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Medically trained Homoeopathic Physician.
Allergy Treatements
Homoeopathy- Naturopathy
Natural Fertility & Menopausal Management
Drug Free Health Care For Chronic Complaints

Contact NameDr Thomas Sam
AddressSuite 3
484 Bunnerong ROAD
New South Wales 2036
Phone02 95997926
Mobile0414 637 681
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Wholistic homoeopathic treatment

This takes care of the chronic disease of a person by considering the mental. Physical, and emotional aspects.

A physical complaint, the patient is experiencing can be a net result of the psychological trauma he is undergoing in the family, work or society.

Wholistic treatment analyses all these issues and homoeopathic medicines along with immune supplements are prescribed according to symptomatology to treat your deep rooted physical problem.

If you have tried the regular medicine, seen various specialists, and still having complaints - you are encouraged to seek for an appointment.

Testimonials, photographs and blood reports of patients who have been successfully treated by this system of medicine could be viewed during consultation.

Many of these complaints were branded "incurable" and when the spirit soul and body of a human being is treated adequately we see amazing cures.

Complaints succesfully treated are- allergies, asthma, migraine, skin complaints like eczema, psoriasis, vitiligo, alopecia, warts & corns, infertility, chronic fatigue, menstrual and menopausal complaints, obesity and other chronic and dengenerative diseases.

The philosophy:

Our body has a defense mechanism or immune system that corrects and protects itself. But due to our stressful living conditions, environmental hazards, pollution, radiations and by drug abuse, our natural healing ability is delayed or suppressed. Homoeopathic medical treatment gently stimulates the immune system of the body and brings about a gentle cure.

Treatment procedure:

Considering the diagnosis of your case by your GP or the specialist, we assess the centrality of your problem.

A person’s reactive pattern and family histories are analysed and Homoeopathic Constitutional and anti-miasmatic treatment will be initiated. Regulatory nutrients and immune supplements are also prescribed to nourish the protoplasm and to correct genetic abnormalities to bring about neuroendocrine balance.

Even if patients have taken the drugs in emergency, we are interested in helping them to manage the side effects by Homoeopathic and Dynamic medication if they are willing to undertake regular treatment.

Wholistic Supportive treatment even in Cancer, AIDS and other autoimmune disorders have found to effectively boost the self healing ability of the body and to increase energy levels and general wellbeing of the person, even if they are undergoing chemotherapy or radiation.

Along with the wholistic treatment, regular monitoring of the blood parameters by investigations are to be carried out according to your GP or specialist’s advice to assess the condition and to evaluate progress of treatment.

Regular medication will be required in most of the chronic cases. Over a period of time, the conditions are controlled with out any medicine, but by diet regulation, nutritional supplements, regular exercise, wholesome and positive thoughts, prayer, meditation etc. Patients are encouraged to attend monthly training sessions on Wholistic healing held in Kogarah.

Our consultations are not covered by Medicare but are partly covered by Major Private health funds.

Testimonials of just a few satisfied patients who took Homoeopathic treatment in the last 10 years of practice in Sydney.

1. "I have been diagnosed of infertility due to ovarian failure and been told that I am not a candidate for IVF. After long and arduous investigations and expenditure of money and time, I was left depressed and hopeless with complications due to medicines administered on me. I started Homoeopathic treatment 4yrs back and in 8 months time I conceived and now we are parents of a healthy 3 yr old boy. The money I spent for this treatment was only a small portion of the regular IVF treatment. My sincere thanks to Dr. Sam."
Ms.S.C. Hammondville.

2. "I was suffering from Chronic tonsillitis and was advised to go for operation. I was not able to go to work due to severe pain and discomfort. My GP referred me to Dr. Sam and with Homoeopathic treatment I am completely cured and am drug free. I believe in this treatment. Dr. Sam is treating my wife for epileptic attacks now and she is already feeling much better.
Mr. F.T. Hurstville.

3. "I have been suffering from Chronic fungal infection for about 4 months and have tried various treatments with steroids and antifungal creams with out any considerable improvement. I started homeopathic medication with Dr. Thomas Sam and in 7 days my fungal infection got completely better. I am very much satisfied with this treatment. Later I have referred many of my friends to Dr. Sam."
Mr. E.C. Dulwich Hill.

4. "I was diagnosed of Hyperthyroidism and was supposed to take the drug ‘Neomercazole’ and my GP has suggested that I might have to go on medication probably for the rest of my life. Worried about my situation I approached Dr. Thomas Sam and with this treatment my thyroid levels were back to normal in 4 months of regular medication. I do not take any medicine now apart from immune supplements. My sincere thanks goes to Dr. Sam."
Ms. A.J. Croydon.

5. "I was suffering from Meniere’s disease and could not go for work due to constant dizziness
Ms. M.N. Hinchinbrook.

6. "My wife had varicose veins and calcaneal spur and our specialist advised her to go for operation and most of the treatments were of no avail. My GP referred her to see Dr. Sam and after Homoeopathic treatment, her complaints are considerably better in 6 months of regular medication. She didn’t had to go for surgery."
Mr. B.K Liverpool.

7. "I was suffering from dryness of the eyes from Sjogren’s syndrome and was effectively treated with Homoeopathic medicines. Even though I had a malignancy, Homoeopathic supportive treatment has helped me to improve my energy levels inspite of chemotherapy and radiation. I would suggest any chronic ailment to be treated with Homoeopathic medicines."
Ms. EIM. Leichhardt.

8. "I was suffering from severe migraine for the past 3 yrs and was unable to work due to headache and blurred vision. I have been to many specialists and neurologists and taken so many medicines with no improvement. One of my friends referred me to Dr. Sam and in a few months of regular treatment, I was cured of my migraine. I am drug free and am very much satisfied with this treatment."
Ms. R.K. Minto.

About Homoeopathic Dr. Thomas Sam

Dr. Sam is one of the few medically trained Homoeopathic Physicians in Sydney, Australia
(Homoeopathic Doctor and not a GP).

Thomas graduated from Mangalore University (Rajeev Gandhi Medical University) with a Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine & Surgery and holds a Bachelor of Science degree, which is together a 8.5 years fulltime course equivalent to MBBS in India and is recognised by the WHO. After coming to Australia in 1995 he has obtained a Master of Public Health Degree from the University of Western Sydney.

Dr. Sam has been practicing in various Medical Centres in Sydney for the last 11 years and is a Senior lecturer in the Medical Science faculty at the Sydney College of Homoeopathic Medicine now at Crows nest since 1998. He is a faculty member of Medical Science at the Nature Care College at St. Leonards for the last 3 years. Currently he is working towards his MD (Homoeopathic Medicine) from Los Angeles International University California, USA, through Samuel Hahnemann School of Homoeopathic Medicine.

His passion is to release people from drug dependency and to help them to lead a normal healthy life. He specialises in the Wholistic management of autoimmune diseases and chronic complaints like Migraine, Chronic fatigue, Allergies, Tonsillitis, Asthma, Insomnia, Hypertension, Infertility, Eczema. Psoriasis, Leucoderma, Pigmentation, Warts & Corns, Alopecia, Autism, ADHD, Menstrual and menopausal complaints, Stress, Anxiety, Obesity and Depression.

Dr. Sam is interested in treating those cases not responding to regular conventional medicine and surgery and he believes that Medical Science is not the solution to the problems of mankind but just a tool to adjust certain physiological processes. We are triune beings composed of spirit, soul and we live in a body. A chronic disease will definitely have an emotional and spiritual issue. He believes that disease first gets conceived in the spirit and then it manifests in the body. So patient with a chronic disease needs a total tuning of the spirit, soul and the body along with conventional treatment - a Wholistic Medical approach.


  • Bachelor Of Science- University Of Kerala
  • Bachelor Of Homoeopathoic Medicine And Surgery- (Homoeopathic Doctor- Not A Medical Doctor. Not Covered By Medicare)University Of Mangalore- Rageev Gandhi Medical University- India
  • Master Of Public Health-University Of Western Sydney
  • Certificate Four In Workplace Training- University Of New England
  • First Aid Certificate- St John's Ambulance
  • Currently Doing Doctor Of Medicine- Md Homoeopathy - Los Angeles International University- California, Usa
  • Current Research- Autoimmune Diseases And Wholistic Treatment.

  • Senoir Lecturer
  • Sydney College Of Homeopathic Medicine- Crows Nest, Sydney
  • Faculty Member
  • Nature Care College of Natural Therapies- St. Leonards, Sydney
Consultation & Medicines Available At Various Medical Centres In Sydney
  • Rockdale- Rockdale Medical Centre, 46 Walz St. Rockdale - 9567 1765
  • Liverpool- Liverpool Medical Centre, 94 Moore St. Liverpool - 9602 8555
  • Seven Hills- Living Waters Family Practice 10 Artillary Cr, Seven Hills - 9624 6684
  • Sutherland- Shire Counselling & Medical Centre - 9542 2600
  • Mona Vale-Nb Care Centre, 1789 Pittwater Road, Mona Vale - 9979 9444
  • Matraville- Matraville Physiotherapy- 484 Bunnerong Rd, Matraville - 9311 7555
Postal , Phone, Home Visits, And Email- Consultations Can Be Arranged By Appointment Only

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Allergy Testing / Treatments, Holistic Doctor, Homoeopathy, Natural Fertility Management, Naturopathy

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