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West Palm Beach, FL - August 13 2006 Review
Posted by Moonette on Monday, August 14, 2006 - 10:20 PM

That concert was pretty fucking awesome! I had an awesome time! Now, I don't exactly remember the setlist, so I'll just talk about key points of the show

System of a Down started about 9:30 or so and started with "Solider Side", which Daron sang so good. Then into "BYOB". Now we were able to see everyone.
Daron was decked out in his usual black blazer and fedora. Serj was wearing his brown jacket with a baby blue shirt on underneath. Shavo was wearing his yellow socks and John, I think, was wearing a white t-shirt.

After "BYOB", they played "Revenga". It was done very well. Then they started to play (I'm sure it was) "Suggestions", but they then immediately began "Attack", as if they were trying to fool us or something. After that was done I think they went to "Suggestions", which was played ever so well.

From this point on, I don't remember the setlist:

Before Daron started playing "Lost in Hollywood", he gave a little speech about how when they started System, they were just 4 guys from different parts of the world. Then he said something about how this was their last show (to which everyone booed) before they went on a break and how they didn't know how long this break was gonna last but that they will always be System of a Down. Then they started "Lost in Hollywood".


"Right before playing "Lost in Hollywood" Daron came up to mic and talked about how he and all the other band mates were just 4 different guys who became friends and formed their band in California.
He talked about how they were a family and that even though they are going to take a break for a long time, they will still always be SYSTEM OF A DOWN! After that saddening speech, they started playing "Lost in Hollywood" and while playing Daron, Shavo, and Serj were all grouped together and playing together. They then had a nice group a hug, and after that Serj went over to John and gave him a hug."

Now, from previous reviews, people said that Daron said this long intro/speech to "Violent Pornography", but that wasn't the case in West Palm. For the intro, Daron sang/moaned something into the mic. But during "War?", Serj gave this super long speech about how the world is all fucked up and how there are bombs falling everywhere in the world every second and how the people who run this country are responsible, then they started "War?". And I think that it was during this song that Serj saw something goin' down in the pit between some dudes, so he yelled at them to stop (and I mean really yelled at them!).

Wrote by Levi:

"As two people were about to fight in the front area during the interlude of War I think, Serj said something along the lines of, "Stop it! This is not what we came here do. Stop that right fucking now." They did. Then he said Thank You. Once again."

Anyhoo, Daron sang his usual "my cock..." song as the intro to "Cigaro". He also played his altered version of Sultans of Swing, to which Serj played along with him on guitar, as the intro to "Aerials", which was played so awesome.

After "Aerials", they played "Toxicity", so I knew the show was winding down. Then they immediately went to "Sugar" (No fucking "Suite-Pee"! >_<). But it was played with so much energy and Serj was dancing around like crazy!

Then the song ended, to which I was sad. Daron introduced Beno (the manager) and another guy who's name Sako. Then all 4 members, Daron, Serj, Shavo, and John, all went to the side of the stage, put their arms around each other, and bowed. I was happy for them, but sad inside. I would never be able to see them again (at least not for a long time)! But at least I got to see them at their last show and it's a night I'll never forget!

Other songs played, but not mentioned in my review:
Deer Dance
Chop Suey!
Lonely Day
Old School Hollywood

P.S. I forgot to mention this: Harry Perry did not play with System at this show, unlike the other shows. I mean, I saw him there playing his guitar during the day. I even went up to him and hugged him and got a poster from him. But he didn't play with System.


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15.08.06, 00:26

First one in comment!!! :) Awesome concert!!!!! And they introduced Sako! The guy from Sugar lyrics! AWESOME!

15.08.06, 00:28

Heh...I forgot to say... wasn't ATTACK after Soldier Side ?

15.08.06, 00:31

baby blue shirt...ooh...I wanna picture

it's so cute how much they love each other sounds like a great show

15.08.06, 00:35

No, attack came after Revenga.

15.08.06, 00:42

great review!! i bet it was touching since it was their last show..

15.08.06, 01:00

Between one of the songs (dont remember which one) everyone at ozzfest had there lighters out maybe during hypnotize but that was pretty memorable as well... and sad :( :(

15.08.06, 01:04

Well Zak shut er down its over. :(

15.08.06, 01:29

hey, they were all wearing quite the same clothes at the show in raleigh. hey guys, let us trust them. they will always be soad, no matter what. oh god, i could cry again right now.

15.08.06, 01:45

awesome review

15.08.06, 02:06

I'm almost crying. ;[


15.08.06, 02:12

goodbye soad :* see you soon again hopefully :)...

15.08.06, 02:16

I'm soo sad too... I understand their choice but it's hard... I hope that they understand that we will always love them and love their music too. I'll miss them, but I'll be waiting.

15.08.06, 04:11

It's so sad and difficult for us to see this and/or read about this......imagine how hard it must be for our guys!

15.08.06, 04:48

Ok, I am a wimp......I've been holding back. Now I'll give in to the forces that be ::::sighs::: WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I want our SOAD boys to come back soon! Love you guys

15.08.06, 05:39

*SNIIFFFFFFF* life is so quiet now

btw 2eroSOAD, that Sako dude is the drum technician

15.08.06, 06:12

i am soo fucking upset i didnt go..grrr high prices and sold out shows. ugh im sooooooooo mad!!!!

i hope they dont go on hiatus for a long time... :(

15.08.06, 06:27

hmm....sako.....i would like to see this guy

15.08.06, 07:21
ok, i've been holding out hope that the hiatus is just that, but the comments by daron here make me think maybe not. i just hate how he emphasized that it's going to be a long break. i mean, my god, they've done long breaks before and felt no need to comment on it... <sigh> i think i'm gonna cry. </sigh>
15.08.06, 07:23

Dam and they didnt play any new stuff, oh well I'll miss you soad!

15.08.06, 09:46

when i read the part about daron saying this way there last show, i knew it was, but i bursted out into tears! i luv them so damn much and i don't want them to go, but they do need a rest. but their asses better get on stage soon!!

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