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The Challenge of the New Capitalism
Annual Bevan Lecture, given by John Monks, General Secretary of the European Trade Union Confederation. London, 14 November 2006
15 November 2006

TUC on interest rates rise
Commenting on today's decision to raise interest rates to five per cent, TUC Head of Economic and Social Affairs, Adam Lent, said: “No-one will have been surprised by today's rise. But if it is the start of an upwards trend, then there is cause for concern that this will damage the competitive economic climate that UK industry needs.
9 November 2006

TUC hails October minimum wage rise
The TUC has today (Sunday) welcomed the seventh annual increase in the national minimum wage, hailing the 30p rise in the adult rate as a significant boost to the pay packets of over a million low-paid workers, the majority of them women working part-time.
1 October 2006

TUC on job figures
These are worrying labour market figures. The unemployment level and rate have again increased. The employment rate has fallen and the number of economically inactive people who want work has risen.
13 September 2006

Greening should start at work – ten steps for UK staff to tackle climate change
As workplaces and work-related transport generate around two-thirds of the UK's carbon dioxide emissions, the TUC has today (Tuesday) proposed ten simple steps that employees can take at work to cut energy use and protect the environment.
5 September 2006

UK companies and workers more vulnerable to globalisation downsides than rest of Europe
UK employees undoubtedly benefit from the cheap goods and greater prosperity brought by globalisation, but are more vulnerable than their European colleagues to the downsides of globalisation. A TUC report out today (Thursday) calls on the Government to do more to support workers whose livelihoods are put at risk by growing global trade.
24 August 2006

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