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  ARccOS™– DVD-Video Copy Control

Sony DADC, your partner for high-quality and innovative solutions for DVD, offers you ARccOS™ – the new and most effective digital copy control solution available for DVD-Video. Creating unauthorized DVD copies in high-quality have become widespread and easy. The use of software for copying DVD-Video is causing significant reduction of sold DVDs, meaning enormous financial harm to your business and content owners. Every time an illegal copy is made you lose money. ARccOS™ by Sony DADC is the ultimate copy control for this format providing actual protection without interfering with the entertainment experience. ARccOS™ is made for your DVD-Video, so guard your content and create.

Leading Copy-Proof Solution Sony DADC is setting the standard in digital copy control! ARccOS™ is a passive copy control technology with a dynamic copy protection system. Every single ARccOS™ guarded DVD-Video title can be equipped with a different encryption code. The digital signature protects the DVD-Video by successfully preventing 1:1 duplication, ripping, recompression and unauthorized mass replication. Now it’s up to you – face the creators of illegal copies with ARccOS™ copy control.

Advanced protection with ARccOS™

* Prevention of unauthorized 1:1 copies on PC

* Prevention of ripping and recompression

* The only dynamic digital Copy Control available

* Fully compatible with available DVD players and drives

* Most effective digital copy control for DVD-Video on the market

* Developed by Sony DADC, the leading provider of copy control solutions (SecuROM™ for DVD-ROM, CD-ROM and key2audioXS™ for CD-Audio)

For more information, contact Tom Rooney, ARccOS Sales.