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Young workers

Work injuries are bad enough, but when they happen early in someone’s life the repercussions take on an even greater tragedy. Young workers’ may have to carry the results of an injury with them for the rest of their lives.

According to the TUC Worksmart a young worker is defined as having compulsory school leaving age but is under 18 years old. Young workers are entitled to more generous rest periods and breaks than other workers, they are not typically allowed to work at night, are barred from certain hazardous jobs and cannot work as long hours as other workers.

The law recognises young workers may be at particular risk at work because of their possible physical and psychological immaturity and lack of awareness of work risks and training.

HSE figures show that in 2000 six under-19s lost their lives carrying out work activities, 1,551 sustained major injuries and a further 5,310 youngsters were off work for over three days as a result of a work-related illness or injury. In particular, young workers are more at risk than any other age group of developing Repetitive strain injury (RSI).


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The most recent documents available on this subject are:

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Young workers should be protected in the workplace was the message of events nationwide this week.
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27 October 2006

Young worker was unlawfully killed
A young factory worker was crushed to death after vital safety equipment was switched off on a stone cutting machine, a Hampshire inquest has heard.
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29 September 2006

Firm fined £20,000 after young worker fatality
A firm has been fined £20,000 after a young employee was crushed to death.
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22 September 2006

Saturday job boy loses arm in mincer
Surgeons had to amputate a teenager's arm in a butcher's shop after it became trapped in a mincer.
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22 September 2006

Teenage victims of forklift peril
Evidence that dangerous machines and teenage workers do not mix have been demonsrated in three separate safety inspections this month.
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22 September 2006

New call for young worker protection
More needs to be done to protect young people when they start work, Britain's top safety body has warned.
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8 September 2006

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