Typhoon is the latest unit in Dragon Gate. A super unit of sorts, Typhoon comprises the remnants of Blood Generation, Do FIXER, PosHEARTS, and Final M2K. There hasn't been much explanation as far as unit concept goes, but each member has a tattoo of the logo mark.


Real Name: Nobuhiko Oshima

Nickname: Aku no Hana

Birthdate: November 15, 1976

Birthplace: Sakai City, Japan

Height/Weight: 174 CM/82 KG

Dojo Class: 1st Term, Japan Graduate

Theme Song: Me gusta Cola

Debut: 5/11/1997

Title History: IWRG Intercontinental Junior Title, El Numero Uno 2003,  UWA 6 Person Tag Titles,  International Light Heavyweight , UDG Belt (2 times), Open the Dream Gate, Open the Triangle Gate

Trademark Moves:
Schwein: Side tombstone driver. Has a big match version called Schwein Redline, which is a wrist clutch variation. In 2006 he added a top rope version called the Schweinsteiner.
Venus: Leaping palm strike, always leads to....
Iconoclasm: Flipping slam from the corner. Has a cross arm version called the Goriconoslasm. Name comes from a BUCK-TICK song.The CIMA full course is completed if followed by......
Mad Splash: Frog splash.
Perfect Driver: Cross legged Michinoku Driver/Falcon Arrow.
Nakayubi: Front necklock into DDT. Named from a BUCK-TICK song.
Salmonella: Jumping pile driver
Neji to Hashi: Cross legged fisherman suplex. Means "Screw and Bridge" , which symbolizes the motion of the move. Also has a top rope version
Tokarev: Corner to corner dropkick
Mona Lisa Overdrive: Somersault version of the Tokarev. Name...again...comes from a BUCK-TICK album.
Turkey: Side neck and top wrist lock.
LA MART: Cradle pinning move, named for CIMAs' favourite jewelry store.
Blood Silk Road: Modified LA MART, with one arm trapped.
From Corner to the Same Corner: Opponent is trapped in the ropes similar to the Tokarev set up, but instead of jumping from the opposite corner, CIMA jumps from the same post onto the victims back with a footstomp.
Crossfire: Wrist clutch power bomb, similar to a Pyramid Bomb.
Superdrol: Lungblower/Backcracker type move. During the Blood Generation era, the move was a combination with other members. The name comes from a steroid that CIMA discovered during his first US trip.

The original signboard player of Dragon Gate, and before that, Toryumon Japan. He was a founding member and leader  of the highly influential Crazy MAX unit, where he became famous for his rudo punk persona. When CMAX finished their run, CIMA founded the super body group Blood Generation. As leader of Blood Gen he matured considerably. 2005 and 2006 saw him take a large interest in American indy wrestling, which has lead to him appearing in the States, as well as the blossoming gaijin influx. It also saw him being yet another in ring style change. CIMA has updated his look in 2007, which will mark the 10th anniversary of his debut. CIMA chose an odd path, not staying allied to his married team partner Don Fujii. He has assumed the leader role in the Typhoon supergroup.

Susumu Yokosuka

Real Name: Susumu Mochizuki


Birthdate: August 18, 1978

Birthplace: Yokosuka-shi, Kanagawa

Height/Weight: 173 CM/64 KG

Dojo Class: 3rd Term, Japan Graduate

Theme Song: Yokosuka Liner

Debut: 11/22/1998

Title History: IWRG Intercontinental Tag, NWA Welterweight, UWA 6 Person Tag, Open the Dream Gate, Open the Triangle Gate

Trademark Moves:
Yokosuka Cutter: Canadian backbreaker lift into Diamond Cutter.
Jumbo no Kachi!: Powerful lariat. Name derives from when Jumbo Tsuruta would win a big match, and the announcer would shout Jumbo no Kachi! (Victory for Jumbo). The version that goes directly into a pinning situation is the Jumbo no Kachi!gatame
Yokosuka Liner: High altitude and speed huracanrana.
Takai Takai: Last Ride style powerbomb. Name means "High high"
Ashi Yokosuka: Double knee breaker. Higher variation is called Ashi Takai
Yokosuka Driver: Dominator/Canadian Backbreaker Drop
Yokosuka Bay Bridge: Rolling Northern Lights Suplex
Jumbo no Ashi: Union attack with K-ness, combining the Jumbo no Kachi! and Shouryuukyaku
Self Service Bomb: Union attack with K-ness. Basically it involves making their 2 opponents power bomb themselves.
SukaDora Knee: Union attack with K-ness. Susumu does a Yokosuka Driver as K-ness hits the victim with a diving knee
Side version of the Yokosuka Driver. Named in tribute to K-ness, the name means Friendship.
Mugen: Double-arm version of the Aikata
World Liner: A move used exclusively on Dragon Kid. The same as SUWAs' old Sweeter Bomb, it can be seen as a 360 degree power bomb, or a hurricanrana reversal. He also uses a top rope version called the KOBE World Liner, since it debuted in Kobe World Hall.

Susumu is a founding member of the original M2K and then the original Do FIXER. During his career he established an unfortunate reputation as the strongest choker in Yokosuka. He was on the losing end of most big matches, including losing his name, the right to wear Yokosuka Jumpers for Do FIXER, and several million matches to Dragon Kid and his Ultra Hurricanrana. Susumu rose to a top generation role in 2006, carrying the Dream Gate for the bulk of the year. He was also named M2K leader in August, but, perhaps fitting, the unit ended after 2006. The famous KnesSuka team was also dissolved as 2006 closed, so 2007 will be totally uncharted territory for Susumu. After the FM2K finale, he joined up with CIMA.

Ryo Saito

Real Name: Ryo Saito

Nicknames:  Isappa, SaiRyo, Dragon Fly

Birthdate: August 15, 1978

Birthplace: Yamagata-shi, Yamagata

Height/Weight: 170 CM/80 KG

Dojo Class: 4th Term, Japan Graduate

Theme Song: Dragon fly

Debut: 5/11/1999

Title History:  NWA Welterweight, UWA 6 Person Tag, Open the Triangle Gate, Open the Dream Gate

Unit Alignment History: Japan Seikigun Debut-November 2002, Do FIXER December 2003-Present

Trademark Moves:
Dancing Yahoo:
Hammerlock/half crab hold. Formerly called Cycling Yahhoo. Also has been called Acchi~Kocchi~Nacchi! during the Odaiba Every Day Pro Wrestling matches. Doesn't use much anymore.
Fisherman Express: Locomotion fisherman suplexes into fisherman buster
Messenger: Modified cradle, Ryos' original big match finisher
Shrimp: Fisherman suplex lift into spinebuster or sit out power bomb (varies)
German Suplex Hold
Front Suplex
Dragon Suplex Hold
Premium Bridge:
Wrist-lock Dragon Suplex Hold.

Ryo has finally escaped his somewhat turbulent past, which consisted of shaky alliances with Don Fujii, and Anthony W. Mori. He struggled with identity after abandoning his bicycle character, and had a somewhat injury riddled 2004.  2005 saw him rise to dizzying heights, becoming Do FIXER leader, and a legitimate ace. He won the inaugural King of Gate tournament, and followed that with a Dream Gate reign, that was disappointingly short. He had a somewhat disappointing 2006, settling into a normal role. Best friend and partner Genki betrayed him to join MO'z in February 07, lowering DFs' numbers to 2. CIMA and Susumu offered him membership in their unit, but he declined. He rekindled his friendship with Mori after PSH ended, which by default has him now aligned with Typhoon.

Anthony W. Mori

Real Name: Takayuki Mori

Nickname: Elegant Prince

Birthdate: October 9th, 1976

Birthplace: London, England

Height/Weight: 171cm, 70kg

Dojo Class: 5th Term, T2P Graduate

Theme Song: Elegance Heart

Debut: 5/13/2000

Title History: Open the Triangle Gate

Trademark Moves:
Escargot: Modified crab hold/clover hold
Flower Bridge: Modified bow and arrow hold
Diving Rose: Over the post plancha.
Gardenia: Complicated arm and leg submission. Anthony locks up one arm in a hammer lock, and rolls through. One leg is tied up like a figure 4 leglock, Anthony then sits on their shoulder, twisting the hammerlock
Elegant Suplex: Double-wrist armsault (also called London Bridge)
Eleganton: Swanton bomb/Senton Atomico
Elegant Magic: Flash pin, has many forms, but the most common is a high speed crucifix hold.

An original T2P graduate. He came to Japan as KENtaro Mori, the royal prince. He changed his name to Anthony W. Mori on the second T2P Japan landing. He started the Royal Brothers unit in 2002, but it never really caught on. He became best friends with Ryo Saito, the 2 having a very very very close relationship. Ryo betrayed him eventually. He affiliated with the Italian Connection, until Takuya Sugawara returned from Mexico. The Royals re-united for a short stint, then Suga betrayed Mori, continuing what has been a pattern in Moris' career. Mori reunited with Ryo as friends, and joined the Italian Connection officially. The ItaCon collapsed in early 2005, leaving Mori alone again. Shortly after, Magnum TOKYO recruited him, along with BxB Hulk and Super Shisa for the PosHEARTS unit. Mori was named leader, but Hulk was obviously the focus. The group faced serious balance issues, and became a non factor. Akira Tozawa began to recruit him for his Tozawa-juku school. Mori vehemently refused, but slowly came around to the idea. He finally lost a match to Tozawa and Iwasa, when Magnum betrayed him (....). Mori again refused to join, but then, after teaming with Tozawa-juku for the first time, decided he would enroll in the school to gain polish. He spent the latter half of 2006 as Takayuki Mori with them, but returned to Anthony and Pos at the end of the year. He officially graduated from Tozawa-juku in January 06, and returned to Anthony full time. With the end of PosHEARTS, Mori chose to reunite with Ryo in Typhoon.

Dragon Kid

Real Name: Unknown

Nicknames: Kami no Ko

Birthdate: February 2, 1976

Birthplace: Toukai-shi, Aichi

Height/Weight: 162 CM/70 KG

Dojo Class: 1st Term, Japan Graduate

Theme Song: Deja Vu

Debut: 11/14/1997
Title History: NWA Welterweight title. UWA 6 Person Tag, 2004 El Numero Uno, Open the Triangle Gate, Open the Brave Gate

Trademark Moves:
Dragonrana: Forward flip from the top post into Huracanrana. Very spectacular move when first innovated.
Ultra Huracanrana: Swan dive huracanrana, ala Rey Misterio.
Deja Vu: Multiple rotation corbata (headscissors)
Christo: Corbata into hanging arm submission
Bermuda Triangle: Quebrada from the inside middle turnbuckle to the floor.
Hallelujah: Corbata into hanging necklock
Messiah: Corbata into DDT
Bible: High speed crucifix hold.
Jesus: Double-swan dive arabian press

At one time considered the heir apparent to Ultimo Dragon. Hasn't lived up to his full potential, but still can be one of the best high flyers in Japan in the right environment. He remains one of the most popular and capable members of the roster. Kid traditionally has just sort of ended up in units. He joined Shin M2K out of nowhere, then became a Do FIXER member by default. With Do FIXER ending, Kid aligned with CIMA and long time rival Susumu. He returned in March 07 from a long illness, debuting a new look, his first costume change ever.

*Matt Sydal is also a member, when he is in Japan