Amber chatted at Yahoo! on Thursday, March 8th, 2001. Here's the transcript, provided by Coax, sans chat typos.

Hey Amber, what's it like being on Buffy?
Amber: It's fantastic. Where do you get to work and get to have lunch with demons and vampires and work with amazing people?

IgnatiousPReilly: Hi Amber! I love your work in Buffy. Rumor has it that you're very ticklish... so who would last longer in a tickle fight, you, Sarah Michelle Gellar, or Alyson?
Amber: I would definitely lose first.

majorie16ca: Hi Amber! Do you realize how much you and your character helped gay or shy teens?
Amber: I have gotten amazing supportive letters about being the first long term lesbian relationship on TV. Saying that it has helped them come out and that it's ok to be gay.

kibarika: How do you feel about Joss Whedon?
Amber: He's a him to pieces.

rougeslayer5x5: If you could play any other character on the show who would you wanna play?
Amber: Probably glory because she has great outfits.

a_princess_named_amber: how does it feel to work w/Sarah Michelle Gellar?
Amber: She has been super cool to me...very cool...very supportive.

honey_crash: Did you always know you wanted to be an actress?
Amber: Since I was about 5 I knew I wanted to be an actor. I'm kind of a ham.

queenb0224: how did you get started?
Amber: I started out as a dancer as a young kid. When I realized I liked being on stage not necessarily the dancing part of being on stage.

honey_crash: What's been your favorite episode?
Amber: Tie between Restless and Hush.

dhand999: What has been your favourite scene in Buffy so far?
Amber: Um? Kissing Alyson Hannigan.

i_belong_to_gav: Who is your role model and why?
Amber: My mom. She keeps me together and totally grounded. Amazing woman.

pat17_btvs: BTW, "Bye Bye Love" is a fave movie of mine. Did you get to work with Eliza again this season?
Amber: I hope so. I love working with eliza.

mahlee33: How does it feel to be one of the newest members of the scooby gang?
Amber: It's cool. I get to kick vampire butt.

witchylovin: We're all looking forward to the various projects you're written-- comics, movies, etc. Is there any chance we'll ever see an Amber-written Buffy episode?
Amber: We have fantastic writers and I don't know if I could as good a job as they do already.

spukie2000: What has been your primary influence that drives your life philosophy?
Amber: Life is too short to miss doing what you are passionate about.

garryessendine: Hello Amber...this is such as privilege...first of all, me and I'm sure everyone else in the UK would like to wish you the very best success with "Chance"... it couldn't happen to a nicer person. Do yo have any advice for us aspiring actors/screenwriters out there?
Amber: You have to go and do what ever it takes. Just don't hurt anyone in the process. Thank you for the compliment. I really appreciate it.

jsreisfeld: Amber, can you give us a synopsis of your movie?
Amber: It's sort of my take on trying to find the one in LA and how difficult it is. You have to weave through all the strange people out there to find someone you really connect with.

blone_chick172000: How does it feel when millions of teens look up to you? I know I do!
Amber: Thank you. It's hard because I'm only human but I try to live my life in a positive way... and I try not to eat too many animals.

dhand999: If you weren't in the entertainment business, what would you be doing?
Amber: I'd start a reggae band and live in Tahiti.

kibarika: Amber, what is the best thing a fan has ever done for you?
Amber: Just enjoying what I do and being supportive of the choices that I make.

caiole86: Do you write anything besides the buffy comics?
Amber: Lots of plays and short stories.

beth_dragonuk: I know you must be incredably busy but do you ever get any time to read any of the Willow/Tara fanfic that's online?
Amber: I haven't as of yet...but now my interest is piqued now.

stopmymediocraty: Do you have any tattoos?
Amber: No. Pierced ears and that's it.

salsadanca: Amber, how do you relate with Tara in real life??
Amber: Definitely have a shy side but I've learned how to put on a happy face and go out there.

i_belong_to_gav: Ummm what do you think of al the school shootings? Do you think the music and entertainment industry has an impact on the kids decisions?
Amber: They use commercials to sell products and definitely what's on TV has an impact on humanity so violence on TV probably does have an effect.

coax18: Amber, enjoyed meeting you at the MegaCon (I'm the one who gave you the beets). If Chance does really well, do you see yourself moving more behind the lens than in front of it?
Amber: Thank you for the beets. I definitely want to do both. I just want to make movies. The beets were yummy.

marcanthony0315: Good evening -- Ms Benson -- are we going to see you in any movies this summer?
Amber: A movie called "The Prime Gig." Vince Vaughn, Julia Ormand, and Ed Harris. It's about telemarketers and I play a kind of psycho telemarketer.

janeway31: I heard you are writing a book about the willow/tara relationship?
Amber: A comic book. It's called "WannaBlessedBe."

donaldcharleshat: Do you believe paganism is a valid religious choice? What is your normal religion?
Amber: Anything that doesn't hurt other people is very valid and earth goddess religions are totally cool. I was raised...half jewish and half christian both...religious mutt I guess.

puck92509: Have you ever had a real magickal experience?
Amber: I have lots of deja vu moments and it seems like anytime I think about someone they call. Take it as you will.

andremay20: Greetings Lady Amber...may I ask what type of clothing you prefer in your daily life? long dresses or tight jeans? do You prefer High Heeled Boots?
Amber: Jeans, T-shirt, tennis shoe girl all around.

lurkinggirl2001: I hear you're going to making a movie soon. How is that experience different that working on TV?
Amber: TV is a lot more structured where as doing an independent movie is pure insanity.

so_real_98: I think that anyone who is a fan of yours knows you're a big Jeffy Buckley fan. What else do you listen to? What's in your CD player? Do you play any musical instruments?
Amber: I love Radiohead and Nick Drake. So many. The Beatles of course.

nicki1340: What do you like the best about being an actor?
Amber: Being able to emotionally touch the whole world.

amberbuffster: Hi Amber! Do you surf the net often?? And do you visit sites that are all dedicated to you??
Amber: Yes I'm a dork. I do look at websites dedicated to me. There is some fantastic stuff out there about me.

natfan1: How do you and Nicholas Brendon get along?
Amber: I love nick.. he and his fiance Tressa are fantastic. Super funny.

dsamuelsuk: I'm dying to many takes did the kiss require?
Amber: We must have kissed each other at least 50 times.

ghostteg: What is your favorite TV show other than Buffy?
Amber: I don't watch much TV. I'm a big movie freak.

knightx_4000: Have you ever been turned down at an audition?
Amber: One hundred million times. Rejection sucks.

amberbuffster: Who's your favourite character on Angel?
Amber: Probably a tie between Wesley and Gunn.

aScoutsSilverT: What do you do to sit back and relax?
Amber: Sleep and read lots of books.

caiole86: Do you get to do any cool stunts on your own?
Amber: I have a fantastic stunt woman named Gloria O'Brien.

alpha_Omega2001: When did you start on the TV business?
Amber: I've been acting professionaly for ten years and on Buffy for 2 seasons.

dakota_prairie: Have you had any bad response from people for playing a gay charactor?
Amber: The only negative stuff I've got has come from trying to fill Green's shoes. He is so beloved by Buffy fans.

zaphead64: Hi Amber! Really like your character-do you have any imput as to how your character is written?
Amber: I trust Joss and Marti implicitly and love the direction they've gone with Tara.

amberbuffster: What is your favourite book?
Amber: Probably The Idiot by Fyodor Dostoyevsky or Journey to The East by Herman Hesse.

tommo27_2000: DO you still like Harry Potter?
Amber: Love Harry Potter with an intense passion. Those books rock.

caiole86: Can you play any instruments?
Amber: I can pick and the guitar and the piano. Very good with the triangle.

angel_skald: Amber, would you ever consider changing careers to singing, like Jennifer Lopez?
Amber: Love singing but movies and TV is where it's at.

dakota_prairie: Is it hard being in a business where people see your image and not necessarily you?
Amber: It's frustrating because I feel like a big dork with glasses when I was growing up and not like a TV personality. It's very strange.

amberbuffster: How can you describe yourself in few words??
Amber: Trying to live by the golden rule.

crybuffy: How long have you had your dog?
Amber: I've had Penny for ten years.

Little_garden: If you could do a spell on anyone, what would it be and why?
Amber: Put a spell on myself to be happy all the time.

xfreakie: Hi! What do you enjoy the most: acting, writing...?
Amber: I love them both. I couldn't decide.

VampireSlayer2: What's Michelle Tratchtenberg like? I think she's a great addition to the show...
Amber: Me too. She is sweet and kind and a wonderful actress.

dakota_prairie: What books would you recommend from what you have read recently?
Amber: I read a book called The Wasp Factory and one called The Secret History.

janeway31: Amber, thank you for answering these questions and being interactive with your fans. How do you feel about playing the good witch on TV?
Amber: It's fun. I have the best job in the whole world.

wwmaul_2: Are you into witchcraft in real life?
Amber: I have always been interested by it, but Buffy keeps me too busy for anything but work.

barrman34: Amber, what was it like being in King of the Hill?
Amber: Stephen Soderbergh is an amazing director. I was very lucky to have it be my first film.

barrman34: Hey Amber. What is your favorite movie?
Amber: Loved "The Celebration" and "Antonia's Line" and "The Secret of Roan Inish."

seattlegurl_16: If someone really wanted to star or at least try to audition for Buffy or a show like that on The WB, what is some good advice so it would help them get the part?
Amber: Just be yourself...don't be nervous..My advice is to memorize the material before you go in.

seattlegurl: What do you do to memorize your lines?
Amber: I have a pretty quick memory so I just read over them a few times.

so19mogouk: Amber, do you think BtVS will go into a seventh season?
Amber: I hope so. I think it's a fantastic show.

stephen_da_man_uk: What was it like to film alongside James Masters aka Spike?
Amber: James is a wonderful actor and very fun to work with. He does an amazing Macbeth.

sashatastic: Has being a star changed your friends, or those that think that they are your friends?
Amber: I think that you meet people and connect with them regardless of where you are in your work life.

captaingraybar: Hey Amber, who are some of your all time favorite performers in the film industry today?
Amber: Albert Finney, Johnny Depp, Cate Blanchett.

princess2001132002: Do you like Eminem?
Amber: Love the peanut ones hehe. Not into Eminem just the candy.

backstreetdancer2001: What's the worst rumor about you that you've heard of?
Amber: I wish someone would start a rumor. I need some spice in my life.

rogueslayer5x5: If you were on who wants to be a millionaire who would be your "phone a friend?"
Amber: Somebody with a set of encyclopedias.

Amber: Thank you guys for all the awesome questions. Let's do it again sometime.



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