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Transgender ASIA 


 Birth Date  11 June 1980
 Birth Place   Bangkok
 Physical  167 cm (56 kg) 
 Nationality  THAILAND

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I was born 11 June 1980 in Bangkok, Thailand.  My only sibling was an elder sister, and my parents took care of me as they would a girl.  They dressed me in girl's clothes and gave me girl's toys.  My sister and I were also taken care of by an aunt.  Throughout school, I had only girls as friends.  When I became older, I was sent to an all-boys highschool - and found myself different to them.  I became confused as to whether I was a girl or boy.

When I was age 13, I had my first boyfriend.  I was surprised to find that his body looked the same as mine.  I suddenly realised that I was physically a boy.  Later, when I met a 'ladyboy' (or 'kathoey') in my class, I realised that I was one of them.  My boyfriend showed me how I could become a ladyboy, and I began to take hormones, wear make up, and wear women's clothes outside of school.  When I was 15, my mother asked me to become a proper boy again.  She was afraid that if I continued to be a ladyboy, my life would become difficult.  But she could see how unhappy her words made me.  So she told me to be what I wanted but only to avoid any harm and continue with education.  From that moment, at 15, I began to live 'full-time' as a woman.

When I was 19, I had another boyfriend who had lived as a ladyboy for some time, but had gone back to living as a man.  After we had been going out for several months, we began to have differences - and I discovered that he was gay.  I wondered how it could be that a man could love other men.  I could not accept having a gay boyfriend.  I realised that sex and gender came in many kinds, and that we were not right together.

Among my relatives, I have an uncle who is gay, and a cousin (on my mother's side) a few years younger than me who is also a 'second kind of woman' ('phuying praphet song') who now lives with my mother.  In time, there may well be other relatives who are destined to become 'phuying praphet song'.


At 13, I began to take Diane 35 anti-androgen (cyproterone acetate 2 mg & ethinylestradiol .035 mg oral tablet, Schering) and Premarin (conjugated estrogens 1.25 mg oral tablet, Wyeth-Ayerst).  At 15, began to take Progynon Depot + Prolution Depot (estradiol valerate USP 10 mg + hydroxyprogesterone-Caproate USP 250 mg combined intramuscular injectable, Schering).

At 18, I had rhinoplasty, thyroid cartilage reduction, medical-grade silicone injections to the chin and cheeks (popular at the time but inadvised due to risk of serious complications), and a chin implant.  At 19, I had augmentation mammaplasty (February 2000).  At 20, I had MtF sex-reassignment surgery (SRS) (October 2000).


When I first met tourists, I had to effort to learn English - particularly when I had worked briefly as a showgirl at the famous Calypso Cabaret in Bangkok.  Now, I speak English every day.  I enjoy photography, fashion, dancing, films, popular music, and travel.  I love the beach, and my favourite place is Phi Phi Island in Krabi Province in the South of Thailand.

I graduated with major in English at University Of The Thai Chamber of Commerce.  If I could, I would be a tourist guide so that I could meet tourists from all over the world, travel throughout the country, and obtain a comfortable standard of living in Bangkok.


Though I would like to become a tourist guide, it is increasingly difficult for 'phuying praphet song' to become tourist guides due to the societal belief that they give an unfavorable image of Thailand.  Our futures are uncertain because even with university degrees, it is difficult for transsexuals to obtain respectable occupations.  The fate of most befall upon working as shop assistants, hairdressers, waitresses, and bar girls or prostitutes.  We tell ourselves that we are the 'purple people' because of our stigmatised and downtrodden status in society.  This is an aspect of 'Amazing Thailand' and 'Land of Smile(s)' which is invisible even to transgendered tourists who visit Thailand.  We may have a transgender paradise - but it is for tourists, and not for us.  Even after our SRS, our documents still refer to us as men.  Western expatriates have an apt expression to refer to anything which is incomprehensible, illogical, or unacceptable in our country: 'This Is Thailand (T.I.T.)', which is equivalent to the expression 'deal with it' or 'live with it'.


On the evening of the weekend 26-27 July 2002, a documentary about transgenderism in Thailand was broadcast on the program SexTV by CityTV across Canada.  The film featured interviews of Natta Klomklao, Nun Udomsak, and Prof. S.J. Winter PhD at University of Hong Kong.  It was screened as Khatoeys (July 2002) with a follow-up Surgery In Thailand (March 2004) in Canada.

Below are research publications with Dr. S.J. Winter PhD of University of Hong Kong:

Winter, S. and Udomsak, N. (2002). Male, Female and Transgender: Stereotypes and Self in Thailand. International Journal of Transgenderism: 6, 1.

Winter, S. and Udomsak, N. (2002). Gender Stereotype and Self Among Transgenders: Underlying Elements. International Journal of Transgenderism: 6, 2.




In Bangkok, attractions include Central World Plaza (largest shopping center in Thailand), Baiyok 1 and 2 Towers (restaurants atop the tallest buildings in Thailand), riverboat dinner cruises on the Chao Praya River, and transgender cabarets at Calypso, Golden Dome, Mambo, and Ratchada.  Credit cards can be used at hotels, department shops, and restaurants.

Update 2003: Unfortunately, we have lost touch with Nun in Thailand. At that time, she was known to be working as a stock room clerk at a retail chain hypermarket (Tesco-Lotus) in Bangkok.

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