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Small Firms

The most recent documents available on this subject are:

TUC reaction to pre-Budget report
Commenting on the publication of today's pre-Budget report, TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber said: “This is rightly an upbeat report on an economy doing better than its competitors. The UK economy is set to deliver the Government's generous public spending commitments with no need for tax hikes.
10 December 2003

government's job to stop business ‘building on sand'
British business is stuck in a ‘low-road' rut, under-investing and competing only by driving down costs and prices. It is government's job to ignore the ‘red-tape whingers' and act to lift the UK onto a ‘high-road' economy, in which innovative businesses with well trained and highly skilled staff, provide quality products and services.
12 August 2003

Time to explode the small firm myths says TUC
Policy makers and commentators often exaggerate the importance of small firms to the economy warns the TUC in a research report published today (Monday).
6 January 2003

spending review is true dividing line, says Monks
The third Comprehensive Spending Review marks a true dividing line between the only realistic alternatives for UK Government, according to a TUC report published on the day of the suspended local government workers' strike (Wednesday 14th). The report is part of the considered response by the TUC General Council to last month's major Government announcement.
14 August 2002

Welsh Manufacturing needs Budget boost, says TUC
The Welsh economy needs at least an extra £51m so that our manufacturing sector can look to the future with confidence - said David Jenkins today (April 9th).
9 April 2002

New Small Business Service
The TUC today (Wednesday) welcomes the establishment of the Government's Small Business Service (SBS) with a report warning its new head David Irwin that he must deal with the real problems of Britain's small businesses - lack of training and management skills - rather than listen to vested interest lobbying on `red tape' and deregulation.
1 March 2000

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