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Health and Safety


The most recent documents available on this subject are:

Focus on union safety reps
TUC biennial survey of safety reps 2006
PDF version available for download
16 March 2007

Stress still the biggest problem in UK workplaces
Stress is still the biggest problem facing UK workplaces, with excessive workloads, job cuts and rapid change the most common triggers for rising stress levels amongst employees, according to new research published by the TUC today (Tuesday).
31 October 2006

Focus on union safety reps
TUC biennial survey of safety reps 2004
PDF version available for download
26 November 2004

New Poll says 70% of people in Wales work when they are ill
Are you a mucus trooper, a stoic, a model patient, a walking epidemic or a shirker? As a new poll commissioned by the TUC finds that 70% of all workers in Wales have been to work when ill, the TUC has published new advice on sickness at work and a quiz that finds out what category you fall into on its world of work website, workSMART.org.uk <http://www.worksmart.org.uk/>
23 January 2004

Union safety reps call for better health and safety training for bosses and workers
To coincide with the start of North East Focus on Europe Week, the TUC has examined the impact the European Union has had on workplace health and safety in the Region.
9 May 2003

Working through the change: health and safety and the menopause
This report by Jane Paul, based on a survey of safety reps, explains why the menopause is a health and safety issue, and why it is important. It draws attention to the ways in which employers are failing older women, and contains proposals for action at workplace level, as well as by unions and employers nationally.
PDF version available for download
7 March 2003

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