Ships of the 18th Century Royal Navy
Royal Naval Fleets 1

(B), (W) and (R) indicate Blue, White and Red Squadrons.

(I) Vice Ad. Benbow's squadron in the West Indies, August 1702

      Breda,70,       Vice Ad. Benbow, Capt. Fog.
      Defiance,64,    Capt. Richard Kirby
      Greenwich,54,   Capt. Cooper Wade
      Ruby,48,        Capt. George Walton
      Pendennis,48,   Capt. Thomas Hudson
      Windsor,48,     Capt. John Constable
      Falmouth,48,    Capt. Samuel Vincent

(II) Ad. Sir G. Rooke with the Anglo/Dutch fleet at Vigo, October 1702

Association,90.     Wm. Bokenham  }   Attacked forts at
Barfleur,90.        Francis Wyvill}   mouth of harbour

Following formed line after English colours were seen flying from fort.

Mary,62.            Ed. Hopsonn              
Grafton,70.         Thos. Harlow
Torbay,80.          V.Ad. T. Hopsonn,(R)        Phoenix fs.     ?
                           A. Leake.            Vulture fs.  T. Long.
Kent,70.            John Jennings
Dordrecht,72.       Van der Pott
7 Provinces,92.     V.Ad. van der Goes          One fireship
Veluwe,64.          Van Wassenaer
Berwick,70.         Rich. Edwards               Terrible fs.  E. Rumsey
Essex,70.           R.Ad. Sir S. Fairbourne(W)  Griffin fs.   Wm. Scaley
                           Jn. Hubbard
Swiftsure,70.       Rob. Wynn
Ranelagh,80.        Rich. Fitzpatrick           Hawke fs.     Bennet Allen
Somerset,80.        Ad. Sir G. Rooke (C in C)   Hunter fs.    Sir Chas. Rich
                            Thos. Dilkes
Bedford,70.         Henry Haughton
Muiden,72.          Schrijver
Holland,72.         Lt.Ad. Callenburgh          One fireship
                    V.Ad.Van Wassenaer
Reigersberg,74.     Lignslager
Cambridge,70.      Rich. Lestock (1)
Northumberland,70. R.Ad. John Graydon.(B)       Lightning fs.
                         Jas. Greenaway
Oxford,70.         John Norris
Pembroke,60.       Thos. Hardy
Gouda,64            Somelsdijk
W. van Alckmaar,72. V.Ad. Pieterson             One fireship
Catwijk,72          Beeckman

(III) Ad. Sir Cloudsley Shovell 1703

          SHIPS/GUNS                    ADMIRAL/CAPTAIN        Men

Flamborough,24   Berwick,70,            Richard Edwards        440
                 Winchester,50          Robert Hughes          280
                 Ipswich,70,            William Wakeland       440
Lightning fs.    Dorsetshire,80,        Ed. Whitaker           500
                 Prince George,96       Vice Ad. J. Leake  }   410
                                        Capt. Steph. Martin}
                 Stirling Castle,70,    J. Johnson             440
                 Exeter,60,             Thos.  Swanton          360
                 Russel,80,             Isaac Toronsond        500
                 Bedford,70,            Sir Thomas Hardy       440
                 Cambridge,80,          Richard Lestock        500
                 Orford,70,             J. Norris              440
Tartar,32,       Triumph,96             Ad. Sir C. Shovell}    710
                                        Capt. James Stuart}
                 Royal Oak,74,          Jar. Elvis             500 
Terrible fs.     Eagle,70,              Lord Hamilton          440
                 Warspite,74,           Ed. Loades             440
                 Lichfield,50,          Lord Dursley           280
                 Lenox,,70,             W. Jumpier             440
                 St. George,96,         J. Jennings            680
Postillion.10,   Essex,70,              J. Hubbart             440
                 Monmouth,70,           J. Baker               440
                 Hampshire,50,          Tho. Stepney           280
Firedrake,bomb   Swiftsure,70,          Rob. Wyan              440
                 Hampton Court,70,      Charles Wager          440
Paramour,10,     Ranelagh,80,           Rear Ad. G. Byng}      535
                                        Capt. Sealey    }
                 Shrewsbury,80,         Lord Crow              520
                 Montague,60,           --- Cleveland          360
                 Suffolk,70,            Rob. Kirktown          440
                 Dover,50,              N ich. Trevanion       280
                 Grafton,70,            Sir Andrew Leake       440
                 Association,96,       Vice Ad. Sir S.    }    700
                                        Fairbourne        }
Lizard,24,                              Capt, Rich. Cannon}
                 Somerset,80,           Richard Wyat            520 
                 Nassau,70,             Francis Dove            440
Vulture fs.      Pembroke,60,           Robert Arris            360
                 Torbay,80,             W. Coldwel              500
Basilisk,bomb    Revenge,70,            ---- Car                440

(IV) Sir George Rook's fleet in the Mediterranean, 1704.

           SHIP/GUNS                  ADMIRAL/CAPTAIN                MEN

Frigates, fire-     Somerset,80           Price                      500
ships etc.          Essex,70              Hubbard                    440
                    Triton,50             Trevor                     230
                    Dorsetshire,80        Whitaker                   500
Charles Galley,32   Ranelagh,80           R.Ad. G.Byng,}             535
Vulture, fs                               Capt. J.Cole } 
                    Torbay,80             Caldwell                   500
                    Centurion,50          Herne                      280
                    Kingston,60           Acton                      365
                    Firm,70               Wild                       440
                    Grafton,70            Sir A.Leake                440
Lark,40             Nassau,70             Dove                       440
Newport,24          Montague,60           Cleveland                  365
                    St. George,96         Jennings                   680
Hunter, fs.         Royal Catherine,90    Ad. Sir G.Rooke }          730
Phoenix, fs.                              Capt. J.Fletcher}
Jefferies, hos.     Eagle,70              Lord Hamilton              440
Hare, bomb          Monmouth,70           Baker                      440
Terror, bomb        Panther,50            Bartie                     280
Wm. & Mary Yt.      Shrewsbury,80         Crow                       500
                    Bedford,70            Sir T.Hardy                440
                    Swallow,54            Haddock                    280
Tartar,32.          Suffolk,70            Kitton                     440
Lightning fs        Royal Oak,70          Elwis                      500
                    Kent,70               R.Ad. T.Dilkes  }          400
                                          Capt. Harman    }
                    Cambridge,80          Lestock                    500
                    Monk,60.              Mills                      365
                    Leopard,50            Culliford                  280
                    Burford,70            Rossy                      440
                    Warspite,70           Loads                      440
                    Nottingham,60         Whitaker                   365
                    Assurance,66          Hancock                    440
Roebuck,40.         Orford,70             Norris
Wager 440 _________________________________________________________ Ships of the Line,45; Men,20,045; Guns,3154 Frigates,6; Fireships,7; Bomb Vessels,2; Hospital,2; Yacht,1.

(V) Rear Ad. Sir Hovenden Walker's fleet for North America, 1711.
As it sailed from St. Helen's

                      SHIPS             COMMANDER                MEN

                    Torbay,80,          Capt. Moody              500
                    Monmouth,70,              Mitchell           400
                    Sunderland,60,            Gore               365
                    Diamond,40,               Lisle              190
                    Devonshire,80,            Arris              520
Bedford Gal.}
Basil, bomb }       Edgar,70,    Rear Ad. Sir H. Walker(W) 440
Gran, bomb  }                           Capt. Soans
Experiment  }
                    Humber,80,          Capt. Culliford          520
                    Montague,60,              Walton             365
                    Kingston,60,              Winder             365
                    Swiftsure,70,             Cooper             400
                    Dunkirk,60,               Butler             365

(VI) Sir George Byng off Cape Passaro, Sicily, July 31 1718.

The Canterbury to lead with the starboard, and the Rochester with the
larboard tacks.

                  Canterbury,60,      Capt. Walton             305
                  Argyle,50,                Norbury            280
Sussex storeship  Dreadnought,60,           Wm.Haddock         365
Griffin fs.       Burford,70,               C.Vanburgh         440 
                  Shrewsbury,80             V.A C.Cornwall(W)  540
                  Essex,70,                 Rouzier            440
                  Rippon,60,                O'Brien            365

                  Grafton,70,               N.Haddock          440
Garland fs.       Superb,60,                Master             365
Looe Hos. Ship    Lennox,70,                Strickland         440
Basilisk bomb     Barfleur                  Ad. Sir G. Byng    730
Bomb tender       Breda,70,                 Harris             440
                  Rupert,60,                Field              365
                  Oxford,70,                Falkingham         440

                  Captain,70,               Hamilton           440
                  Dunkirk,60,               Drake              365
                  Royal Oak,70,             R.A. G.Delaval(R)  440
Blast bomb        Dorsetshire,80,           Turzer             535
Bomb tender       Kent,70,                  Matthews           440
                  Montague,60,              Beverley           365
                  Charles Gal.40.           Ph. Vanburgh       190
                  Rochester,50,             Jos. Winder        280

    Dated on board the Barfleur, off cape Malaga, July 4, 1718
                                             GEORGE BYNG