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Bud Light | "But He Has Bud Light"
March 12, 2007
Driving along an empty road at night, a man decides to pick up a hitchhiker. The woman traveling with him points out, "He has an ax!" The driver's response? "But he has Bud Light." The hitchhiker explains he uses the ax as a bottle opener. But even ax guy doesn't want to give a ride to the hitchhiker who's carrying a chainsaw.
Bud Light
Spot Title/Length:
“But He Has Bud Light” :30
Managing Director/Creative:
Paul Tilley
SVP/Group CD:
Mark Gross
Creative Director:
Dan Fietsam
Art Director:
Laddie Peterson
Matt Arnold
Executive Producer:
Will St. Clair
Production Business Mgr:
Ellen O’Donnell
Production Company:
Tool of North America/Los Angeles
Erich Joiner
Director of Photography:
Mark Plummer
Heidi Black/The Whitehouse, Chicago
Effects Editor:
Rob Churchill/ Filmworkers Club, Chicago
Michael Mazur/Filmworkers Club, Chicago
Sandy Torano/Scandal Music, Chicago
Principal Talent:
Couple: Christine Lakin, John McNairy. Ax Guy: Lorin McCraley. Chainsaw Guy: Bostin Christopher.
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