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A trade union charity for working people in need throughout the world. It:

  • contributes to long term development programmes.
  • provides substantial humanitarain relief swiftly in emergencies.
  • assists through education the growth of independent trade unions.

How is your money spent

TUC Aid has contributed to long term development programmes, such as the child immunisation programme of UNICEF. It has given aid for the victims of hurricances which have devestated Jamaica and Mexico. In co-operation with OXFAM, TUC Aid also helped restore safe waters supplies in Bluefields, Nicaragua after another hurricane. About TUC Aid

What can you do to help?

Donate online

Check if your employer already operates a charities payrol giving scheme. If so, you can join by filling in a form (available from your employer) and you can then authorise deductions to TUC Aid. You can also donate on line or make a contribution directly. Cheques should be made out to TUC Aid and sent to TUC, EUIRD, Congress House, Great Russell Street, London, WC1B 3LS. You can also now set up a regular donation using our standing order form . Please, send the completed Form to your Bank/Building Society, with copy to TUC Aid at the address above. For more information see donations

You can also download a flyer to display in your workplace/clasroom/union branch etc

The most recent documents available on this subject are:

TUC Strategic Framework Partnership Arrangement Report
In July 2006, the TUC signed a three-year Strategic Framework Partnership Arrangement (SFPA) with DFID with the aim to increase the engagement of UK unions with DFID and build individual union capacity to internationalise their agenda. The project is now approaching the end of its first year. It has created a lot of interest and since the last report is continuing to progress very well. Areas of recent progress include: the successful application of the first four unions to the International Development Learning Fund; a TUC Conference which highlighted the need for and best practice examples of unions and NGOs working together on development issues; the publication of a slave and forced labour fact file and poster; and the holding of an introduction to development training course for TUC tutors and union officers and tutors.
PDF version available for download
26 April 2007

Zimbabwe Appeal
TUC Aid is appealing to affiliates to make contributions to support the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) in its efforts to protect and promote trade union and human rights in Zimbabwe.
20 March 2007

Promoting Women's Participation in Unions in Nigeria
A project designed to enhance the capacity of trade unions to address the concerns of women workers has contributed to the promotion of women's rights in Nigeria.
19 January 2007

More Houses for Tsunami Victims in Sri Lanka
Update on the TUC Aid Tsunami Relief Programme in Sri Lanka which has so far provided 17 houses to victims of the Tsunami.
PDF version available for download
16 January 2007

Solidarity with Trade Unionists in Zimbabwe
Conference calls on EU to maintain sanctions against President Mugabe's regime.
23 November 2006

Conference on Solidarity with Zimbabwean Trade Unionists
The Zimbabwean Government alone must be held responsible for the current catastrophic crackdown on human and labour rights, Frances O'Grady, TUC Deputy General Secretary, tells the Conference on Solidarity with Zimbabwean trade unionists on Saturday 4 November 2006 in Congress House.
6 November 2006

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