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Subject illustration: Equality

The TUC campaigns against discrimination at work and in wider society. You can find out more about our work on equal rights for women and men and part-timers, equality for black workers, lesbian and gay rights, disability issues and age equality

The TUC also campaigns for a better work/life balance, see the working life section. The TUC changing times website gives employers and unions practical guidance to achieve a better work-life balance in the workplace.

Download the TUC guide to equality law which provides a practical and clear explanation of workplace rights.

The most recent documents available on this subject are:

TUC campaign for an annual day to remember the victims of slavery
Although, Britain may have played an important part in the abolition of slavery, it was also instrumental in the creation, expansion and perpetuation of one of the greatest evils in history. That's why the UK needs an occasion for remembrance, reflection and education.
4 May 2007

We don't want you here – people of North East reject fascists
Although all the results have yet to come in, early indications are that once again the people in the North East and Cumbria have sent a resounding message back to the BNP of ‘we don't want you here'.
4 May 2007

Roger King- Chair of the 2007 Black Worker's Conference
Opening address to Conference
3 May 2007

Statement on Reparations for the transatlantic slave trade by the Race Relations Committee to the TUC Black Workers' Conference 2007
The Committee issued a statement to all delegates of the 2006 TUC Black Workers Conference noting the bicentenary and calling for the TUC and affiliates to campaign for a National Day of Remembrance of Slavery, organise events to mark the occasion and for full reparation. The recognises that there will be wide ranging views as to what constitutes reparation and what may be achievable, and that the process of seeking reparation will be a long, painful and difficult process.
3 May 2007

Statement on JFLAG by the TUC Race Relations Committee to the Black Workers Conference 2007
The continued unstable social situation for LGBT individuals in Jamaica reflects the urgent need for the UK Government to re-look at their policies regarding asylum for LGB T people from Jamaica. The British Government currently rejects many of those claiming asylum from Jamaica.
3 May 2007

Statement on knife and gun crime by the Race Relations Committee to the Black Workers' Conference 2007
Conference deplores the tragic killings of young people as a result of the knife and gun crime. However, conference is gravely concerned at the suggestion that such killings are a result of black culture or that such violence is a problem for black communities alone
3 May 2007

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