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TUESDAY May 15, 2007
2007 Transaction Tracker
Monday, April 23, 2007 - 10:52 AM

Philips Championship

Last updated 15 May 2007
The off-season signings are coming thick and fast so to help you keep track of who’s signed where, we present the official NBL Transaction Tracker.

Please note that the names below are players whose movements have been confirmed by their clubs and won’t therefore show all players who played last season. If a player has a current contract with a team and has not been released by his club, he will be listed as returning.

All club signings remain subject to NBL approval.

Adelaide 36ers logo

Returning: Brett Maher, Mark Nash, Matt Sutton, David Cooper, Darren Ng, Jordan Dodman
Departing: Brad Hill, Willie Farley*, Nick Horvath*
Undetermined: Lanard Copeland, Adrian Majstrovich, Brett Wheeler, Marcus Ng, Erik Burdon
Free agents signed: Brad Davidson (Singapore), Adam Ballinger (Wollongong), Brad Newley (Townsville), Axel Dench (Melbourne)

Brisbane Bullets logo

Returning: Brad Williamson, Adam Gibson, Sam Mackinnon, Dusty Rychart*, Dillon Boucher, CJ Bruton, Mick Hill, Ebi Ere*
Departing: Mark Bradtke (retired), Stephen Black, Cameron Tragardh
Undetermined: Callum Baynes
Free agents signed:

Cairns Taipans

Returning: Aaron Grabau, Gary Boodnikoff, Martin Cattalini, Matt Smith, Darnell Mee
Departing: Kane Oakley, Anthony Stewart, Luke Martin, Rob Rose, Daniel George, Kevin Owens*
Undetermined: Dwayne Vale, Damon Thornton*
Free agents signed: Nathan Jawai (AIS), Larry Abney* (Townsville), Stephen Black (Brisbane)

Gold Coast Blaze logo small

Free agents signed: Brendan Joyce (head coach), Mark Watkins (assistant coach), Scott McGregor (West Sydney), Ben Melmeth (Singapore), Casey Frank (Wollongong), Juaquin Hawkins* (Hitachi Sunrockers - Japan), Pero Cameron (Banvit - Turkey)
Note: Expansion team in 2007/08

Melbourne Tigers logo

Returning: Chris Anstey, Dave Thomas*, David Stiff, Daryl Corletto, Darryl McDonald, Tommy Greer, Nathan Crosswell, Stephen Hoare
Departing: Axel Dench, Rashad Tucker*
Free agents signed: David Barlow (Sydney)

NZ Breakers logo

Returning: Aaron Olson, Mika Vukona, Tim Behrendorff, Brent Charleton, Oscar Forman, Paul Henare
Departing: Carlos Powell*, Brian Wethers*, Ben Pepper, Adam Darragh
Free agents signed: Tony Ronaldson (Perth), Ryan Kersten (University of New Mexico & AIS)

Perth Wildcats logo small

Returning: Shawn Redhage*, Jeff Dowdell, Ben Hunt, Justin Brown, Peter Crawford, Adam Caporn, Brad Robbins, Paul Rogers
Departing: Tony Ronaldson
Undetermined: Darren Brooks*, Damien Ryan
Free agents signed: Alex Loughton (Gandia Basquet - Spain)

Singapore Slingers logo small

Returning: Ben Knight
Departing: Brad Davidson, Ben Melmeth, Larry Davidson
Undetermined: Aaron Trahair, Pero Vasiljevic, Marquin Chandler*, Mike Helms*, Pathman Matialakin, Koh Meng Koon, Eban Hyams, Jeremy Kench
Free agents signed:

South Dragons

Returning: Joe Ingles, Jacob Holmes, Shane Heal, Brent Hobba, Matt Burston
Departing: Kavossy Franklin*, Rosell Ellis*, Frank Drmic, Matt Shanahan, Adam Quick
Free agents signed: Luke Martin (Cairns), Cortez Groves* (Wollongong), Brad Hill (Adelaide), Nick Horvath* (Adelaide), Simon Conn (Sandringham Sabres - ABA, Shannon Seebohm# (AIS)

Sydney Kings logo small

Returning: Jason Smith, Mark Worthington, Luke Kendall, Russell Hinder, Cameron Tovey, Ian Crosswhite, BJ Carter
Departing: David Barlow, Brad Sheridan
Undetermined: Anthony Susanjara, Jerome Beasley*, Ed Scott*
Free agents signed:

Townsville Crocodiles logo small

Returning: John Rillie, Greg Vanderjagt, Drew Williamson, Daniel Egan, Kelvin Robertson
Departing: Brad Newley, Larry Abney*
Undetermined: Michael Cedar, EJ Rowland*, Andrew Rice
Free agents signed: Brad Sheridan (Sydney), Ben Pepper (New Zealand)

West Sydney Razorbacks logo small

Returning: Julian Khazzouh, Graeme Dann, Liam Rush
Departing: Scott McGregor
Undetermined: Clint Reed, Cam Rigby, James Harvey, Rhys Carter, Jason Aucoin, Matt Unicomb, Adrian Seiffert, Justin Bailey*, Cheikh Ya Ya Dia*
Free agents signed: Rob Beveridge (head coach), Anthony Petrie (Canberra ABA), Tony Rampton (Wollongong)

Wollongong Hawks logo small

Returning: Eric Cooks (head coach), Mat Campbell, Ben Castle, John Philip
Departing: Glen Saville, Adam Ballinger*, Cortez Groves*, Tony Rampton, Casey Frank
Undetermined: Daniel Joyce, Kieran Gleeson, Jarrod Cavill, Jeremy Goode
Free agents signed: Larry Davidson (Singapore), Kavossy Franklin* (South), Jeremy Kench (Singapore), Cameron Tragardh (Brisbane), Lindsay Tait (Auckland Stars - NZNBL)

* Denotes Import
# Denotes development player
Round 1
Blaze v BulletsSep 19
Razorbacks v CrocodilesSep 19
Slingers v TigersSep 19
Breakers v TaipansSep 20
36ers v HawksSep 21
Tigers v HawksSep 22
Taipans v CrocodilesSep 22
Dragons v RazorbacksSep 22
Kings v BlazeSep 23
Wildcats v SlingersSep 23
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