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Why Interracial Porn is Stupid and So are You (For Watching It)  
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Interracial Sex Big Black Cock DickEver since I started in this business almost 6 years ago, one of the single most popular genres in the porn biz has been the interracial genre. As a rule, the term interracial (as it pertains to porn) has pretty much been synonymous with movies featuring black men having sex with white women. Of course, most of the titles of these movies are phenomenally stupid, vapid, and indicative of the problems we still have with racial tension here in America. Usually there is some reference to the skin color of the performers, the size of the black men’s cocks, and some reference to how tight and/or small the white women’s vaginas are. For example, I’m going to look into my cabinet o’ porn and pull out the first interracial flick I can find to demonstrate this fact.

Excuse me. I’ll be back in a moment.

Well, lo and behold, the first title I pull out is Lethal Hardcore’s Big Black Sticks in Little White Slits. Fuckin’ shocker, isn’t it? Of course, the little descriptive tag line that goes along with it says, “Tiny Pink Holes Stretched By Massive Mohagany Meat Sticks!”

Man, that’s sexy! Pfft.

So basically, both the male and the female performers are thought of as nothing more than genitalia, skin color, and essentially nothing else.

First of all, I want to make it clear that I’m not pulling the guilty white guy thing here. The way I see it is that at this point in our country’s evolution, you are whatever the hell you want to be. I say this meaning that if you define yourself as a young, white, affluent male, then that’s exactly what you are. If you define yourself as young, black, affluent male, then you are. If you define yourself as an oppressed, privileged, upper class, lower class, or middle class person of any race, that’s probably what you’ll be, at least in perception. In other words, I feel it’s up to everyone to decide one’s own fate. How you choose to define yourself, if at all, is what has the greatest affect on how you’ll be viewed.

With that said, I think that our whole view on interracial porn proves that we still choose to define ourselves in an extremely archaic way.

Let’s have a look at the themes. You have the hulking, hung, dark, violator ravaging the pure, tiny, white woman. First, even without race, you have the outdated gender roles taken to an extreme. It’s more like sub-human, mammalian sex. Then of course there’s the implied theme of breaking the hymen. While not exclusive to the interracial genre, it’s almost a given that some type of language will be used in the marketing of these products such as the words, stretch, tear, rip, or bust among others. Then of course, there is the overwhelming concentration on penis size. I’m sure there are a million different psychological reasons as to why this has all worked so well in marketing these products to both black and white men (I don’t mention women here at all if only because the vast majority of porn consumers are still men). I couldn’t begin to name them all so I won’t even try. I will try and touch on a couple of the most obvious ones, though.

First, I think that with white men, there is a certain mystique that comes with being made to feel inferior or submissive to black men. I’m sure this stems from the simple fact that white men have dominated everything in America and most of what we know of the Western world for centuries including such things as slavery- be it outright slavery or corporate slavery. I think there’s also an inferred savagery that nearly all men love to fantasize about. Unfortunately, I’m left with the impression that the black men in these movies are both portrayed and accepted to be somehow less than human. On the other side, you have the opposite. Black men probably find this genre interesting because they see it as a way of vicariously getting over on their white oppressors. However, in the end, it seems that for some reason they might be willing to accept the role of a savage, if not subhuman, in order to get that revenge. It’s this syndrome that I find even more disturbing and foul. In 2007, we now know, at least consciously, that there is no real deviation in intelligence or general ability across the various ethnicities of human beings. With that said, it’s beyond me why anyone would allow themselves or wish to be portrayed as little more than a monster (another term that’s bandied about quite a bit in these flicks) with little to offer the world other than a big cock.

This syndrome seems to be exclusive to America. In other western countries including the UK, this genre isn’t nearly as popular. While xenophobia is rampant just as it is in America, particularly as it pertains to Muslims and other people of Middle Eastern descent along with worries (paranoia) over terrorism, ethnicity is scarcely a concern on any level. Of course, the American civil rights movement only came about around 40 years ago, so it’s easy to see why this is the case.

Either way, I find this embarrassing for all Americans. After over 3 millennia of human culture, we’re still defining, degrading, and defiling ourselves with the color of our skin. Worse yet, we Americans like to think of ourselves as the most advanced culture on the face of the earth, yet, when so many of us get off, we’re mind fucking ourselves into stupid, archaic, gender and race roles, and we’re all guilty.

Blame knows no color in this situation.

So this is an appeal, average porn consumer, to get over this brain dead genre. Furthermore, I challenge the industry professionals who are bound and determined to continue making these movies to at least make something that can actually carry itself with hot sex and great performances rather than depending on clichés, deep seeded insecurities, and bigotry. Of course, that might require hard work, so I don’t expect my challenge to be met by any of you.

I’m gonna go beat my girlfriend now. See ya tomorrow.

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Poster Thread
Posted: 2007/4/11 17:20  Updated: 2007/4/11 17:20
Just popping in
Joined: 2007/4/11
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 Interracial Inspiration
Scott, you've totally inspired me to start creating my own interracial porn. I think my first movie will be called "One Love" and it'll involve a black chick w/ a white strap-on fucking an asian guy in the ass while a black guy sits in the corner jerking off with a crepe. It'll be so interracial the viewer's head will explode!

And I'm not just saying this as a guilty white girl from Jersey....
Posted: 2007/4/11 20:52  Updated: 2007/4/11 20:52
Just popping in
Joined: 2006/6/15
Posts: 13
Interesting viewpoint...no doubt.
Posted: 2007/4/14 14:54  Updated: 2007/4/14 14:54
Just popping in
Joined: 2007/4/14
Posts: 1
 With all due respect.....
I think many heavy handed assumptions are made about both the viewer and the producer of the Interracial niche. The viewer is not necessarily a lonely white male with racist and misogynistic leanings. The viewer may himself be an African-American or he may have some fantasy regarding his wife being his a male of African descent while he watches. White females who prefer African-American Men may also be attracted to this material. In regards, to the complaints about the title and tagline; MOST PORN UTILIZES RUDE SOUNDING TITLES THAT OBJECTIFY THE PERFORMERS! So you ought to make similar statements regarding every other type of porn out there. The Producers should not be concerned with the sociological roots or psychological implications of a popular niche, they should only be concerned with delivering a quality product that people enjoy at a competitive price.
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