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The most recent documents available on this subject are:

Report of TUC-MCB seminar on Trade Unions and the Muslim Community
A brief report of the joint seminar held by the TUC and Muslim Council of Britain on 12 April 2007
13 April 2007

Brendan Barber's address to TUC-MCB seminar
Address by Brendan Barber to TUC-MCB seminar on Trade Unions and the Muslim Community
13 April 2007

Dr Abdul Bari - address to TUC-MCB seminar
address by Dr Bari of the Muslim Council of Britain to the seminar on Trade Unions and the Muslim Community
13 April 2007

Unions to act for 'Fair Shares' - TUC conference
Trade unionists are being urged to use their position as part owners of UK Plc, through their pensions and insurance savings, as well as employees, to force companies to implement more long-term, worker-friendly policies. The TUC will launch a new campaign to get trade unionists more involved in institutional investment at its Fair Shares conference on Monday 24 February. The conference will be addressed by key political, industry and trade union figures.
14 January 2003

Research shows vital role of union reps at work
Together Britain's trade unions and employers are successfully resolving individuals' workplace difficulties, TUC research reveals today (Friday). Of the 877 union workplace reps surveyed by the Labour Research Department, on behalf of the TUC, in the past year 84% spent time resolving difficulties between individuals and management and almost a third (28%) spent more time doing this than any other union activity.
22 November 2002

John Monks speaks to Lib Dem assembly
Text of speech by TUC General Secretary, John Monks, to the 2000 Liberal Democrat Assembly, 11.15 Tuesday September 21. This is the first time a TUC General Secretary has addressed the Liberal Democrat Assembly.
2 October 2000

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