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At Least Two Winners In 370-million-dollar Jackpot

At Least Two Winners In 370-million-dollar Jackpot


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Avatar07:57 PM, March 7th 2007

At least two people hold winning tickets for the world's largest-ever lottery jackpot of 370 million dollars, a sum that ballooned over 15 drawings with no winner.

The winning combination of 16-22-29-39-42 and the mega ball number 20 was recorded on two tickets purchased in Georgia and New Jersey, a statement on the Mega Millions website said Wednesday. The holders have not yet been identified.

Final results were not yet available due to "the unprecedented number of Mega Millions tickets purchased for the Tuesday" drawing, the officials said.

A massive surge of millions of ticket sales on Tuesday prompted organizers to raise the jackpot for the second time in two days. The massive windfall led the group to move the evening's drawing to Times Square in New York from its traditional spot in a television studio in Atlanta, Georgia.

The last drawing on Friday was for an estimated 267 million dollars, but no-one matched the six numbers needed. It was the 15th successive draw without a winner.

Until now, the largest jackpot in US history was 365 million dollars for the Powerball lottery in February 2006. Europe's largest ever stands at 183 million euros (240 million dollars).

Unlike parts of Europe, where winners don't have to pay tax, US lottery victors must pay up to 50 per cent of their take, according to laws that vary from state to state.

Mega Millions operates across 12 US states, though all Americans can also take part online. Five numbers are drawn from a pool of 56, and an additional "Mega Ball" is taken out of 46 numbers.

Winners can get a lump sum payment or have the winnings spread out in instalments over 26 years, which eases the tax burden..

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