Bree Timmins

The fact that Brianna has turned out NOT to be a biological Timmins has made some sense to the other residents of Ramsay Street. The littlest bogan has always been very different from her five wayward siblings: Dwayne, Brandon, Dylan, Scott and Janae.

When she arrived in Erinsborough she was an introverted and studious girl who patiently solved the many problems her family seemed to create. She formed an instant bond with Summer Hoyland, another youngster wise beyond her years. However, Bree clearly possessed an overactive imagination, fuelled by years of reading trashy novels, and her bizarre flights of fantasy made her a bit of an outsider.

Bree's shyness initially threatened to cripple her academic achievements. It took a huge effort for her to confront pushy mother Janelle and explain that her presence at the school Spelling Bee championships was making her sick with stage fright. Bree went on to win $15,000, which she intended to use to pay off the family's credit card debt. Realising she had a lot to make up for in the mothering stakes, Janelle insisted that brainy Bree keep the cash herself.

Bree bailed Janelle out again when she rewrote Janelle's story "The Bogan's Tipped Hair" and turned it from an entertaining, if libellous, manuscript into a publishing success. Although she was happy to let her mum take the credit, Janelle used her television interview with Rove to announce live to the nation that the genius new talent was, in fact, her smart and sassy daughter.

Losing Summer to boarding school dealt Bree a nasty social blow, but the arrival of Rachel and Zeke Kinski, the only two kids in school even stranger than her, turned everything around. Although her friendship with Rachel is currently suffering in light of Rachel's relationship with her older brother Scott, Zeke has provided constant companionship... and some unexpected romantic interest. Although it has been off and on, their bizarre relationship survives despite the many upheavals in both of their lives: including the death of Zeke's father and his subsequent refusal to speak.

Bree's world was recently turned upside down when an innocent DNA project for school revealed the startling fact that Kim and Janelle were not her biological parents. She originally decided not to upset them by trying to track down her real family but when Kim ran off to avoid prosecution for pirating DVDs she changed her mind.  So far, she's had little luck.

In desperate need of a new identity, Bree has begun experimenting. After a brief flirtation with the Paris Hilton look, she has realised that there is really only one way forward for all disaffected and disillusioned young adolescents. Brianna Timmins is now a Goth.

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