letter what would happen if a couple of stand-up comedians decided to try to save the world?
You would get the Enlaughterment Tour.
The ELT is a unique combination of show business and spirit; we like to think of it as self-improvement with a punch line.

Anyone who has laughed until it has hurt knows the healing power of humor and no one knows humor better than, a stand-up comedian. Come and meet two inspioneers in a brand new field of entertainment; they call it-enlaughterment. Enlaughterment is a recipe for transformation that calls for equal parts of enlightenment and laughter.

John Mulrooney and Steve Rizzo have faced the challenges in their life with humor in their hearts. Join them as we laugh our way to healing. They perform as they inform so the audience can transform. If you have ever thought to yourself, "there has got to be a better way" then the ELT may be the way for you.

Steve Rizzo is a stand-up comedian turned author and motivational speaker and is known as The Attitude Adjuster! Steve had a very lucrative career as a stand-up comedian but a higher force kept pushing him to his true calling. He now inspires people how to succeed on all levels of life while enjoying the process. Steve has written a best selling book called, Becoming a Humor Being. In addition, you may have seen Steve on his nationally syndicated PBS special of the same name.

Steve will share with you the ATTI-TOOLS for success and show you how to:
Utilize the power of choice ~ Understand the power thought ~ Unleash your Humor Being

John Mulrooney is a great bunch of guys.
John is a comedian by trade, a seeker by choice and an inspioneer by design. After several, life-altering experiences John turned to his Higher Self for answers. One night, while performing his nightclub act, John decided to share some of the insights he received with his audience. The result was nothing short of miraculous. John had a revelation. He thought, "Light and laughter are not mutually exclusive, they are synonymous!". The Enlaughterment Tour was born.

John will show you how to:
Find your purpose ~ Follow your heart ~ Free yourself from fear

In other words, John will handle the "F's" and Steve will handle the "U's".
This unique blend of Spirit, Laughter and Information is for everyone; all are welcome. Therefore, if you are not enjoying your journey, then perhaps John and Steve can help you to go from stressing to blessing.


adj. (ca. 2005)
1 a: a combination of enlightenment and laughter
b: a healing experience that is initiated through humor and revelation


n. (ca. 2005)
1 a: a person who is an inspiration and a pioneer
b: someone who entertains while he is helping others to heal
2 : an enlaughterment facilitator

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