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November 14, 2006

More on field


With installation of a new synthetic grass playing field already underway at Gillette Stadium, the Patriots have invited members of the media to take photos at the stadium today.

Patriots spokesman Stacey James, in an email, confirmed that the new surface is FieldTurf.

The field is scheduled to be ready for the team's next home game, Nov. 26 against the Bears.

League officials had previously said there was a rule that wouldn't allow teams to switch surfaces during the year. But it was learned today through the league that there is no official rule.

The confusion resulted from a recommendation made by the NFL's competition committee that teams couldn't change surfaces during the season, although that recommendation was never converted into league policy.

News of the new field was first reported today by Patriots Football Weekly, the team's official newspaper, and was previously reported by NESN. The Patriots have had a natural grass playing field at Gillette since the facility opened in 2002.

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