World War 2

Senglea During World War II

Malta World WAR 2

Italy/Malta W.W.2

Germany/Malta W.W.2

Santa Maria's Convoy


Ships in Grand Harbour Malta

The George Cross

National War Museum

Mosta Dome

Malta History

Before Malta became an Island

Men of the later stone age

The time of clever craftsmen

Metal is brought to Malta

The Phoenicians

The Carthaginians

The Punic Wars

Rome becomes a Great Empire

Christ is born

Malta turns Christian

Roman rule in Malta

The early Christians of Malta

The Arabs

The Normans

Feudal Malta

The Maltese Redeem their Island

The end of the middle ages

Beginning and growth of the order

Malta given to the knights

The navy of the order

The building of our capital city

Malta hits back at the Turks

Prosperity under the knights

Important work under the knights

Napoleon looks at Malta

Up in arms against the French

Britain takes over

The Maltese ask to Govern themselves

The Great War 1914/1918


World War II

Politial History

Malta's Political Party

The Plague of 1676 Deaths(Malta)

The Black Death

The Maltese Cross

The Neolithic Temples of Malta



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     Hello Welcome to Senglea, This site is dedicated to all the Senglean, and for those who live abroad, although I'm not from Senglea myself, I consider myself as one, as I've been living in Senglea for the last 46 years, hope you find it of interest....
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  • The City of Senglea(MALTA)
  • The City, is one of Three Cities, it was founded by Grand Master Gloude de la Sengle the Grand Master named the City after himself (Citta Senglea) but he never lived to see his work completed as he died on the 18th August 1557. Senglea (pop5,500) is one of the THREE CITIES Cospicua, Victoriosa The remains of it's Fortress (Fort St.MICHEAL)The end to end Bastion and the battlement and Watch Tower
          over looking the Grand Harbour constitute one of the Island's prominent attractions owing to the strategic position in the center of the Grand Harbour
    Senglea was Malta's most heavily bombed spot during the Second World War it's ruins were visited by King George VI, Churchill and Roosevelt during the war it's war scars have now been replaced by new blocks of buildings and new house.
  • Senglea Point

  • Senglea Point as its name states is the very tip of this Peninsula very popular with locals both as a swimming area and for the famous Regatta (Ragatta Pictures click on link on the left)

  • St.Ann's Hospital

  • In Senglea there was also a private hospital a house in the strand which was bequeathed for this purpose at the close of the 18th century. A chapel dedicated to St.Anne was added to the hospital in 1816. The Franciscan sister were asked to take care of the needs of patients
    in the hospital. It was eventually enlarged to accommodate more inmates but was finally demolished to be completely re modernized in 1980 and converted into a residential home for the elderly run by the local Parish.
  • Dockyard Terrace

  • In 1846 while the Royal Navy docks (dock number one) was nearing completion the dockyard terrace was being rebuild some distance away it accommodated Senior Naval officers such as the Dockyard Surgeon,
    the Electrical Engineering manager the Senior Naval officer and the manager of construction department this elegant building had a huge Veranda resting on cast iron column each had a front garden.
    as the British Navy left its territory in March 1979 the Maltese Goverment added two more stores to this building and was converted into 33 housing units to-day it resides 33 Maltese families.
  • Dockyard Terrace at the time of the Order of St.John, it was known as (id-djar tal kaptani)

  • The Basilica of Senglea

  • (il-Vitoria) Victory

  • The Clock Tower

    The clock Tower is one of the landmarks that looks on to the three cities, it was build by the british naval authority's in the year 1908, although it went through the war of 1940-1945 it was never hit by falling bombs, it never stopped working.
    The four major faces looks at the North, South, East, and West, it's Machinery came from John Smith & sons, Midland Clock Works, Derby, in the year 1905.


  • Senglea To-Day
  • Senglea World War 2

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    Malta 18/19 Century Photo's with Information

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