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Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None pc Game Reviews
Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None
Critic Score
Metascore: 68 Metascore out of 100
User Score  
7.7 out of 10
based on 28 reviews
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based on 19 votes
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In the classic story And Then There Were None, 10 people, each with something to hide and something to fear, are invited to a lonely mansion on Shipwreck Island by a host who, surprisingly, fails to appear. On the island, they are cut off from everything but each other and the inescapable shadows of their own past lives. One by one, the guests share the darkest secrets of their wicked pasts. And one by one, they die... Agatha Christie fans, and newcomers to the genre, can look forward to a series of unexpected turns; although the storyline stays true to the original concept, players will encounter new plot twists. The first comes in the form of an 11th character, the player, a boatman who brings the others to the island and then is trapped there himself. To save the lives of the intended victims, the player must unravel the motives behind the murders and uncover the identity of the killer. If successful, he will spare not only the lives of the remaining guests, but also his own. [The Adventure Company]

PUBLISHER: DreamCatcher Interactive / The Adventure Company
GENRE(S): First-Person Adventure
RELEASE DATE: October 30, 2005

What The Critics Said

All critic scores are converted to a 100-point scale. If a critic does not indicate a score, we assign a score based on the general impression given by the text of the review. Learn more...

It's a great introduction, and sets a high standard. Christie fans, detective game fans, and adventure game fans won't want to miss this.
Read Full Review
Pelit (Finland)
An old-school murder mystery with intriguing puzzles and an intensive atmosphere. No big surprise, since the game is based on an Agatha Christie novel. [Jan 2006]
Just Adventure
The atmosphere and surroundings surround the story perfectly, which unfolds in a way that would surely have earned Lady Agatha’s seal of approval. One feels that there could have been more gameplay-wise though - as well as several bugs and imperfections avoided.
Read Full Review
Four Fat Chicks
And Then There Were None is, as the developers hoped, a "loving tribute" to the classic Agatha Christie novel on which it is based. With a sterling script, fascinating characters, superb voice acting, beautifully detailed graphics, and sensibly practical puzzles, it ranks among the best adventure games of the last couple of years.
Read Full Review
Despite these few quibbles, I’ve had more fun with this game than most of the other adventure games I’ve played lately. A good, professional job.
Read Full Review
Computer Gaming World
A tad creaky, but pepped up with plenty of spine-tingling and head-scratching action. [Jan 2005, p.106]
Game Over Online
It feels like developer Awe Games worked out all of the dramatic scenes in the game, but then had trouble figuring out how to incorporate puzzles into the story, and then ran out of time before they could come up with an answer. As a result, the puzzles in And Then There Were None are equal parts laughable, bizarre, and inconsequential.
Read Full Review
PC Gameworld
This is an interesting and somewhat fun game, but it will appeal to a rather select audience and not the masses. If it sounds like your cup of tea, it probably is.
Read Full Review
Worth Playing
A good time, although the gameplay mechanics drag down what could otherwise have been a great title. The puzzles are varied and challenging, the graphics are (mostly) of a good quality, the inventory and journal interfaces are well-organized and intuitive, and the voice actors are believable.
Read Full Review
PC Gamer
What's lacking in ATTWN is, regrettably, the most essential element of any mystery: suspense. [Jan 2005, p.110]
Gamers' Temple
It can feel slowly paced and has its annoyances – some of which are inherent to the genre – but if you’re looking for a casual game that plays as much as a story as it does a game, you’ll probably want to give this one a look.
Read Full Review
A generic adventure gaming bolstered by a decent plotline.
Read Full Review
There are certainly some choices made with the design that I find uninspired, but for the most part, gamers that enjoys the Agatha Christie mystery will enjoy taking part in event.
Read Full Review
Perhaps we missed something but the two games we were able to pursue in the time allotted both ended at apparent dead ends. We had very little incentive to sit through the dialogue yet again to explore other paths.
Read Full Review
Its story is masterful, woven by an absolute master of the genre. However, the graphical flaws and awkward missteps keep this from being a truly great game.
Read Full Review
Jolt Online Gaming UK
It is slightly let down by some rather pointless puzzles, a few frustrating moments where it’s unclear what you have to do to progress, and the rather lacklustre character graphics. In essence, it’s a rough diamond – nice, but missing a lot of polish.
Read Full Review
Much of the game will simply be roaming the entire island, area by area, until you trigger some new event which will move the plot along.
Read Full Review
It hits certain points well enough that fans of the genre who are willing to overlook the somewhat tired gameplay formula will be rewarded with good atmosphere.
Read Full Review
Loaded Inc
And Then There Were None is a pretty solid attempt to revive the long neglected point and click genre with some fiendish puzzles that even hardened wannabe detectives will have a hard time figuring out.
Read Full Review
Adventure Gamers
An enjoyable murder mystery with many excellent elements, but it is let down by sloppy implementation and inattention to detail.
Read Full Review
Computer Games Magazine
For casual adventure fans, it's a decent alternative to some of the more graphic murder-mystery games, such as last year's superior "Still Life". [Sept. 2006, p.76]
Times Online
Despite the different endings, the game does not have enormous replay values, but the original Christie novel is included for good measure.
Read Full Review
Game Chronicles
I found the game quite disappointing when I could not solve the mystery but rather hear the murderer tell the tale at the end about why they did it and some of how.
Read Full Review
It is very much ‘the game of the book’ and as such has to be played as events in the book dictate.
Read Full Review
A better word for the new story might be laughable. I understand the rationale behind the change, but the ending is ridiculous. Thankfully the book’s ending is included, so you can see what really should have happened.
Read Full Review
I understand the need to change the identity of the murderer in order to create suspense for those who have already read the book. Unfortunately, the new ending feels tacked on and incredibly contrived.
Read Full Review
There's just not enough imagination, invention, and engagement with the source material to entice me back. If you think the game plot sounds interesting then you're really far better off reading the book or getting hold of the superb 1945 movie.
Read Full Review
Computer and Video Games
Text can't be skipped, which may be fine for a dramatic piece of dialogue, but is eminently frustrating when you're having to wait for your character to lengthily tell you that you can't do something for the umpteenthmillionth time.
Read Full Review

What Our Users Said

Vote Now! The average user rating for this game is 7.7 (out of 10) based on 19 User Votes
Note: User votes are NOT included in the Metascore calculation.

Gert K. gave it an8:
I don't know what the negative fuss is about. This is a wonderful adaptation of the book. It is not a classic point and click adventure and gamers looking for that should, perhaps, avoid it. The game does manage to convey the atmosphere of the book very well and I'd recommend it for any Agatha Christie fan.

Randy G. gave it a4:
I wasn't sure what to make of this. I'm a big fan of classic point and click adventures, so I took a chance and picked this one up. If I had to choose one word to describe this game, it would be "tedious". You spend the whole game wandering around talking to other characters hoping to trip the next game "event". If I had to guess, I'd say that the game was almost designed such that one was forced to listen to all the dialog and voice acting. Given that this is 2005 and gaming has evolved, I was hoping for an evolution in the adventure game genre. Unfortunately, this title takes a giant leap backwards not only in technology but also in gameplay. I'm still waiting for the next generation adventure game to come along and blow my socks off, but it's easy to see why the genre is dying a slow death with only titles like this to revive it. And the crashing errors are unforgiveable in this day and age - I have downloaded homebrew games that are more stable.

Rob D. gave it a10:
Superb game ok the graphics on the characters are a little bad but the rest is fantastic with nice music that suits the period and detail in the game that is awesome. I loved it missed adventure games i havent played 1 since resi evil and now i have this to wind away at. Trust me its gr8 easy to play and clever in a lot of ways. All i can say is if you have this game gr8 and if you dont then make sure you buy it with a pad and pen so you can go back and see the clues you have revealed. 10 out of 10 for another gr8 adventure.

Edward C. gave it a9:
I don't know if some of these people are joking... the story was outstanding and the writing was some of the best i've ever encountered in an adventure game! I thought the whole thing was great!

Richard B. gave it a10:
Played straight through in one sitting... loved it!

Bob B. gave it a10:

Chris M. gave it a1:
Game unplayable due to constant crashing

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