• An international passenger information centre has been opened in South Africa where all questions can be addressed. The public enquiry number is +27 11 2071100.
  • A local passenger information centre in Kenya has been opened at the Intercontinental Hotel where all questions can be addressed.
    The public enquiry numbers are +254-20-3200353, +254-20-3200354, +254-20-3274349.


An update on the situation in Cameroon:

Issued at 13:00hrs (Local Time), Sunday 13th May, 2007.

32 Families supplied DNA samples yesterday. 3 Families requested to take DNA kits back to their own countries where blood relatives of the deceased resided. They were assisted and DNA packages given to them.

We are still waiting for written authority from the Cameroonian Governor, granting access for the team into the Mortuary, incident site and hangar, where the property from the site is being housed.

A meeting was held with the next of kin families at 1800 hours (Douala Time). Addressing the meeting, a representative from the Governor’s office advised the Families that the site has now been sprayed with disinfectant and is now safe for Family members to visit.

He also advised that the site visits could start tomorrow, weather permitting. Groups of no more than five would be taken to the site. Personal protective clothing and boots will be provided by KQ. A video was shown of the incident site to prepare the Families for what they would experience when visiting the site. The identification process is intricate and is likely to take a considerable length of time.

The local passenger information centre in Nairobi will be relocated to Barclays Plaza from the Nairobi Intercontinental Hotel, on Monday the 14th of May. The new centre is located on the 6th Floor of the building and is a short distance away from the InterContinental Hotel in Nairobi. The new contact numbers are listed below, and can be reached on a 24-hour basis:

- Land Line +254 - (0)20 - 3274349 / 25 / 83 / 53
- Celtel +254 0736 507 050 / 507 070, 0733 999 507
- Safaricom +254 0729 507 050 / 507 070 / 999 507

The international passenger information centre, where questions from locations outside Kenya can also be addressed, remains operational on a 24 hour basis. The international contact number is +27 11 207 1100.

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Kenya Airways Corporate Communications.
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Tel: +254-729-370990

We are now in a position to provide a full list of the names and nationalities of passengers who boarded KQ 507 in Douala. Please click here to access the full list

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