GodsGirls.com may or may not have something to do with Satan


GODS GIRLS is an a business that is run on a lack of ethics and intelligence. The models are treated with a lack of respect and I found my whole experience with them to be completely dehumanizing.
From a moral standpoint I see nothing wrong with getting naked for money or working in any aspect of the sex industry as long as people are treated with respect…
which is something Gods Girls does not have for its models.


Isn’t this site supposed to be the answer to Alt Porn’s need for a SG like site run on better grounds?
Because it isn’t.


I refuse to have my name attached to something so awful and disgusting, this is why I am not shooting for them anymore and left them while at Coachella[literally RAN AWAY].
I need to shoot to make up for the money it cost me to fly out there but at the end of the day I prefer to leave with my dignity intact and in debt rather then exploit myself for a ridiculous website.
If you would like reasoning behind all this, please read on…

  • The “founder” of the site treats the women on “her” site like lesser human beings and has been heard referring to them as tattooed whores[considering the models seemed offended rather than amused by this - I do not believe it to have been said tongue in cheek]. Models are encouraged to stay at her house in LA when they come to shoot …. most girls get there and find her to be rude and cold to them. I heard many complaints of models feeling isolated when at the apartment - resulting in many girls not wanting to shoot with the site again.
    The founder expects everyone to always wait around for her[she prefers to sleep as late as five in the afternoon] but refused to wait around for anyone else. The first day of Coachella we waited hours for her but when she decided to leave and someone realized they left something in their room, rather then wait so everyone could show up together, she just drove off because she got tired of waiting around[for five minutes…].
    A couple models tried to justify her behavior telling me that she has low self esteem, lacks social skills and hates her life…this does not give her the right to treat people the way she does. If You can not treat the women who make your site with dignity You should not be running this business.
  • Girls came to Coachella under the guise that it was a reward for their hard work promoting the site - one girl was even told her birthday present… the first day there they were lectured on how they were there to work, how they were ungrateful and immature….because they were discussing the bands they wanted to see.
  • Day rate is $400, $450 for ‘veterans’…this is for 8 sets. So for every set a girl does she is getting $50. They are also expected to be very active on the site and promote as well. Quite simply…this is not enough money for what these girls do. Girls are also often not paid on the same day or even within a reasonable two week period, I was told by another model I could expect to wait a month for my money.
  • The main photographer is owed thousands of dollars but instead of paying him they waste over $15,000 on coming to Coachela to promote in a manner that was unorganized and will not result in enough advertisement and memberships to justify the costs.
  • I was told stories of models crying on shoots due to insensitive comments made by the photographer and although I think a girl in this industry needs to be able to take a “Don’t stand like that it makes your stomach have rolls”, it is somewhat disturbing to think of a girl crying on a porn shoot.
  • One model organized for the girls to host a tattoo convention and asked for help paying for a banner and t-shirts for it and is expected to pay for this out of HER pocket. She is expected to promote the site to this extent out of her own pocket … and no one seems very grateful for the stress and trouble she goes through for this. This model was also yelled at like a child by the founder for throwing a beach ball before the founder said she could. I also witnessed her being talked down to and told to stop whining numerous times….it seemed as if it was believed the she should just put up with all of this.
  • The site claims that they ‘do not believe in censorship’ yet have deleted and made models delete journals. Girls are afraid to voice their opinions and stand up for themselves[Annaliese made a insulting personal directive remark to a girl in a forum and since the girl stood up for herself I am told “she will never shoot with us again”] The site also refused to step in when one member was being routinely harassed by another member using racial and homophobic slurs.

The only good things I can say are that the majority of the models are pleasant girls[they just seem to lack the heart to stand up to ] and the photography is superior to that of other sites…unfortunately these are the only good things I can say about the site.



8 Responses to “GodsGirls.com may or may not have something to do with Satan”

  1. Jesse Says:

    Maybe because they’re girls doing porn.. That might have something to do with the lack of respect.

  2. Ian Says:

    Start your own site, hun. Your photography is just as good or better, and you obviously have a better work ethic and morals.I bet a lot of people wouldn’t mind working with you.

  3. Carlos Says:

    From the countless papers on business ethics, this pretty much sums up what NOT to do…Damn…

    Given, there are always two sides to the story, even if half of those are true, that site should go down pretty quickly. I’m all for you starting your own site, you have the heart and the ethics to do it right.

    Kick ass Sinead, keep fighting the wrong!

  4. tamara Says:

    super informative. thanks for sharing. that sucks that you had to go throuh all that xoxo

  5. Lugh Says:

    My girlfriend was actually going to persue modeling for them. I am glad I read this. You saved us from a potentially dramatic situation.

    I agree that you should just make your own site or team up with other models and do a group effort.

  6. Brodi Avalon Says:

    “GodsGirls may have something to do with Satan”?

    That’s mature.

  7. Jen Says:

    I was considering working for them too, but now I’m definitely giving it a long hard think.

    As for you:

    “Maybe because they’re girls doing porn.. That might have something to do with the lack of respect.”

    What does that have to do with anything? Porn girls work hard for their money doing things that a lot of people don’t have the guts to do. It’s a tough industry. What they do with themselves is their business. It might look laughable or sort of demoralizing from the outside if you have morals, but that doesn’t give anyone the right to not respect them for paying their bills and keeping food on their tables.

  8. Craig Says:

    Jen beat me to it.
    The fellow who said “Maybe because they’re girls doing porn.. That might have something to do with the lack of respect.” is as big a pile of feces as the jerks who run God’s Girls. I know the type.
    People who disrespect others for no good reason get no respect from me. It just doesn’t make sense that they should be successful shooting porn. Maybe enough of this forum information will get around. We can only hope.

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