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Series Three

Full details on Series Three; click on the box to expand the listing. Note: may include spoilers!

Produced by BBC Wales
David Tennant (The Doctor)
Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones)
Executive Producers:
Russell T Davies and
Julie Gardner
Produced by Phil Collinson and Susie Liggat
1: Smith and Jones
Writer: Russell T Davies
Director: Charles Palmer
Cast: Adjoa Andoh (Francine Jones), Trevor Laird (Clive Jones), Anne Reid (Florence), Roy Marsden (Mr. Stoker), Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Tish Jones), Reggie Yates (Leo Jones)
The Doctor faces the dreaded Judoon, intergalactic alien stormtroopers who have transported a hospital to the moon... including the young Martha Jones.
2: The Shakespeare Code
Writer: Gareth Roberts
Director: Charles Palmer
Cast: Dean Lennox Kelley (William Shakespeare), Christina Cole (Lilith), Jalaal Hartley (Dick), Sam Marks (Kemp)
Shakespeare gives the performance of his life to save the Earth from destruction at the hands of fearsome flying witches.
3: Gridlock
Writer: Russell T Davies
Director: Richard Clarke
Cast: Ardal O'Hanlon (Thomas Kincade Brannigan), Jennifer Hennesy (Valerie)
The Doctor returns to New Earth, and encounters the Face of Boe again.
4: Daleks in Manhattan
5: Evolution of the Daleks
Writer: Helen Raynor
Director: James Hawes
Cast: Hugh Quarshie (Solomon), Miranda Raison (Showgirl), Ryan Carnes, Andrew Garfield, Eric Loren, Flik Swann, Alexis Caley, Earl Perkins, Peter Brooke, Ian Porter
Two-part story
The Doctor and Martha visit New York in the 1930s... and run into an experiment by the Daleks to disrupt the fabric of time!
6: The Lazarus Experiment
Writer: Stephen Greenhorn
Director: Richard Clarke
Cast: Thelma Barlow (Lady Thaw), Mark Gatiss (Dr. Lazarus)
The famed scientist Dr. Lazarus may have developed the fountain of youth!
7: 42
Writer: Chris Chibnall
Director: Graeme Harper
Cast: Michelle Collins (McDonnell), William Ash (Riley), Anthony Flanagan (Scannell), Matthew Chambers (Korwin), Vinette Robinson (Lerner), Gary Powell (Ashton), Rebecca Oldfield (Erina)
The Doctor and Martha visit a spaceship in a distant part of the galaxy.
8: Human Nature
9: Family of Blood
Writer: Paul Cornell
Director: Charles Palmer
Cast: Jessica Stevenson (Joan), Harry Lloyd (Jeremy Baines), Thomas Sangster (Tim Latimer), Tom Palmer (Hutchinson), Pip Torrens (Rocastle), Rebekah Staton (Jenny), Gerard Horan (Clark), Lauren Wilson (Lucy Cartwright), Matthew White (Phillips)
Two-part story
The Doctor settles down to lead a normal life in a boarding school, in an adaptation of Cornell's novel "Human Nature".
10: Blink
Writer: Steven Moffat
Director: Hettie MacDonald
Cast: Carey Mulligan, Lucy Gaskell, Michael Obiora, Finlay Robertson, Ian Boldsworth, Richard Cant
A Doctor Who horror story!
11: Utopia
Writer: Russell T Davies
Director: Graeme Harper
Cast: John Barrowman (Jack Harkness), Derek Jacobi (The Professor), Rene Zagger, Chipo Chung, Neil Reidman, Paul Marc Davis
The TARDIS goes to the planet Malcassairo... where a lonely and patient professor is giving his all to save his people from extinction.
12: The Sound of Drums
13: Last of the Time Lords
Writer: Russell T Davies
Director: Colin Teague
Cast: John Simm (Saxon), John Barrowman (Jack Harkness), Nichola McAuliffe, Alexandra Moen, Ellie Haddington, Elize Du Toit, Nicholas Gecks, Colin Stinton, Natasha Alexander, Tom Golding, Olivia Hill, Daniel Ming
Two-part story
The last of the Time Lords? Maybe. Then again, maybe not...

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Forthcoming Doctor Who and spinoff release information

March 2007
BBC DVD: North America
BBC DVD: North America
By Terrance Dicks
BBC Book: 10th Doctor
By Christopher H. Bidmead
BF Audio: 5th
By Paul Magrs
BF Audio: 8th
Edited by Steven Savile
Big Finish Books
By Stephen James Walker
Telos Reference Books
April 2007
By Stephen Cole
BBC Book: 10th Doctor
By Martin Day
BBC Book: 10th Doctor
By Jacqueline Rayner
BBC Book: 10th Doctor
By Eddie Robson
BF Audio: 6th
By Jonathan Clements
BF Audio: 8th
May 2007
By Paul Sutton
BF Audio: 5th
By Eddie Robson
BF Audio: 8th
By Andrew Darling & Kerrie Dougherty
TV Tie-In
TV Tie-In
TV Tie-In
TV Tie-In
TV Tie-In
TV Tie-In
Edited by Stephen James Walker
Telos Reference Books
June 2007
By Paul Sutton
BF Audio: 8th
Edited by Joseph Lidster
Big Finish Books
July 2007
By Eddie Robson
BF Audio: 8th
August 2007
By Eddie Robson
BF Audio: 8th
September 2007
Edited by Ian Farrington
Big Finish Books
December 2007
Edited by TBD
Big Finish Books
By Jon Preddle
Telos Reference Books
March 2008
Edited by Keith R.A. DeCandido
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Human Nature Press Release
TV Series News
May 13, 2007  •  Posted By Jarrod Cooper
David-Tennant.com has released the following statement issued by the BBC for the upcoming episode Human Nature.
It's 1913 in England, and an ordinary schoolteacher called John Smith dreams of adventures in time and space and a mysterious blue box, as Russell T Davies's Doctor Who continues. But, when lights in the sky herald the arrival of something strange and terrible, Smith's maid, Martha, has to convince him that he alone can save the world.

David Tennant plays the Doctor and Freema Agyeman plays his companion, Martha Jones. Jessica Stevenson and Thomas Sangster guest star.

Human Nature will air on Saturday 26th May at 7pm on BBC One.
Series 3 down under in June?
May 13, 2007  •  Posted By Adam Kirk
The South Australian Doctor Who Fan Club is reporting that the Australian Broadcasting Corporation has scheduled both The Runaway Bride and series three of Doctor Who.

According to the SADWFC, The Runaway Bride is scheduled for 8.30pm on Thursday 28 June, with the series beginning in its regular slot of 7.30pm from Saturday 30 June. Series one began in Australia on Saturday 21 May 2005, The Christmas Invasion premiered on Saturday 8 July 2006 and series two followed from the 15th of July that year.

This is subject to official confirmation by the ABC.

Thanks to the SADWFC and Benjamin F. Elliott.
42 Prologue available online
May 12, 2007  •  Posted By Jarrod Cooper
The BBC have released an exclusive online Prologue to next week's episode 42 on the Doctor Who homepage. Also available is a new trailer for the episode.
Christmas Episode 2007
TV Series News
May 12, 2007  •  Posted By Marcus
Many of Saturday's papers have reported casting news about the 2007 Doctor Who Christmas episode.
Kylie Minogue has apparently confirmed that she will be appearing in the Christmas episode of Doctor Who.

As reported on Outpost Gallifrey last month, there were rumours that the Australian pop star was being lined up for a role in this year's Christmas special. The rumours were later denied by Russell T Davies in the BBC staff magazine Ariel.

However, when asked by InStyle magazine if the reports were true, Minogue replied: "Yes. My gay husband [her stylist, William Baker], is so excited about it! But I'm not going to play a villain."
Mad Norwegian Update
May 12, 2007  •  Posted By Jarrod Cooper
The following is from a statement made by Mad Norwegian publisher Lars Pearson:
Mad Norwegian Press has announced that titles, release dates and prices for its 2007/early 2008 releases will be forthcoming, and that - while the company quietly has more books in progress than ever before - some restraint is being applied with regards to declaring new books to the public, in order to better guarantee that books will publish as promised.

"Along those lines, it’s entirely feasible that we’ll release multiple books at once - as we did when we released four books simultaneously at the end of last year - but when you’re doing small-press publishing, anything can wreck your deadlines and generally does. Better to hold off promising something, then, until we’re certain we can pull it off."

"At present, the only confirmed book on the MNP schedule - About Time 6 by Tat Wood - should see publication in an as-yet undecided month in 2007. Other guidebooks - some on Doctor Who, some not - are also making good progress."

Mad Norwegian thanks its readers for their patience and continued support.
Week Seven Schedule
May 12, 2007  •  Posted By Marcus
After the week hiatus, Doctor Who returns to BBC1 with episode seven, 42, on the 19th May, at the slightly later time of 7.15pm.

The programme is preceded by The People's Quiz and followed by a 10-minute edition of The National Lottery Draws. Andrew Lloyd Webber's search for a new leading man in Any Dream Will Do follows the Lottery at 8.10pm

ITV1 once again has Vernon Kay's Gameshow Marathon against the Doctor, this week recreating the classic quiz show Bullseye.

BBC2 schedules Rock Hudson, Ernest Borgnine and Patrick McGoohan against Doctor Who, in the 1968 film Ice Station Zebra

Channel 4 offers an alternative for documentary fans, with Paddy Ashdown examining the Battle for the Holy Land: Jerusalem while Five has England verses the West Indies in Cricket on Five

On BBC3, Doctor Who Confidential is at 8.00pm with Spacecraft, an exclusive tour of the Doctor Who art department and its mind-blowing spaceship sets and locations.
Friday Ratings
May 12, 2007  •  Posted By Marcus
The second repeat of episode six, The Lazarus Experiment, was watched by 466,000 viewers, a 2.5% share of the multichannel audience.

The programme was the 6th most watched programme of the day on all multichannel Television.

On BBC1, Totally Doctor Who got a rating of 0.8 million viewers, a 6.9% share.
More Short Trips Online
Big Finish
May 12, 2007  •  Posted By Jarrod Cooper
Big Finish Productions have made an effort to fill the gap made by Doctor Who not being on the television this week by releasing two sample stories from their upcoming Short Trips short-story compilations.

Gold and Black Ooze from Destination Prague and Remain in Light from Snapshots join the list of sample stories that are available on-line.

Other stories available on-line include...
Long Term from A Universe of Terrors
Motlake from Past Tense
Making History from A Day in the Life
Ships That Pass from A Christmas Treasury
The Eighth Wonder of the World from Dalek Empire

Benny meets The Two Jasons
May 12, 2007  •  Posted By Jarrod Cooper
Big Finish Productions has released information on it's May Bernice Summerfield novel, The Two Jasons. This novel is written by Dave Stone, the author who created the character of Jason Kane in the Virgin New Adventure Death and Diplomacy. A sample chapter is available online here.
'Oh bloody hell,' she snapped. 'Listen: me no wantee good time jig-jig all same, okay?'

When Bernice Summefield first met Jason Kane, she failed to spot his many fine qualities and assets. Over the course of many subsequent adventures, including marriage and divorce, she continued not to see them…

'You're not Jason,' she said. 'Who the hell are you?'

When Bernice Summerfield first met Jason Kane 2, he was disguised as a critic of the work of Jason Kane. Benny saw through his false moustache and literary pretensions, and had him and his other clones expelled into space, there to make their own fortunes. One Jason Kane was, she felt, rather more than enough.

Now something is astir in the universe, a plot that threatens Benny and all she holds dear. If she stands any chance at all, she needs all the Jason Kanes she can get…

As a bonus, this book reprints the short story Sex Secrets of the Robot Replicants by Philip Purser-Hallard.
Tennant to switch on Blackpool Illuminations
Special Events
May 11, 2007  •  Posted By John Bowman
David Tennant is to flick the switch marking the start of this year's Blackpool Illuminations.

Blackpool Tourism says the event on August 31 will take place during a free concert and live broadcast on BBC Radio 2.

Jackie Potter, the strategic director for tourism and regeneration, said: "We are absolutely delighted that David Tennant has accepted our invitation to switch on the lights.

"The celebrations are enjoyed by a huge family audience and we are sure this will be a popular choice."

Illuminations bosses are to unveil plans for a new display featuring characters and creatures from the show.

Tennant, who coincidentally starred in the BBC drama Blackpool, follows in the footsteps of Tom Baker, who similarly had the honour of switching on the lights in 1975 when he was the Doctor.

(Thanks to Tony Clark.)
Canada: Series Three on CBC starting June 18th
May 11, 2007  •  Posted By Mike Doran
The Doctor Who Information Network has received word from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation that series three will start broadcast on the CBC on Monday June 18th.

(With thanks to Rod Mammitzsch and DWIN)
Meet Martha's family on Totally
May 10, 2007  •  Posted By Jarrod Cooper
Totally Doctor Who will be broadcast in it's normal time slot this week, despite the week delay for 42. Freema Agyeman (Martha), Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Tish), Adjoa Andoh (Francine) and Trevor Laird (Clive) will all be on-hand this week for a conversation on being the new WHO family. Also in the episode will be Barney Curnow who worked on the Lazarus monster.
Totally Competition Continues
May 10, 2007  •  Posted By Jarrod Cooper
Totally Doctor Who are continuing with their HANDPRINT COMPETITION.
Every week on Totally we’re giving you the opportunity to win signed hand prints from our wall of fame.

Every week our celebrity Doctor Who guests are invited to give us a signed hand print. At the end of the series we’re going to give them all away to one lucky viewer.

If you want to win that amazing prize, you have tune in every week to Totally Doctor Who, and answer a question about the next episode of Doctor Who. You’ll need all 12 answers to stand a chance of winning this Totally exclusive prize.

Questions so far:

1.How many sides does the Globe Theatre have?
2.What kind of patch is Cheen wearing on her neck?
3.How much money is the Doctor offered to work in the sewers of New York?
4.What does the Doctor secretly hand to Martha before he goes to meet the Daleks?
5.Who does the Martha say the Doctor looks like when he’s dressed in black tie?

Send your answers to us at:

PO BOX 5158
or email us at: totallydoctorwho@bbc.co.uk

Remember, you have to answer all 12 questions to be in with a chance of winning.
Production Starts on Sarah Jane
May 10, 2007  •  Posted By Jarrod Cooper
Filming on the Sarah Jane Adventures series began on April 16th. This series will consist of five two-part stories. Gareth Roberts has confirmed that he will be writing the first and fourth adventures for the series. Other episodes are being written by Phil Ford, Phil Gladwin, and a possible script from Russell T Davies. Alice Troughton is directing the first four episodes.

Stephen Cole is also writing an audio episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures to be released by BBC Audiobooks.

For more info click the spoiler link:
Episodes one and two are set in a school and are rumored to feature Slitheen. Filming has been taking place at Cardiff High School, which is dubbing as Park Vale Comprehensive.

Episodes three and four are rumoured to be set in an old person's home and involve a mysterious group of nuns.

Episodes seven and eight revolve around Sarah Jane's childhood Pre-Doctor and the story are said to be darker than the rest of the series.
Doctor Who Adventures 29
May 10, 2007  •  Posted By John Bowman
The press release for issue 29 of Doctor Who Adventures - out today - has been released by BBC Magazines.

The cover illustration is below (click for a larger version).

Full details are given in the textbox beneath it.
You might have to wait two weeks for the next episode of Doctor Who, but don't worry – the next issue of Doctor Who Adventures is out on Thursday to help fill the gap!

But be careful - inside this exciting edition you'll find danger and monsters on every page…

Feel the heat with our preview of 42 (ooh, ouch, hot) and hide from the scarecrows as we look at Human Nature (scary!).

Also this issue:

*Monsters - find out facts about big face himself, the Face of Boe. Poor old Boe. And learn about Dalek Sec's new look in our pull-out monster guide.
*Comic strip - more comic danger for the Doctor and Martha in part two of The Skrawn Inheritance.
*Adventure guide - read our fact-packed feature on the first episode of the third series, Smith and Jones.
*Win - grab loads of cool stuff!
*Fun stuff - help the Doctor and Martha escape Florence and the Judoon.
*Who knows? - your Doctor Who questions answered. Do YOU know what happened to Margaret Slitheen or why Cyber Yvonne Hartman attacked the Cybermen? Find out here!
*Posters - this issue we've got posters of Daleks, the Lazarus monster, Judoon and the Doctor and Martha from The Infinite Quest.

PLUS all your usual favourites!

The issue comes with a choice of two different inflatable monsters – Dalek Sec and Ood or Sycorax and Cyber Controller. Who will you choose? There's also the second part of our huge Tardis poster for your wall.

Doctor Who Adventures issue 29 is out on Thursday 10 May. You can't miss it - there's a yucky Lazarus monster on the cover!
North America DVD Releases
DVD and Video
May 9, 2007  •  Posted By Jarrod Cooper
TvShowsOnDVD.com have announced August 14th as the North American release date for Robot and Survival.
The Greatest Show in the Galaxy
May 9, 2007  •  Posted By Jarrod Cooper
McFarland Publishing have announced a new title, The Greatest Show in the Galaxy: The Discerning Fan's Guide to Doctor Who, to be published later this year.
The long-running BBC science fiction program Doctor Who has garnered an intense and extremely loyal fan base since its 1963 debut. This work examines the influences of psychology, literature, pop culture, and the social sciences on Doctor Who storylines and characters. Topics explored include how such issues as class, gender, and sexual attraction factor into the relationships between the Doctor and his companions; whether the Doctor suffered from multiple personality disorder or other psychological afflictions; and the role of the Doctor’s native culture in shaping his sense of identity.
Evolution - Final Ratings
May 9, 2007  •  Posted By Marcus
Final official figures from BARB show that Episode Five, Evolution of the Daleks was watched by 6.97 million viewers. This made it the seventeenth most watched programme of the week.

The programme was narrowly beaten on Saturday night by Casualty.

On BBC3, the repeat was watched by 1.04 million viewers. This made it the third most watched programme on all Multi Channel TV, being beaten by Champions League Live and Katie and Peter. It achieved a higher rating than Sky One's Lost.

The Friday repeat had 0.45 Million watching.

Doctor Who Confidential was 24th in the list with 0.59 million

Final figures include those who recorded the programme and watched it later.

Top Twenty TV programmes w/e 29 Apr 2007

1 CORONATION STREET (MON 1933) - 10.87 - ITV1
2 CORONATION STREET (MON 2030) - 10.69 - ITV1
3 CORONATION STREET (WED 1930) - 9.41 - ITV1
4 EASTENDERS (MON 2001) - 9.09 - BBC1
5 CORONATION STREET (FRI 1934) - 8.97 - ITV1
6 CORONATION STREET (SUN 1929) - 8.95 - ITV1
7 NEW TRICKS (MON 2100) - 8.37 - BBC1
8 EMMERDALE (MON 1902) - 8.25 - ITV1
9 EMMERDALE (TUE 1900) - 7.83 - ITV1
10 EASTENDERS (FRI 2000) - 7.76 - BBC1
12 EASTENDERS (TUE 1930) - 7.45 - BBC1
13 EASTENDERS (THU 1930) - 7.44 - BBC1
14 EMMERDALE (WED 1859) - 7.23 - ITV1
15 CASUALTY (SAT 2037) - 7.14 - BBC1
16 KINGDOM (SUN 2102) - 7.05 - ITV1
17 DOCTOR WHO (SAT 1844) - 6.97 - BBC1
18 EMMERDALE (THU 1903) - 6.82 - ITV1
19 THE ROYAL (SUN 2000) - 6.78 - ITV1
20 EMMERDALE (FRI 1903) - 6.74 - ITV1

Multi Channel Top Twenty

1 UEFA CHAMPIONS LEAGUE LIVE (Wed 1900) 1,814,000 - Sky Sports
2 KATIE AND PETER: THE NEXT CHAPTER (Thu 2100) 1,154,000 - ITV2      
3 DOCTOR WHO (Sun 2000) 1,042,000 - BBC3      
4 LOST (Sun 2200) 1,018,000 - Sky 1     
5 FORD SUPER SUNDAY (Sun 1533) 834,000 - Sky Sports
6 FILM: BRIDGET JONES: THE EDGE OF REASON (Mon 2149) 752,000 - ITV2      
7 BONES (Thu 2101) 729,000 - Sky 1     
8 HOME AND AWAY (Tue 1828) 706,000 - Five Life
9 AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL (Mon 2100) 684,000 - Living TV
10 LIVE FORD FOOTBALL SPECIAL-MATCH (Sat 1200) 684,000 - Sky Sports
11 HOME AND AWAY (Wed 1829) 666,000 - Five Life
12 EASTENDERS (Tue 2159) 660,000 - BBC3      
13 HOME AND AWAY (Mon 1829) 660,000 - Five Life
14 UGLY BETTY (Wed 2101) 646,000 - E4      In
15 HOLLYOAKS (Thu 1900) 645,000 - E4      In
16 DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES (Wed 2300) 638,000 - E4      In
17 HOLLYOAKS (Tue 1859) 632,000 - E4      In
18 HOLLYOAKS (Mon 1900) 623,000 - E4      In
19 THE SIMPSONS (Sun 1832) 608,000 - Sky 1     
20 HOME AND AWAY (Thu 1828) 599,000 - Five Life

Source BARB
Lazarus Experiment - AI figure
May 8, 2007  •  Posted By Marcus
Episode six, The Lazarus Experiment received an Appreciation Index, or AI figure of 86

Once again the programme is in the excellent category, receiving the joint highest AI figure of Saturday, and the 4th highest figure for the whole week.

On BBC3 the Doctor Who repeats also scored highly, with Sundays repeat of Evolution of the Daleks getting a score of 84 and the Friday repeat scoring 85.
Dalek I Loved You
May 7, 2007  •  Posted By Josiah Rowe
Recently published is Dalek I Loved You, a memoir by journalist, critic and Doctor Who fan Nick Griffiths. David Tennant describes Dalek I Loved You as "A very funny book for anyone who grew up wearing Tom Baker underpants - I know I did."

The publisher's blurb is below, and you can see the author interviewed by a Cyberman on YouTube.
Nick Griffiths watched his first Doctor Who aged four and a bit. He would have hidden behind the sofa but it was back against the wall and his parents didn't let him move furniture so he hid behind a cushion instead. He's since been told by his mum and dad that they didn't have a sofa only armchairs. So this book should really be called Behind the Armchair, but that didn't sound right.

And so began a life long obsession. When Doctor Who started getting rubbish (after Tom Baker basically) he nearly escaped into the world of music and girls until he discovered someone selling tapes of old episodes in the small ads and that was that again.

Dalek I Loved You is an irresistible memoir of a childhood lived through the 1970s and 1980s. Writing with wit and humour, Griffiths takes us on a poignant and often hilarious journey through his childhood, where he first encountered Dr Who, into his teens where he is packed off to boarding school and discovers girls and David Bowie, onto his first formative years of employment at some hip but now defunct music magazines and into life as a father and husband who is now writing about his childhood passion for a living.

For anyone who hid behind the sofa, dreamed of far away planets, or remembers those long lazy carefree summers of your childhood, Dalek I Loved You will be a wonderful journey. He may not have a TARDIS to whisk you off to far flung galaxies, but in Dalek I Loved You Nick Griffiths reminds us that growing up is the greatest adventure of them all.
Sunday Ratings Update
May 7, 2007  •  Posted By Marcus
Overnight figures for Sunday show that the BBC3 repeat of The Lazarus Experiment was watched by 0.94 million viewers, a 5.2% share of the multi-channel audience. The programme was the second most watched of the day after Ford Super Sunday on Sky Sports.

The repeat of Doctor Who Confidential got an audience of 0.47 million viewers.

Final overnight figures for the week show that Saturday's Doctor Who was 14th in the chart for the week.

Final figures will be released by BARB in nine days time.
Lazarus Experiment Overnights
May 6, 2007  •  Posted By Marcus
Unofficial overnight figures show that episode six of Series Three, The Lazarus Experiment, was watched by 6.7 million viewers, a 37.1 % share of the UK television audience.

The programme returned to its position at the top of the UK ratings chart for the night, beating Casualty, which got 6.3 million. On ITV1, Vernon Kay's Gameshow Marathon got 4 million viewers.

With one day to go, Doctor Who is currently the 12th most watched programme for the week.

The programme was again top of the Children's chart with 1.5 million viewers, which was a 60.7% share.

On BBC3, Doctor Who Confidential had an audience of 0.77 million, making it the 2nd most watched programme on multi-channel TV for the night, being beaten by Ford Football Special on Sky Sports.
New Series Three trailer
TV Series News
May 5, 2007  •  Posted By Paul Hayes
The official BBC website has put online the second half of Series Three trailer that was broadcast this evening at the conclusion of episode six, The Lazarus Experiment. The trailer shows a selection of scenes from episodes seven to thirteen, and was created as a consolation for viewers for Doctor Who's two-week absence due to next week's Eurovision Song Contest.

The trailer is also available on the BBC's official YouTube channel, here.
Friday Ratings
May 5, 2007  •  Posted By Marcus
The Friday night repeat of Evolution of the Daleks was watched by 340,000 viewers, a 1.9% share of the audience.

On BBC1, ratings for Totally Doctor Who were up on last week, with an audience of 0.8 million, which was a 7.9% share.
Working Lunch
Press Clips
May 5, 2007  •  Posted By Marcus
The BBC2, finance programme Working Lunch has featured a report on the business aspects of making monsters for Doctor Who.

The programme interviewed Neill Gorton of Millennium FX, who explained how such monsters as Cybermen are created, as well as talking about his work on other series such as Catherine Tate.

The feature can be viewed via the BBC Watch again feature.
EW puts Who in top 25
May 4, 2007  •  Posted By Brigadier Bill
Entertainment Weekly has chosen Doctor Who as one of the top 25 moments in sci-fi over the past 25 years. It credits the show as "an ecstatically tangled, infinitely renewable story line" for its success and compliments it for being "unerringly progressive, but wary, dark, and full of doubts about human goodness." It's placed at number 23, but refers to Christopher Eccleston as the latest Doctor.
Nightmare Fair - Available Online
Missing Episodes
May 4, 2007  •  Posted By Jarrod Cooper
Originally available as a limited-edition double CD in 2003, a full-cast audio drama of The Nightmare Fair, written by Graham Williams for the original, abandoned version of Season 23 in 1985, features the Sixth Doctor, Peri and the Celestial Toymaker. It stars Mark J Thompson as the Toymaker and Nigel Peever as the narrator, and is now made available by producer Rob Dunlop as a free download here.
Mark Gatiss Interviewed
May 4, 2007  •  Posted By Jarrod Cooper
DigitalSpy has posted an interview with Mark Gatiss, Series One and Two writer and guest star of The Lazarus Experiment. In this interview, he talks about what it is like to appear on Doctor Who, as well as his thoughts on the future of the show.

For the complete interview, click here.
How did it feel to appear on the show?
"It was beyond exciting. I didn't know what to do. I didn't sleep at all the day I got the call. I thought, 'This is exactly how I imagined it would always be'. I was so excited - I couldn't stop thinking about it. Thank God, it's everything I hoped for: a brilliant part, great script, a proper meaty baddie role, so I was just delighted."

How gruelling was the make up process to turn you into a 76-year-old man?
"Yeah, it's a prosthetic mask that Neill Gorton did. It's amazing - this is not just actor's w**k, believe me - but it changes everything: the way you sit, the way you move. Honestly, I found myself reaching for a cup of tea in the make up chair and I was slightly delicate. When you see yourself like that, it changes everything. I weakened my voice and watched how old people move. My key contribution - apart from dandruff, I was very keen they put than on my tuxedo - old people, no matter how spruce they are, always have bits of skin falling off! I insisted on having dulled eyes, because bright eyes always give it away. So they made me these slightly rheumatoid, blind eyes. They take the shine off. It made a hell of a difference."