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StackDefender Logs StackDefender is an IPS (Intrusion Prevention System), for WIN32, which will deny shellcodes from executing in User Stack and Writable memory regions. StackDefender uses PAX technology for this purpose.

StackDefender will protect your windows server from successful exploitation of buffer overflows, 0-days, worms...

From version 3.30, we are proud to announce a specific feature for Servers. This new feature of StackDefender will transparently protect user defined programs and not only the default services. For example, you may want to protect default services + Apache program. Please notice this feature is only available on purchased licenses. Notice that StackDefender by default protects the default Win32 services installed unless they are added in the exclusion list.

Buffer Overflows are very common and difficult to avoid in closed source programs. The only chance for end users to protect these programs was to trust the programmers skills.

StackDefender Configuration Since generally careless programming causes the buffer overflow vulnerability, in past, computers system users and home computers owners could just apply patches as soon as they could in order to resolve buffer overflows. Users were sentenced to permanently be update and carry along with the responsibility to fix each and every vulnerability. Even if you did so, installing any patch may cause another vulnerability, so how can you just trust by having a patching policy?

From now on, with StackDefender you have the solution. With its unique technology, StackDefender will transparently protect your windows server, preventing buffer overflow, format string bugs, etc... exploitation.

StackDefender Mail StackDefender is the only program that can secure your system even against return into libc exploitation techniques. StackDefender prevents and protects all the Microsoft security vulnerabilities from executing in User Stack and Writable memory regions even if the Microsoft patch is not installed and even before Microsoft is aware of the vulnerability.

Sample list of stopped worms/overflows:

  • Sasser worm exploiting MS workstation service.
  • Slammer worm exploiting an MS SQL overflow.
  • CodeRed worm exploiting an IIS overflow.
  • MS-Blaster exploiting RPC-DCOM overflow.
  • IIS WebDav buffer overflow.
  • MS SQL multiple buffer overflows.
  • SunONE heap overflow.
  • Microsoft RPC-DCOM multiple buffer overflows.

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Currently StackDefender is available for:
  • Windows 2k/XP/2k3

StackDefender Base 1490 EUR
Additional Program (*) +100 EUR
StackDefender site license (**)

VAT not included for EU customers.

(*) Each additional program securized.
(**) Contact us for conditions.

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