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Circuit City clerk alerted authorities to alleged plot

Posted by The Star-Ledger May 09, 2007 11:55AM

A Circuit City spokeswoman today said an employee from the company's Mount Laurel store first alerted authorities to the alleged terrorist plot to massacre soldiers at Fort Dix.

"The tip to authorities did originate from our store in Mount Laurel, N.J," said Jackie Foreman, a Circuit City spokeswoman. She declined to identify the employee who called police.

Authorities said the plot to attack the Monmouth County military facility began to unravel after one of the six suspects brought a videotape to the store and asked to have it copied to a DVD. The video included footage of the suspects firing assault weapons and railing against the United States, authorities said.

Five television news trucks and about a dozen reporters and photographers descended on the store this morning, hoping to interview the clerk who cracked the alleged plot. Store officials declined to comment. Mount Laurel police officers forbade reporters from interviewing shoppers heading in and out of the store.

Contributed by Dunstan McNichol


hojo2020 says...

You have to be kidding me? these guys didnt have the means to copy the tape themselves? Sounds a little fishy to me.
Like this was meant to be found.

RandyJack says...

what a bunch of bungling idiots. They could have been a little discreet. I was not aware that Circuit City offered duplication and tape conversion services.

Carmella says...

I didn't know they offered duplication services either. I have a tape I need converted. This could be good for business :-)

ringading07 says...

Circuit City isn't the hero. The employee who became aware of the contents of the video and alerted the authorities is the hero (or heroine).

unionmade says...

This is yet another example of the employee going fabove and beyond in the name of good citizenship and hopefully shall be rewarded accordingly.

bigbear1963 says...

I have some .wmv videos that were saved on my computer that I would like to convert to dvd. Do they do that kind of video conversion as well?