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Wrestler Orlando Jordan :: Bi and Proud
by C.T. Summers
EDGE New York City Contributor
Friday Sep 15, 2006

Orlando Jordan
Orlando Jordan  
On September 10, 2006, African-American wrestling sensation Orlando Jordan joined the host of WorldWrestlingInsanity.Com, James Guttman, to speak openly about his being a proud bisexual African-American male in American wrestling. The six-foot-four, 246-pound, muscled powerhouse, hailing from Richmond, Virginia, made his professional debut as a wrestler in 1999 before he was dropped from World Wrestling Entertainment on May 26, 2006; but not until after he was deemed a 2-time All-American Wrestling Champion and National Wresting Champion (just to name a few.) He also became known for his diabolical "finishing move" called "the running powerslam".

Once misdiagnosed for autism, the young Jordan came from an underprivileged upbringing in Virginia. Before "powerslamming" his opponents became his signature move, Jordan fought forest fires as a member of the Unites States Forest Service. Shortly thereafter, he relocated to Florida where he quickly became a reputable amateur boxer. Nonetheless, it was perseverance and determination that made him the household name he is today within the world of wrestling. Jordan went on to train for the professional ranks under the supervision of Rocky Johnson (who later went on to spar with his son, wrestler-turned-box office star, The Rock.) From there, viewers would see Jordan’s skills within the ring in Velocity and Smackdown programs prior to his leaving WWE altogether earlier this year.

In Guttman’s interview, Jordan spoke on a handful of events that he attended - from taking on one of the most controversial nights in WWE ’s history, "ECW’s One-Night Stand" pay-per-view event, to idolizing and emulating former wrestling star, Ric Flair, for his "flashy style". Still, it was his proclamation on being bisexual that shook the wrestling world... and wrestling fans within the gay community.

To Jordan’s closest friends and family, his bisexuality wasn’t at all news, but to his fan base it was jaw-dropping for some and a cause to rejoice for others. He went on to say that "what you see is what you get" with him as well as his sex-life.

"It is what it is and you cannot let that stop you (simply) because there are haters out there," the tall, dark and handsome wrestler went on to say. No longer a part of WWE, he still wrestles independently while viewing his publicly coming out as nonchalantly as he can. When asked if other wrestlers within the ring and/or audience members may have a problem with his sexual orientation, he simply says to them, "Too bad!" Jordan adamantly plans on continuing to do what makes him happiest: wrestling.

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"Wrestler Orlando Jordan :: Bi and Proud"

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