Google Toolbar or Webmastercentral

May 14 2007

This is one of the things that really gets under my skin, how can google report such big variates example.

Webmastercentral says “Your page with the highest PageRank”


Toolbar says:

Pagerank 6
Pagerank 4

and we just went throw an Update lol…

so which is bullshit .. Toolbar or Webmastercentral ???



Johnston Press Digital Publishing

May 10 2007

A Funny Story, Johnston Press Digital Publishing once made me remove a link from my Ripon site to their Ripon News site, It was totally innocent behaviour, I mean i could have scraped their content or rewrote and republished their content, well I just took the link down and the good people of Ripon had to type the url instead of just clicking on the link..

Anyway today I found this.

Johnston Press Digital Publishing spamming.

Now I don’t know the SEO doing this, But really .seo pages for fuck sake !



Wordze keyword research - really good!

May 10 2007

Sponsored Post:

I’ve just been taking a look at Wordze, a new keyword research tool, and I have to say I’m quite impressed. Usually when you get services billed as cheaper than the competition, you get what you pay for. Not this time though. The Wordze crew have done a really good job refining it all to be at leats as good as our other favourite, Keyword Discovery. Not only do you get a great tool for drilling down through keyword lists and horizontal searching, but you get a wealth of other options with which to manage your lists.

However, the meat of Wordze is of course, the keyword research tool. As well as the number of searches for a keyword you also get some quite interesting information:

  • Estimated traffic if you held a #3 position
  • Keyword Effectiveness Index, which is a measure of how competetive that keyword is
  • Search volume history (complete with pretty graph)
  • WordRank, which is a much better method of measuring the competetiveness of a keyword than KEI. They’ve bothered to take out a patent on it so I guess it must be quite good!

I think their data comes from a few ISPs and a couple of other places, but it seems to be quite good. They also put a lot of effort in to estimating traffic, even by running PPC campaigns.

On the usability side of the tool, I was really impressed at the depth that they went in to with it. They offer you three search styles - exact match, broad match and any match. The broad match is the most interesting because it supports stemming. Stemming is when you put in “remodel” and it looks for “remodeling”, “remodels”, etc. The any match style also lets you refine your search options, eg “+widgets +red -green” would get you all keywords that contain widgets and red, but to not contain green. All in all it provides you a really nice way to drill down into your results and get some decent quality keywords. It’s clearly aimed at the long tail, and exactly so because that’s where all the money is ;-)

I was a little disappointed with the filtering options. I was only allowed to filter out either adult, gambling, drug, warez/hacker words, or all of them at once. I’d also probably call it pharma instead of drugs :-)

The entire keyword research tool also has quite a good API that you can use to access its data. It’s not as fully-featured as the web UI but the only things it’s missing are the bits you can easily put in yourself. My only gripe with it was that it still subscribes to the “number of results, choose a page” view of returning results. What is the point? An application using the API is going to be able to handle more than 100 results at a time, that kind of viewpoint is for humans.

Apart from the usual data sources for keywords they also provide you with a “Dig” (one g) tool. This is pretty much like the standard keyword research execpt that it “digs” through websites that rank for your target keyword and tries to determine what they’re ranking for - and so on & so forth until it builds you a massive list of potential keywords. It then gives you a bunch of options like min. traffic and number of words (tail length) with which to narrow your options and build yourself a big list.

At only $35/month Wordze is a steal - remember you get an API with that as well, which is a a lot cheaper than KD’s API. I really like the way it’s been presented, the tools you have on offer are clearly there because Wordze’s authors are keyword researchers themselves and they built the site they wanted to use.

For more information I highly recommend you check out this video and go through the tour!


SMX dates hell yer

May 09 2007

check out Search Engine land or Search Marketing Expo

* SMX Advanced: Seattle, June 4-5, 2007

* SMX Local & Mobile: Denver, Oct. 1-2, 2007

* SMX Social Media - New York, Oct. 16-17, 2007

* SMX Stockholm: Stockholm, Oct. 31 & Nov. 1, 2007

* SMX Travel@PhoCusWright: Orlando, Nov. 12-13, 2007

* SMX London: London, Nov. 15-16, 2007

* SMX West: Santa Clara, California: Feb. 26-28, 2008



Google AdWords Telephone Number

May 03 2007

I got a email today from adwords, Is this new ….

Thank you for advertising with the Google AdWords program. As part of our ongoing efforts to provide you with the best service possible, we are pleased to offer you the opportunity to contact our AdWords specialists by telephone. You can now call our dedicated local rate number. If you are calling from the UK, please dial: xxxx xxx xxxx, alternatively if you are calling from the Republic of Ireland, please
dial: xxxx xx xxxx. Then, for fastest service please follow the instructions below:

1. To expedite your call, press 2 to enter your Customer ID. This number is located at the top of every page in your AdWords account, next to your name and email address.
2. Press 3 if you do not have your Customer ID available and would like to be transferred to the next available AdWords Specialist.

You can reach our AdWords Specialists by phone Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, between the hours of 9a.m and 6p.m and on Tuesday and Friday from 9a.m to 5p.m.

As always, we are happy to assist you in any way possible. Please also feel free to contact us via email at, and we will reply within one business day.

We look forward to providing you with the most effective advertising available.

Did everyone get one or did i doo something stupid again ;)


Digg! - clickability

May 02 2007

yes I know that clickability is banned in Google, it’s due to domain history ok .. Get over it ;)



Microsoft Adcenter TOC again

May 01 2007

Ok, it was late last night when I posted the last blog entry on Adcenter updating their TOC.

ok … Microsoft may use matching criteria other than keyword searches to display your advertisements.

An educated guess is this, its just to cover themselves for when the ads get delivered into the Content Match, Shane from posted on my blog that

I took that to mean that they’d be showing our ads on their new content network now, and not just search–without giving us a way to opt out of content. Is that how you read it?

Hmmm … shane see here Microsoft adCenter Content Ads – Watch the Webinar! there is a way to optout, But I agree with you it’s for the Microsoft adCenter Content Ads,



Adcenter updates Terms and Conditions

April 30 2007

We’re writing to notify you that your Microsoft adCenter Terms and Conditions are updated. The changes take effect on April 30, 2007.

This One caught my eye:

* Microsoft may use matching criteria other than keyword searches to display your advertisements.

this is either way cool, or plain dumb … fingers crossed it’s way cool.




April 30 2007

actually this has nothing to do with’s viral campaign, which for the record i think is messed up, But more on the lines that Google openly said that it had fixed googlebombing, I guess they didn’t : THE ALGORITHM IS FROM JERSEY I’m seeing at ~1 for Their homepage, but here is the really Story…

There’s some strange text on billboards around New York. I passed these four this weekend:


and final xkcd wrote ….

For those of you who have blogs or other sites, feel free to create links to with those billboard lines as the link text. I put the phrases at the bottom of so it won’t be filtered out as a Googlebomb.

DaveN - Long Live the Googlebomb lol


Would anyone like some free backlinks?

April 27 2007

Steady, Matt. We’re not selling them so it’s okay, right? Actually I won’t even be providing them. It’s all down to the good folks at PHP.

Some of us might remember the Month of PHP Bugs in March, which I have to say passed without great fanfare. I think it’s probably because it made us all look bad so less said about that the better. Anyway I was reviewing today’s server patches (via the magical apticron utility) which reminded me that I should probably review the results of the MOPB. Boy am I glad I did!

Take a look at this little doozy

Basically, it’s an XSS vulnerability in the phpinfo() function which gives unescaped output for all user-submitted arrays in GET, POST and Cookies.


Well if anyone has a spare phpinfo() for PHP versions 4.4.3 -> 4.4.6 hanging about, try appending this to its URL:


Then scroll down to “PHP Variables”. If you have an exploitable version, you should get one, clean, un-condomned backlink. Ain’t that precious? So all you would need to do is to get a bunch of them indexed and you’re happy as Larry. However happy he is.

Now would anyone like 60,600 free backlinks?

PS. For those that don’t get it yet, this post was written by Rob, one of Dave’s programmers. In Vim. Proudly.


Yahoo Mail and RSS feeds

April 27 2007

Does anyone know how I can move all my Bloglines Rss feeds quickly and easily Into the New Yahoo Mail .



Friday Funny

April 27 2007

Last night I walked into a pub toilet, there were 2 cubicles, someone
was already in one of them. So I went into the other one, closed the
door, dropped my trousers and sat down.

A voice came from the cubicle next to me: “Hello mate, how are you doing?”

I thought it a bit strange but not wanting to be rude I replied “Yeah,
not too bad thanks.”

After a short pause, I heard the voice again “So, what are you up to mate?”

Again I answered, somewhat reluctantly it must be said. Unsure what to
say, I replied “Umm, just having a quick poo.. How about yourself?”

I then heard the voice for the third time…..

“Sorry mate, I’ll have to call you back. I’ve got some Dickhead in the
loo next to me answering everything I say.”