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Learning and Skills Policy

Learning and Skills Policy

Subject illustration: Learning and Skills Policy

The TUC has long campaigned to raise the skills of Britain's work force. It's good for the country's competitiveness and helps people find more fulfilling and better paid jobs. Here are links to our most recent policy and research work on skills, education and lifelong learning. You can find older material using the search facilities. The TUC is also actively involved in promoting lifelong learning through unionlearn.

Unionlearn was formed from the merger of TUC Education and Learning Services in May 2006. This new initiative has been developed by the TUC to help unions meet the education and skills needs of their members.

Unionlearn aims:

  • to help unions become learning organisations
  • to help unions to broker learning opportunities for their members
  • to research union priorities on learning and skills

For further information on unionlearn, visit http://www.unionlearn.org.uk

The most recent documents available on this subject are:

House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee Inquiry Employment and Training Opportunities for Low-Skilled Young People – TUC Evidence
TUC submission to Economic Affairs Committee on Employment and Training Opportunities for Low-Skilled Young People.
PDF version available for download
4 April 2007

TUC Response to ‘Delivering World Class Skills in a Demand Led System'
TUC response to the joint Department for Education and Skills (DFES) and Learning and Skills Council (LSC) consultation document
PDF version available for download
29 March 2007

Changes to ESOL Funding
On 26 March 2007, alongside the publication of the REIA, the Minister for Higher Education and Lifelong Learning announced a number of revisions to ESOL funding policy.
29 March 2007

TUC welcome for extra education years for teenagers
Commenting on the publication of the Department for Education and Skills Green Paper ‘Raising the Participation Age', TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber said: 'If the UK economy is to compete successfully with other countries around the globe and young people are to be given the best chance of succeeding in the world of work
22 March 2007

TUC submission to The Primary Review Inquiry
Trades Union Congress (TUC) is the national centre for trade unions representing 6.5 million workers in 65 affiliated trade unions. The TUC welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the independent Primary Review inquiry into the condition and future of primary education in England
28 February 2007

Research Network Bulletin
Welcome to the first issue of the Research Network Bulletin. Updating you on research in learning and skills within unionlearn.
PDF version available for download
19 February 2007

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