doneth''\n\nThe ikn has been applied, the pictures have been taken, and now the winner of the auction gets to make the big public announcement. You'll here it //there// first. Here second. Stay tuned. \n