Cadet Award for Bravery

The Cadet Award for Bravery is a Canadian Forces decoration and is the highest award which may be bestowed on a Royal Canadian Army Cadet in recognition of outstanding deed of valour, involving risk of his or her life, in attempting to save the life or property of another person.This medal takes precedence over the Royal Canadian Humane Association Medal when worn on the uniform.

Where no risk to candidate's life is present, the Cadet Certificate of Commendation may be awarded to a Cadet for outstanding deeds in attempting to save the life or property of another person.

In Ontario, Cadet Daniel J. Primeau of 2784 Ottawa, was the last cadet awarded the Cadet Award for Bravery in 1977 for saving a friend from drowning.

The Award for Bravery or Certificate of Commendation is initiated by the Commanding Officer of the Cadet Corps and, with the concurrence of Army League officials at the local, provincial and national level, recommendations are forwarded through the military chain of command to the Chief of the Defence Staff.

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